Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 1: Those Who Lurk in the Shadows(Part 2)

Devils all around, their vision upon the hellhound laying lifeless lay on the ground. Turning their attention to the young woman, seeing the firearm in her left hand. That one ever so light on her feet, remaining in the shadows. A legend amongst demons, one rising through the ranks. Desires driving her way onward, a heart wishing for answers. A job no less, a larger goal inside of her mind. Glancing around, that maiden witnessing devils slowly surrounding her. Many ever so eager, that bounty hunter in sight, one ever so elusive. Calmly trailing her eyes upon them, strong they are in numbers, but nothing more than mice in the end. That breeze evermore unsettling, hearts uniting for a common goal. A lawless world, those of strength paving their way forward. Despite it all, demons holding their own close. Selfish they are, that young woman being no different. A life in the bliss of the wind, arms evermore the fine divisive line between life and death.

No matter so, a heart hating each and every moment. One from ever so long ago, armor shining brilliantly inside of her mind. A devil hunting one of near impossibility, yet her heart rising to the challenge. Even if there may never be peace, at least her soul will be at a rest. That young woman witnessing two gargoyles surrounding her on opposite ends, energy building from both of them. Those beasts unleashing waves of fire upon her, the land scorching from the flames. Adjusting her footing, leaping high into the air, her back facing the two. Revealing both of her revolvers, turning in their direction, pinpointing the gargoyles, her eyes calm upon them. Angling her firearms at the devils, unleashing negative energy on her enemies. Darkness piercing through the demons, soon violently exploding. That young woman landing upon her feet, looking upon her enemies, those gargoyles shattering into pieces upon the ground. Fear gripping at the demons, those many taking caution to the maiden. Standing upon her side, gesturing her right index finger in the direction of the two ox’s, taunting those enemies.

“Come now, this is simply the beginning,” she faintly smiles.

Hesitance expressing from her enemies, that young woman calmly shrugging. In this game of chance that is life, one must continuously take action. Even if it is but a somber morrow, that will to resist constantly taking hold. Two sides of the same, one evermore cold, the other ever so soft. A life no more, hatred filling her core. A demon seeking out one ever so high, jobs slowly leading her way onward. Those two ox’s moving around the young woman, her eyes calmly trailing them. Lowering her arms to her side, resting her vision upon them. Those fiends raising their massive axes, their eyes of uncertainty. Extending their weapons, those two demons rushing at the maiden. The first angling their weapon in a lower stance, those eyes of the young woman becoming a bit more serious.

That icy glare striking deep into the souls of her enemies, hearts desperately racing. From behind, the second one moving in a higher stance. Both devils closing in, their assaults aiming for the kill. Revealing the blade inside of her gauntlet, silver steel extending out the hole of the weapon. That axe from behind colliding into the blade of her gauntlet, immediately stopping the enemy in place. Those eyes of the young woman piercing through the core of the fiend, swiftly moving her sword, intercepting the attack ahead of her. Those weapons colliding into each other, the eyes of the ox’s trembling at the sight before them. Turning her vision ahead, her crimson eyes penetrating deep into the demon.

“Som—Something is not right with you...!” an ox stepping back, fear paralyzing them.

Dancing in the bliss of freedom, a lawless world the NetherWorld is. Souls taking flight, hearts breaking the shackles binding them to the land. No matter so, all evermore a lie. Conflict around each end, countless fighting. An eternal cycle, this life the young woman is loathing so much. Despite it all, there is one she must hunt down. Days of the past reflecting into her memory, someone in the arms of another. Blood painting the surroundings, her heart wishing to know the reasoning. Glancing back, the second ox moving away from her. Both of her enemies trembling, fear gripping at their hearts. A legend amongst demons, one with potential rivaling that of an overlord. Someone capable of taking on an army of demons, a bloodline not being to the knowledge of any. No matter so, her birth ever so high up in the chain of devils.

“Perhaps so, either way, let us wrap this up,” her vision slightly more serious upon the ox.

Fear paralyzing those enemies, demons all around witnessing this development. Hearts evermore at an unrest, one from legend revealing on the field of battle. None capable of doing anything, information ever so of limitation on her. A truly fearsome demon in existence, a heart seeing the harshness all around to an end. Observing her enemies, those many quivering in their boots. Devils hesitantly resting their vision on her, witnessing the young woman extending her sword afar, her eyes becoming more serious by the moment. Locking onto the two ox’s, rushing towards the one ahead of her. That enemy taking alarm, meeting her action in kind. The bounty hunter lowering her stance, her blade scraping along the ground. That ox striking down with its axe, the young woman rushing her blade forward, impaling the demon. That attack piercing through the chest of the fiend, its eyes widening in horror. Those other devils taking a step forward, shock overcoming them. That young woman calmly standing, glancing to the second ox charging at her.

“Damn you!” it yells.


One of legend stepping out of the shadows, a job driving her way forward. That young woman keeping her eye on the ending goal, memories tormenting her mind. A heart loathing the field of battle, yet this is the reality that she is living in. That one from ever so long ago, horror plaguing her mind. Even if it is evermore unsettling, that one aiming to see that nightmare through to an end. Even if it is a somber morrow, that will to continue on forever existing. That maiden extending her revolver with her offhand, aiming in the direction of the ox that is rushing at her. That demon closing in, their axe within view. The young woman aligning her revolver with the skull of the beast, those eyes of the bounty hunter locking onto her target.

“And checkmate,” she calmly states.

Releasing the negative energy from her revolver, that assault rushing forward, piercing through the skull of the ox, blasting its head clean from its body. That lifeless body of the demon falling to the ground, bleeding out onto the street. Turning her attention back to the first, her blade impaling the fiend. That monster gazing into her eyes, fear building from the pit of its stomach. Twisting her sword within its chest, that fiend screaming out in agony. That young woman slicing straight up in an instant, cutting the beast in half from the top. Her eyes calmly looking onward, that young woman extending her blade afar. The demon falling to the ground, bleeding out. That swordsman stepping away in horror, those surrounding demons doing the same. Clouds ever so high gathering, rain pouring down upon the land. Those flames ceasing, blood slowly washing away.

“...” the young woman resting her vision on the swordsman.

“Co—Come on! She’s only one demon!” the swordsman urging with fear deep in his voice.

A single devil capable of the most extreme of feats, one with potential far above their own. A heart loathing the field of battle, a resolve clashing against this endless cycle. One wishing to find someone inside of her past, these jobs paving her way towards her goal. Hatred ever so deep inside, emotions boiling at her core. Those demons resting their eyes upon each other in uncertainty, suicidal it will be to go against her. That swordsman turning to the devils, urging those demons to unite. That young woman calmly resting her vision upon them, awaiting the end of yet another battle.

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