Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 5: Where it All Began(Bonus Scene(Part 5))

Emotions lingering ever so deep within, feelings remaining inside of a lock. Hearts riding along, steadily moving towards the end of a dream. In those days, time appearing endless, two holding onto those experiences, wishing for it to continue on. Pain far within, words unable in leaving the other. That young woman well in awareness of the actuality of it all, that those pleasureful times will slowly drift away. Even so, still grabbing hold of the smallest of chances. Cyra and Valor arriving at an inn on the far side of the village, business being slow. Inhabitants hiding a terrible secret, that goddess of death roaming the night.

Visitors fearful for their lives, an image terrible upon those people of the village. Purchasing a room, those two old friends relaxing for the time being. That door opening towards their room, both resting their vision upon it. Floors of wood, a fine quality it is. Cyra entering the area, Valor following behind her, that god closing the door, turning in her direction. Cyra observing her surroundings, a few interesting decors capturing her attention. Paintings of the gods along the walls, brown couches at the center of the room. Towards the left of the living room revealing a kitchen, basic arrangements being there. A sink, table, and a preparation area for food if need be.

“Not a bad place, I suppose humans are making some progress,” Valor folding his arms.

Different it is from their usual experiences, one feeling evermore cozy. Even if it is not much, those smaller points detailing a hike. Blissful it is, emotions at a rest. A heart settling down, embracing in these pleasureful moments. Simplistic it may be, but Cyra enjoying this evermore. One coming from a higher birth, memories of the past returning to her awareness. Times that will never be of a reality again, even so, refreshing it is. That deity resting his vision upon his old friend, that young woman taking it all in. A stop not of expectance, but one of appreciation.

“I rather like it,” she softly speaks, glancing back to him.

“Really?” he holds the side of his head a bit in surprise.

That god well in awareness of her life style, a devil coming from a higher class. No matter so, one finding satisfaction in the simplest of things. That young woman facing in his direction, holding her hands behind her back. That smile evermore bright, assuring him of her pleasure in it all. A sigh escaping Valor, faintly smiling. One finding the establishment on the lower side, his heart following the wishes of his companion. Little it may be, but these smaller experiences teaching him much. Cyra facing away, making her way towards a couch. That deity resting his vision upon her, words still weighing on his mind. Faintly smiling, taking things one step at a time. That god following along, his old friend sitting on the couch. Those crimson eyes within his direction, devious they are. Valor standing still, his heart at an unrest. An opportunity one cannot pass up, Cyra extending her hands. Valor taking a step back, that young woman clapping in his direction.

“You’re unbelievable!” he stresses.

That old friend never passing up a moment, always pushing the boundaries. A devil ever so daring, his heart constantly at an unrest. No matter so, these moments strengthening their bond even more. One from ever so high, another walking the land below. Different they may be, but forever close. That maiden slightly turning her head, trailing her finger to her lip. That teasing smile expressing from her, Valor holding the side of his head. A demon making full use of an earlier event, this being much of expectance.

“Ahem, should a servant really be so defiant?” she cleverly questions.

“This doesn’t apply anymore! We’re behind closed doors you insane woman!” his tone hyper upon her.

Those eyes of crimson and azure locking onto each other, that young woman keeping him right underneath her thumb. Pressing her hands back on the couch, that deity pulling away. Her smile evermore mischievous, his heart desperately racing within his chest. Every movement of his old friend frighteningly sending a chill down his spine, one being a demon to her very core. Old habits never going away, these quirks that god coming to know well. Feelings ever so deep, emotions residing within. No matter of the dreadfulness befalling them, those two finding a moment together.

“Oh? Is that so—?” she holds her hand to her cheek, slightly looking away.

Actions evermore playful, her own relaxation in mind. That young woman continuously pulling those strings, taking those experiences a bit further each time. Rolling her eyes a bit, teasingly returning her attention back to him. That deity’s face slightly flushing, a chain of events setting into place upon their arrival in the village, his fate being in decision since those words. A demon pushing those boundaries, enjoying each and every moment. Waves connecting in those distant days, two soaring through the many worlds.

“—I mean, go ahead—” she looks at her nails on her right hand.

Her words ever so careful, those captivating eyes. That young woman moving her pieces into play, one after the next. That deity feeling his heart pounding inside of his chest, a maiden evermore unpredictable. Close they have been over the many years, two sides being present within one. A demon torturing her companion, constantly raising the stakes. Even if for a moment, these smaller times taking away those concerns deep within them. Hearts meeting within the wind, that deity following a devil through countless distances.

“—If they do find out, who knows what will happen,” Cyra cleverly looking away.

Moving in that final piece, cornering that deity. Her eyes fixating upon him, Valor slightly flinching, well in awareness of the many problems that may come. That god desperately thinking on a solution, wondering if his old friend will really do something such as that. Turning her head, those eyes of crimson gazing upon him. His answer being there, that heart sinking into the depths. Hanging himself in defeat, even in privacy there is no escaping her trap. That old friend pursuing her goal, using whatever is at her disposal in order to achieve it.


