Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 5: Where it All Began(Bonus Scene(Conclusion))

Hearts beating within the chest, wind chillingly cold. A devil rising to the challenge at hand, one evermore different. No matter the morrow, even if it is sorrowful, that will to oppose continuously taking hold. One loathing the field of battle, even so, never turning her back on her old friend. The battle maiden descending upon Cyra, breaking through sound-barriers. That young woman feeling the approaching Valkyrie, her senses heightening. The death goddess appearing before her, that blade nearing by the moment, Cyra intercepting the assault. A powerful shockwave ripping through the area, those eyes of the Valkyrie slightly widening, witnessing the devil holding her position.

One rising to the challenge at hand, that blood boiling evermore ferociously. A devil infinite in potential, standing her ground against a deity. Valor’s eyes trembling a bit, that gap in power going away in an instant. Pure white energy burning from the demon, an intense pressure crushing down on the surrounding area. Shaking away the suddenness of it all, Valor rushing towards the Valkyrie. That death goddess glancing in his direction, her heart at an unrest. Two ever so close, this increase in power, combatting both no doubt leading to an end. Emotions dancing in the night, hearts at an unrest. That Valkyrie pulling back, flying away, Valor pursuing her.

That young woman extending her blade afar, dashing in the direction of the death goddess. Valor’s speed evermore intense, vanishing from the field. That icy mist thickening within the area, the Valkyrie feeling him approaching. Glancing back, immediately turning, blocking the horizontal strike of his katana. That icy mist concentrating even more, Valor trailing his vision around his surroundings, witnessing the mist slowly circling around the death goddess. Turning his attention back to the Valkyrie, those eyes serious upon his own. That Valkyrie glancing to her right, seeing the devil appearing before her. Cyra extending Lævateinn, swiftly striking down. That goddess of death instantly breaking away, narrowly avoiding the assault.

Lævateinn colliding into the land, the area beneath their feet devastatingly tearing apart. Cyra and Valor glancing to the other, nodding in agreement. Both facing their attention in the direction of the Valkyrie, her vision careful on the situation at hand. That death goddess raising her blade high, soon proudly directing it at her enemies. That Valkyrie bursting through the area, approaching Cyra and Valor. Those two companions feeling this immense pressure, forming a strong defense. That Valkyrie striking at them, those two holding their ground. The impact immensely ripping apart the surrounding area, rubbles flying into the air. Some annoyance coming to the face of the death goddess, raising her hand high, those eyes locking onto her targets. An intense vortex of malevolence formulating ever so high, crashing down on her enemies.

“Cyra...” Valor glancing to her.

“Right...” she turns her eye to him.

That vortex of malevolence trapping those three, two old friends clashing with the Valkyrie throughout. Each strike tearing away at the surroundings, some villagers leaving their house. Those inhabitants resting their vision onward, witnessing twisters crashing down from afar. Those blades of wind expanding by the moment, shockwaves tearing through the entire area. Many hearts at an unrest, wondering if it is a battle between gods. This intensity of the wind pushing against the villagers, those many struggling in holding their ground. Inside the vortex of negative energy, Cyra and Valor riding the waves all around, clashing against the Valkyrie throughout the field. Both covering the other’s weak points, closing in the distance with their foe. Old friends evermore close, hearts in sync. No matter the morrow, even if it is ever so sorrowful, two forever holding their bond dear. From far below, Cyra colliding her blade into the weapon of the Valkyrie.

“Farewell...” Cyra calmly speaks.

Those words of the young woman meeting the attention of the Valkyrie, the death goddess trailing her vision around, witnessing that icy mist brightly radiating. That Valkyrie glancing behind, the supreme deity vertically striking at her back. That god turning, plunging his blade into the ground. Cyra dashing away, that icy mist reacting. The field quickly freezing over, entombing the Valkyrie in a massive glacier of ice. Catching her footing, that young woman leaping high, evading the excess energy of the assault. That object rising high into the sky, the devil adjusting her balance on the ice.

Sliding down on the glacier, gazing upon it. That maiden witnessing it extending far above the clouds, those villagers looking on in devastation. Valor calmly sheathing his blade, turning away. Closing his eyes, that glacier of ice shattering. The Valkyrie breaking away, vanishing into stardust. Those villagers witnessing this, rejoicing upon the sight. Many racing towards Cyra and Valor, that devil landing at the side of her close friend, both faintly smiling at the other. Those companions turning their attention to the villagers, many standing before the young woman.

“Finally! The threat is over! Thank you!” a man gratefully speaks.

“Huh?” Valor blankly looking on.

A nightmare within the night, those many fearing to leave their homes. A goddess of death hunting them down, sorrowful for so long. Indescribable emotions flowing through the many, gratefulness for their freedom. That maiden taking a step back, some surprise expressing from her. The young woman witnessing the gratitude of so many, Valor all the while in too much shock. That old friend gaining all of the praises, his heart wondering when there will be at least a bit for him as well, even if it is not much.

