Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 5: Where it All Began(Bonus Scene(Part 3))

Unlikely it has been, misfortune coming upon the two. Infinite in mystery these worlds can be, a devil and deity coming upon a village. Even so, an experience no less. Those in the world of mortals having their own beliefs, a place in torment. No matter so, that potential of growth always in existence. Emotions guiding the way of those companions, an illness befalling the young woman. Those two resting their wings, seeking shelter inside of an unlikely place. That elder observing them both, sincere they are. Questionable timing no doubt, but merely a coincidence. Travelers they are, two soaring ever so far.

“Think nothing of it, I only wish to be of assistance,” he bows.

“If it is not too much trouble, may we stay in this village for a day or two? My companion has fallen ill,” Valor verifying, taking a step forward.

Cyra glancing towards Valor, that old friend always going the extra mile. That heart ever so caring, always pressing onward. Even if they are outsiders, one evermore of innocence. Prior knowledge it has been, that elder still finding it unbelievable. Resting his vision upon the young woman, her health appearing well. Someone evermore resilient, those crimson eyes, one carrying themselves ever so high. Positioning his arms in a thinking posture, that elder pondering on a certain question. Those from the outside having their own set of classes, no doubt it is even more strange for someone like herself to be so far out.

“I see, yes, you both may stay here as long as you need. You can find an inn on the far side of the village,” the elder assuring them.

“Thank you,” Cyra smiling at him.

That smile evermore bright, the elder slightly looking away in some embarrassment, assuring her that there has been no need for such. Those like herself ever so rare, her manner quite charming. That elder meeting a few inside of the past, the differences being quite clear. A heart basking in the bliss of the wind, soaring through the many worlds. Two friends meeting underneath a tree, that experience leading to countless more. Eventually finding themselves upon a village in the world of mortals, that dream continuing on. No matter the morrow, a bond between two holding strong.

“You seem like you are from a higher birth,” the elder positioning his arms in a thinking posture, some interest expressing from his tone.

“Correct, you are quite keen to details,” she complements.

One from the high heavens, another walking the land below. Both holding a higher position in their worlds, even so, two meeting on a certain day. Hearts uniting within the wind, an endless adventure leading their way onward. A duo growing closer, emotions ever so deep inside. A dream going on, one awaiting the movement of a certain one, the other hesitantly standing in place. That deity scratching the back of his head with his right hand, a perceptive one the elder is. Problematic it can be, hoping that the man does not identify him as well. Those ever so high keeping their existence a secret, little sense it is, but sometimes of understanding.

“Just as I thought, so why travel? That is not the typical life of a noble,” the elder questions, lowering his arms.

A most appropriate assessment, a village ever so far out, someone like herself being within the vicinity. A most unlikely occurrence, but not of an impossibility. That young woman cladding in gold, carrying a weapon as well. Difficult it is in pinpointing her possible location, many places out in the world following a certain standard. No matter so, a most welcoming experience. That guard resting his vision upon the young woman, some surprise expressing from his face. Nobles often expressing their higher quality, that maiden never bothering with such. Her kindness ever so captivating, yet her standing revealing strong.

“Quite simple really, I love to explore,” she pleasantly speaks.

One traveling the many worlds, her old friend following. Those two experiencing many pleasureful events, their friendship growing even stronger. Turmoil may come, a duo tackling the harshest of it all. That elder holding his hands behind his back, a simple reasoning. That young woman having an interest in those outside, embracing in the many possibilities. Ever so faint it has been for those like herself, but a most welcoming occurrence. Turning his vision in the direction of Valor, that deity’s presence connecting more and more. Perhaps that one there is in support of her curiosity, standing near in case of conflict.

“And this person with you must be your servant, correct?” the elder verifying.

Two traveling in the vastness of the wind, one ever so high, the other treading the land below. No matter so, hands reaching out to the other, opening a new possibility towards a brighter morrow. Even if it is but a somber one, two hearts dancing in the bliss of the wind. Even so, an elder coming to his own conclusion, that deity being there more for her own safety. That one tending to her wishes, a conclusion most pleasurably assuring towards the devil. Glancing in Valor’s direction, her vision setting in mind for her own enjoyment of their brief release. One having a tendency with his little outbursts, Valor turning his eyes in her direction, witnessing her threatening glare. His heart desperately pounding inside of his chest, that god profusely sweating. Cyra holding her hand a bit girlishly to her cheek, brightly smiling in the direction of the elder.

“Ah yes, quite perceptive huh. It makes sense to travel with someone that I can trust,” she enjoyably explains.

“Ohhh...if only he knew how much of a devil woman you are...” Valor whimpering from deep within.

“I see, he must be quite strong as to not require anyone else with you,” the elder looking in Valor’s direction.

