Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 5: Where it All Began(Bonus Scene(Part 4))

Those earlier days, two meeting underneath a tree. One from ever so high, the other walking the land. Both representing the other, two worlds being one. A simpler time it has been, sharing laughters and smiles. Pleasureful those experiences has been, hearts uniting in the bliss of the wind. Adventure around every end, a dream going on. No matter so, nothing lasting forever. Companions walking through the village, Cyra taking in the sight. That refreshing breeze, her smile evermore bright. Valor following along, faintly smiling. Stopping in front of a shop, that young woman positioning her arms in a thinking posture, browsing the merchandises. Those crimson eyes trailing along, finding a few nice accessories.

That deity standing by her side, resting his vision on small gems, ribbons, wooden carvings, and many more. Glancing in the direction to his old friend, her eyes fixating on an object. Following her vision, seeing her interest in a crimson ribbon. Times evermore pleasureful, those smallest of items holding much meaning. A heart fearing for an end, a soul wishing to soar with another. Even if it is evermore likely, courage making the difference. Extending his hand, Cyra witnessing him taking hold of the ribbon, that woman behind the counter smiling.

“We’re traveling, so let’s just have fun,” he gently states.

Walking behind the young woman, that maiden glancing back to him. A bit of embarrassment coming over her, that old friend tying the ribbon at the back of her head, loops extending a bit far, those laces stretching down. Her heart at an unrest, these emotions ever so blissful. Facing in his direction, running her hand through her hair. That maiden slightly looking away, appreciating his action. Simple it may be, but evermore pleasureful. No matter of the value, even if it is next to worthless, those smaller points making the difference. Valor placing his hand upon his waist, resting his vision upon her.

“There, you were right, it would be a good match for ya,” Valor smiling at her.

That wind ever so gentle, two connecting once more. Hearts wishing for their experience to continue, embracing in these simpler moments. Two growing closer over the many years, finding themselves in one place to the next. An unlikely meeting between a demon and a god, emotions growing within the two. Reprehensible these actions may be, but a bond eternally strong. That young woman faintly smiling, those eyes of crimson and azure upon each other. Close friends for a long time, that deity well in awareness of her interest. Slightly looking down for a moment, turning her head away from him.


One evermore innocent, childish he can be, yet ever so endearing. One retreating into his shell time and time and again, but returning with the smallest of surprises. Those feelings residing deep inside, one waiting evermore patiently, the other hesitantly standing in place. Despite his shortcoming, a deity always doing his best. Valor pausing for a moment, realization coming over him. That god acting without thinking things through, Valor turning his attention to the woman behind the counter. Walking up to her, Cyra facing in the direction of the shopkeeper.

“Sorry, shoulda paid for it first, so how much will it be?” he positions his arms in a thinking posture.

“On the house, mainly because you were thoughtful,” she smiles.

Actions over the many years, those emotions slipping from time to time. Pleasureful they are, if not embarrassing. No matter so, two ever so close. Scratching his cheek with his index finger, Valor evermore of uncertainty on what to say. That young woman looking away, well in awareness that there may have been a better moment. Even so, those smaller actions meaning much to her. Over the years, that deity fulfilling her wishes. No matter so, feelings deep within remaining in a lock. Gentle the wind is, some unrest far inside.

“How long have you two been together?” the woman curiously questions, folding her arms.

Valor stepping away, that question catching him in some surprise. That deity walking into yet another dilemma, his actions leading to misunderstandings. Slightly looking away, Cyra holding her hand to her chest. Evermore a normal question, two companions finding themselves in another situation. That deity having a hard time in answering, Cyra walking up to his side, Valor glancing in her direction. Turning her attention to the shopkeeper, the woman wishing to know a few things. That maiden cladding in gold, carrying a weapon on top of that. Customs ever so different, yet interesting.

“Too many years to count,” Cyra answering.

Surprising her response is, Cyra moving closer to Valor, wrapping her arm around his own. His heart pounding inside of his chest, that young woman glancing to him. Even if for a moment, those emotions going free. Embracing in the bliss all around, close friends strongly sharing a bond. A situation most complex, a simpler answer being on the table. No matter so, once more pushing the boundaries. That maiden continuing to wait, keeping a dream going. A smaller action it may be, a heart slowly pulling one from his shell.