“Oh come on! I was the one who froze the psychopath!” Valor yelling in dismay.

“Or did you?” Cyra playfully hitting her shoulder against him.

Hearts ever so close, two facing the harshest of challenges together. That young woman gaining all of the credit, Valor covering his face in disbelief, his cheeks flushing. Those villagers eventually calming, returning to their homes. Cyra and Valor finding themselves gazing upon the velvet moon. That light shining down upon them both, an orb cursing those within its light. Even if it is evermore sorrowful, there can be some happiness. Truly horrible it has been, to lose the night to a deity, those feelings of the many inhabitants.

“You just gotta one-up me every time huh...” he folds his arms, turning from her.

“Maybe?” she teases, facing away from him.

Hearts evermore close, relishing in the simplest of moments. Pleasureful it is, to be around the other. That wind ever so gentle, emotions flowing free. Both glancing back to the other, smiling at one another. A sigh escaping the deity, accepting this outcome. His old friend always having her way, a small payment for such a valuable companion. Both soon facing the other once again, enjoying the moment for some time. A wonderful night it is, joy of the villagers creating amazing feelings. Even if it is a small act of kindness, those actions going a long way.

“You feeling better now?” he gently questions.

That illness leading them to this village, those many living in fear. Difficult it may have been underneath the circumstances, but that is okay. Her sickness still remaining, but certainly being better. That young woman nodding her assurance to her old friend, turning away, gazing up into the velvet moon. That maiden holding her hand to her chest, feeling the freshness of the air, the night evermore beautiful. Two companions evermore close, facing the harshest of challenges together. No matter so, always coming out together.

“Hey, Val...?”

Those words of hers evermore soft, the shifting in her tone catching the attention of the deity. Those eyes of crimson gazing upon the moon, distant they are. Her heart thinking on the words of her enemy, agonizing it is. Two ever so close, a friendship growing even stronger. No matter so, their bond also being a weakness. That deity resting his vision upon her in confusion, wondering what is weighing on her mind. Uneasiness growing within him, having an idea of what she may be thinking. His heart clenching within his chest, slightly lowering himself.


“This battle had me day we will have to go our own way, and how we are might be a critical weakness,” she softly speaks.

Two evermore close, hearts constantly in sync. This being a weakness in itself, a single one falling meaning victory for their enemy. Feelings but a hindrance on the battlefield, no matter so, blissful it is. That deity looking away from her, acknowledging the words of the Valkyrie. Both having to go their own way one day, that god wondering how they will be apart. No matter the challenge, those two constantly facing it together. Unrest inside of the deity, wishing not to think about it. That god desiring in continuing their dream, until he is able to find courage to say what he is really meaning.

“Hey, no matter what happens, even if we part, we’ll always be friends,” he gently speaks.

Cyra looking away, faintly smiling at those words. Even in the darkest of times, their bond holding true. That is something that will never falter, two forever valuing each other. The young woman facing in his direction, those eyes of crimson and azure meeting with one another. Words ever so deep inside, emotions remaining inside of a lock. No matter so, hearts uniting with each other. Even if those times are slowly closing in upon them, that devil willing to wait. A timid one her old friend is, but a most wonderful companion.


Hearing her soft voice, the tone of it, that deity slowly blinking. Slightly tilting his head a bit in confusion. Those feelings ever so deep inside, companions for countless years. Both knowing each other ever so well, awareness of the feelings of the other. That young woman hesitating for a moment, soon slowly shaking her head from left to right. Unrest deep inside of her heart, continuing to wait. Emotions inside of a lock, words not leaving her. A bond evermore strong between two, even so, feelings ever so far within.

“Never-mind...we still have many more days together,” she softly speaks.

“Hey, Cyra...”

Distant his tone is, those eyes of crimson and azure meeting with the other. Gentle his gaze is upon her, that familiarity. Emotions ever so deep inside, hearts pounding inside of their chests. That deity raising his hand to her cheek, this taking her by some surprise. That deity slightly looking away, Cyra awaiting those words. His hand moving, her heart sinking. Valor turning away from her, that young woman feeling disappointment. Conflicting emotions clashing deep within her, that god retreating into his shell once more.

“No matter what happens, it will always be us against the Nine Worlds,” he glances back to her.

“Then it is a promise...” she softly speaks.

Words being much different from his intention, that deity grasping for more time. His heart at an unrest inside of his chest, his foot slightly scraping the ground. Those words the young woman accepting for now, understanding the meaning behind them. Facing in the direction of his old friend, both smiling at the other. Even if it will take longer, then that is okay. Two against the Nine Worlds, continuing their dream until finally meeting inside of reality. Difficult it is to say when such a time will come, but certainly one day those emotions will become an actuality.

That night, those words holding deeper meaning behind them. An Unforgotten promise transcending through time itself, him and I against the Nine Worlds. To continue living this dream, until we can finally say what was meant that night of our parting...

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