Two ever so close, a devil jumping on her moment. Companions resting their wings inside of a village, that young woman finding this setup most to her pleasure. That deity turning away in displeasure, playing along with the scenario. His old friend always pulling a fast one, that heart he has come to adore so very much. Mischievous habits never going away, those feelings flowing through. A bond evermore close, each with their own quirks. That maiden getting him into a number of situations, even so, blissful these experiences has been. Companions they are, embracing in the presence of the other.

“How can I forget? I am Ethan. Pleasure to meet your acquaintance,” the elder bowing once again.

“I am Cyra, and my servant—” she teasingly speaks, gesturing her hand to Valor.

Her voice reaching the ears of the deity, echoing throughout his body. His heart rate pounding faster inside of his chest, embarrassment coming over him. That young woman always pushing the boundaries, taking these experiences a bit further each time. A devil no less down to her core, those mischievous habits proceeding more each time. That deity immediately looking in her direction, distress expressing from his eyes. Valor witnessing her smile, that maiden evermore teasing him. A god well in awareness that there is no winning here, Cyra having a moment most to her satisfaction. That deity turning his attention away, folding his arms in displeasure, much like a child in all actuality.

“—Is Valor,” Cyra pleasantly informing the elder.

A bond between two, close they are. Actions ever so playful, messages within plain sight. An opportunity coming along, that young woman taking advantage of the moment. A trap unavoidable, evermore a perfect moment for his old friend. Ethan and his guard resting their vision on each other in confusion, soon figuring it is simply a custom from the outside world. That mischievous side of the devil, Valor well in awareness of her habits. That maiden taking advantage of the smallest of chances, turning it into a reality.

“ devil woman...! I know you’ll take advantage of this until we leave!” deep frustration is within Valor.

Hearts uniting within the blissful wind, two companions going ever so far together. A bond evermore powerful, enjoying the more simpler of times. Cyra and Valor shortly leaving the presence of the elder, eventually finding themselves standing on a sidewalk. A simple enough village it is, that refreshing breeze blowing through. Warm the sun is, shining its light upon the land. Subtle surroundings, grass flowing in the wind. Small it may be, but much of comfort. Even if it has not been of intention, a most welcoming place to be in.

“I know you did that on purpose!” he stresses, his arms flailing into the air.

That young woman evermore an opportunist, a scenario playing out much within her favor. Those two resting their wings inside of a village, an encounter opening quite a possibility. A devil taking advantage of such, tormenting her close friend. Turning from that deity, cleverly positioning her arms in a thinking posture. Glancing back to him, that god well in awareness of her following up on before. A trap with no escape, that heart evermore mischievous yet delightful. A misunderstanding from the elder, that maiden deriving much pleasure from it.

“Did what on purpose?” she teases, slightly turning in his direction.

“Oh no! I am not gonna play along with this madness!” he turns from her, folding his arms.

Facing in his direction, those crimson eyes upon her old friend. A heart beating evermore freely, enjoying these simpler times. Laughter escaping the young woman, amusing it is to her, that deity believing he can wiggle out of this trap. Valor glancing back to her, unrest inside of him, well in awareness that it is inevitable. No matter so, one hoping for a way of escape. Insanity it may be, thinking that there might be a chance of freedom. His old friend evermore careful, closing in the distance each and every step of the way. One evermore sneaky, tormenting that one ever so close to her.

“You have to play along now Val, otherwise things can turn dire,” she teases, walking up behind him.

Her words flowing through him, his heart pounding deep inside of his chest. That god refusing to answer, his pride slowly tearing away. That young woman leaning in towards him, raising her index finger. Playfully poking his cheek, embarrassment coming over Valor. Much joy that devil is experiencing, torturing that old friend of hers. Valor quite in awareness of this, trying not to play along. No matter so, reluctantly finding himself a part of it. Those many behaviors of the young woman, that deity enjoying such over time. Two evermore close, a bond continuously growing stronger.

“Come along now, servant,” she proudly turns, walking onward.

“This whole situation flipped so fast, it ain’t even funny...” he turns in her direction, hanging his body in defeat.

Resting his vision upon her, following behind his dear friend. A new arrangement that devil is enjoying, the deity being unable in escaping from this trap. That maiden brightly smiling back at him, his heart warming at the sight. Another experience no less, those feelings being deep inside of him. One from ever so high, another walking the earth. Unlikely a companionship, but one powerfully growing. Venturing through the many worlds, emotions flowing free inside of the wind. No matter so, words remaining in a lock, actions being in place.

Those days I missed so much, where we can simply laugh and smile. To enjoy the company of the other, to explore...even through good times and bad times, we could always smile. Valor...if we had another chance...could things have gone differently...?

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