“Haha, I hear you. Time just flies, so you’re travelers, must be nice,” the woman brightly smiling.

Those words ever so true, many years going by. Even so, companions remaining close. Traveling through the worlds, tormenting that deity. Those two sharing in the simplest of moments, whether it be under the stars, or through a field of flowers. Friends experiencing much, grateful for their time. Slightly pulling on his arm, that young woman gesturing her offhand in agreement. Many places in existence, some more pleasureful than others. Worlds of endless promise, fun it has been with her closest friend.

“Indeed, possibilities are endless,” Cyra agreeing.

Infinite in mystery the worlds are, two meeting so long ago, uniting underneath the same breeze. Realms evermore different coming together, reprehensible it is. Even so, a bond evermore strong, venturing into the vast distances. No matter the turmoil, two facing these challenges together. Hearts wishing to be free, souls desiring to soar together. That deity looking down to the merchandises, collections of limitation, but an attractive selection. Turning his attention to the woman ahead, glancing to his old friend. That young woman resting herself against him, emotions flowing free.

“No one better to have than someone like him around. We don’t get much visitors here, but it is often nice when someone comes,” the woman explaining, lowering her arms to her side.

Cyra releasing Valor, turning around. That young woman resting her vision onward, witnessing children engaging from afar. Some chasing one another, others playing with a ball. Peaceful the environment is, laughter in the air, many hard workers being around. Gentle the breeze is flowing, soothing everyone within its path. That deity facing in the direction of his old friend, her smile evermore bright. Simple this experience may be, but such being to her enjoyment. Even if for a moment, those concerns leaving that devil and deity.

“It is nice here, perhaps this village simply needs some light upon it,” Cyra glancing back to the woman.

That woman holding her hand to her chest, slightly looking down in sadness. Two guests evermore pleasureful, pain gripping at her heart. Gentle the wind may be, a horror residing in the deepest of shadows. Valor facing in the direction of the shopkeeper, holding the back of his head with his right hand, confusion expressing from him. That sorrow coming from the woman, the god wondering what may be troubling her so. Cyra facing in the direction of the shopkeeper, those eyes of the woman no doubt holding a secret.

“Something wrong?” Valor questions in some concern.

Emotions eating away at the depths, that woman slightly looking away, holding her hand to her chest. Cyra propping her head in confusion, this situation at hand, suspicious it is. A village ever so small, inhabitants expressing such kindness. From the beginning, this catching the attention of the young woman. These blissful feelings carrying two sets of wind, a person expressing distress. Loudness of the children from afar, those older ones carrying on with their day. Secrets hiding away, hearts uniting on similar grounds.

“Easier said than done...” the woman faintly smiling.

“What do you mean?” Cyra holding her hand to her chest.

That woman resting her vision in the direction of Valor, soon turning her attention to the maiden. Slightly looking down, contemplating her decision. A village agreeing in concealing this secret, information frightening the average person. Those many suffering, a bad reputation imprinting upon the inhabitants. A pleasureful duo, hearts evermore pure. That shopkeeper struggling deep within, her conscience eventually cracking. That woman slowly inhaling and exhaling, her heart at an unrest.

“You night...things become unsafe...” she distantly looks away.

Those words coming to the attention of Cyra and Valor, their vision becoming a bit more serious. That young woman positioning her arms in a thinking posture, that village having a different feeling. This explaining that unsettling emotion inside of her, two winds existing within one. Unrest ever so far within, children expressing joy, those older ones carrying on with their day. Sadness ever so far inside, joy no more than a facade. Glancing around, taking in the health of the land, everything reflecting quite well. A most unusual situation this is, a place becoming a nightmare upon the setting of the sun.

“What’s happening?” Valor questions in a more serious tone.

“Everyone has to stay in doors at night, because of a death goddess that appears,” she informs them.

“A goddess of death...? Do you mean a Valkyrie?” Valor states in surprise.

Goddesses of death, Valkyries descending from ever so high, ferrying souls evermore of worth. Beings upholding order, this information of contradiction. Those two resting their eyes on the woman, that shopkeeper nodding her confirmation. Cyra and Valor glancing to the other, thinking on the possible reasoning for a Valkyrie attacking humans. An event of suspicion, those beings holding their standing quite high. Hearts at an unrest, danger ever so clear. Cyra turning her attention to the woman, carefully keeping note of that knowledge.