That smile upon her evermore bright, actions of success. That deity resting his vision on her unamused, close they are, no matter of the conflict at hand. A bond holding strong, growing evermore powerful. Times evermore simple, yet blissful. Two companions finding themselves in another adventure, even if it is of simplicity. Valor letting out a sigh, turning from her. Scratching the back of his head with his right hand, thinking on the next possibility. That illness still being upon the demon, a conflict to come later on.

“I suppose you should consume something. Faster that illness goes away, the better,” Valor glancing back to her.

Enjoyable it has been, her gentle eyes upon the deity. A faint smile coming to her face, slightly looking away. That companion evermore valuable, concerning himself a bit too much. No matter so, those actions ever so dear. Even if it is the smallest of kindness, that being enough. Emotions residing far inside, words remaining within a lock. One patiently waiting, the other slowly coming out of his shell. Two forever there for one another, tackling the harshest of turmoil together.

“There is no need for that, devils can go quite a while without such,” she assures him.

A bond growing even stronger, those smallest of actions ever so meaningful. Even if it is not much, that kindness being more than enough. Valor well in awareness of a devil’s resilience, one capable of enduring the harshest of environments. A race living their lives on the field of battle, small their power may be, but together posing quite a threat. That young woman loathing the field of battle, even so, a demon no less designing in such resistance. Turning in her direction, lowering his arms to his side. That maiden resting her vision upon her close friend, a friendship burning even brighter.

“That may be so, but an illness is still an illness. Just leave it to me,” he smiles at her.

An irreplaceable companion, going ever so far. Even if it is something small, that one always doing his best. Free in spirit, timid on the inside. These smaller quirks bringing them closer together, those two evermore able in relying on the other. Innocence in comparison to that of a child, always believing he can do anything. Pleasureful it is, emotions freely roaming in the presence of one another. That god turning in the direction of the kitchen, scratching his cheek with his right index finger in uncertainty. Cyra slightly propping her head, some confusion expressing from her.

“Are you okay?” she questions.

“Now if only I can remember how to cook, then this will go over well...” Valor walking towards the kitchen.

A heart evermore in the right place, one wishing to do everything he can for his old friend. Even if it is an area of weakness, that deity rising to the challenge at hand. No matter so, a terrible idea this may be. That god being far safer away from the kitchen, Cyra turning her body in his direction. Holding her hand to her chest, concern inside of her eyes. Valor being more of a danger to himself than another person, that young woman constantly having to keep an eye on him. Whether it is something small or large, a demon looking out for her companion.

“Um...Val, maybe I should—?” she quickly calls out.

“—Nah! I got it!” he immediately assures her.

Evermore enthusiastic he is, that deity rising to the challenge at hand. Preparing a meal, all the while, Cyra looking on in concern. Her hand being to her chest, witnessing the kitchen setting on fire. Explosions sounding, that god flying from one part to the next. Cyra insisting on taking over, her old friend wishing for her to take it easy. Sometime passing, Valor finishing the meal. Taking a breather for a moment, swaying from left to right. That young woman evermore worrying of his safety, cooking being far from that god’s strong point.

“Are you, okay?” she verifies.

“Felt like I lost a fight to a bear...ugghh...”

Resting her vision onward, witnessing the smoke flowing out of the kitchen. Cyra slightly pulling away, appreciating that his heart has been in the right place. That deity taking out a bowl of soup, soon making his way into the living room. Standing before his old friend, extending the soup with a spoon inside. That maiden taking hold of it, her smile evermore warm. A handful Valor is, but always trying his best. Resting her eyes on the broth, that thick brown color. Meat as well as vegetables making it a good combination, an average enough presentation. Sitting down at her side, leaning over a bit, resting his wrists on his lap. That devil looking towards him, lightly hitting her shoulder against her old friend. That god turning his attention in her direction, witnessing her smile being ever so bright. A sigh escaping him, returning a similar smile in kind.

“Only you can make something as simple as cooking into a battle,” she pleasantly speaks.

“Haha, you’ll never find someone as fun as I am. That’s how it goes, the most unusual things will happen,” he tilts his head in her direction.

Cyra merely laughing, well in awareness of the truth in those words. An old friend turning the simplest experiences evermore interesting, that one going up and beyond. Two meeting so long ago, hearts reaching onward together. That young woman consuming the soup, finding it enjoyable. A bit strong on the taste, but that is all. Those two old friends chatting away with the other, no matter what, Cyra and Valor always sharing these simpler moments. Random it may be, but pleasureful no less. One from ever so high, the other walking the land far below. Both meeting on a certain day, a bond forming between the two.

Was it wrong for me to want to hold on? Yeah...of course it was. I wanted to continue living in that dream with her. Though, there is only so long a dream will stay as such. Eventually, I knew I would have to let go. Though, should I have held on? If I had...could I have said those words on that fateful night...?

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