“Thank you for telling us this,” Cyra softly speaks.

“Of course...I don’t want anything bad to happen to another...” she sorrowfully looks towards the maiden.

Unsettling this situation is, questions weighing on the mind. Those suffering inside of the village, a secret between them. No matter so, two willing to face another conflict. Cyra and Valor soon leaving the shop, thinking on the information. That shopkeeper slightly looking away, her heart paining her. Along the sidewalk, those close friends standing. Conflicting emotions taking hold of them, Valkyries descending to the world of the mortals, forcefully collecting souls. Madness no doubt, their services not being in need. Little sense it is making, a reasoning eluding the two.

“Valor...what is going on here...?” Cyra’s voice expressing some unease.

This situation evermore dire, that deity’s heart at an unrest. His old friend being in danger, this situation requiring answers. That god folding his arms, slightly looking down. Deeply thinking on the matter at hand, unable in pinpointing a rational purpose. That deity turning those possibilities to Odin, no matter so, that god having no reasoning in deploying a Valkyrie. Uncertainty evermore far within him, even so, Valor well in awareness on what he must do. Even if it is making little sense, that is beside the problem at this point.

“I cannot say for certain. Rest assure though, I will resolve this conflict tonight,” he assures her.

Those words of expectance, Cyra’s expression slightly turning grim. That deity witnessing her shifting mood, his vision of confusion. Facing away from her old friend, holding her hands behind her back. That devil glancing in his direction, displeasure inside of her eyes. That old friend continuously shouldering everything himself, reliable, but also foolish. That one going ever so far, pure his heart is. That wind gently blowing, hitting against the two. Emotions connecting, those crimson eyes resting on his azure own.

“You always do this...”

Sadness depicting from her voice, his heart sinking. That deity well in awareness of what she is meaning, slightly looking away. Uncertain in his response, Cyra knowing him well by now. A bond for many years, almost nothing evading the other. Those two growing in sync, emotions freely roaming in the presence of the other. Hearts uniting underneath a tree, a friendship growing over countless hours. Both traveling many distances, learning of each other quite well.

“Always rushing out to keep me away from the frontline,” she softly speaks.

Those words evermore soft, displeasure clearly inside of her voice, her expression becoming slightly more stern. One loathing the field of battle, even so, never allowing her old friend in facing danger alone. Even if there must be conflict, one willing to continuously resist these pointless problems. That deity scratching the back of his head with his right hand, looking away from her. That young woman facing in his direction, those eyes of crimson and azure meeting with each other. His actions of appreciation, such being of no need. Resting her vision on her right hand, faintly smiling, her heart warming.

“Did you forget that we always support each other? This is not one sided,” she softly speaks.

Slightly looking down, Valor evermore being too protective. A friend ever so close to him, those two relying on each other. Through thick and thin, always supporting one another. Those days so long ago, one from ever so high, another walking the land below, an unlikely meeting between two. No matter so, a most pleasureful encounter. Companions facing the harshest of conflicts together, embracing in the freedom all around. Reprehensible their bond may be, those hands reaching out to each other.

“Right...” he faintly smiles.

Those eyes of crimson and azure resting on the other, both taking a step closer. Hearts evermore free in the presence of one another, emotions far inside. From their earliest days of meeting, both tackling everything together. Even if there is illness upon that devil, Cyra never allowing that companion into danger on his own. A bond between two, these feelings never changing. Close friends they are, words remaining in a lock. Even if it may not be for sometime, that is okay. That young woman patiently waiting, her old friend progressing at his own rate.

“Come along now, we still have some time before nightfall,” she brightly smiles at him.

That expression upon her evermore bright, Valor returning a similar one in kind, nodding in agreement. Two embracing in the endless wind, soaring through the vast distances. An adventure within a small village, both facing another conflict together. That young woman taking hold of his hand, pulling her old friend onward. No matter where the future is leading, even if it is but a somber morrow, Valor continuing to follow her. Through those clouds ever so far, one from the high heavens descending to the world below. That guiding hand from the one residing on the land, two becoming best of friends.

We would always tackle everything matter how difficult the challenge is ahead. Such times I have eternally longed for once again. Ever since that fateful night...that smile of hers went with it. A failure, that is what I am...and I accept it, but still...could things have gone differently...?

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