Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 6: Clash with the Reaper of Souls, Grimm!(Part 1)

Hearts lingering in days so long ago, emotions remaining inside of a lock. A dream moving towards an end, no matter so, two forever extending a hand towards one another. Chillingly cold the breeze is blowing, those flowery fields dreadfully striking against the mind of the young woman. A blood moon cursing the night, that light shining down ever so far below. Feelings flowing through, grief gripping at the heart. These unsettling surroundings, dread clawing away at the soul. That maiden facing in the direction of Valor, those eyes of crimson and azure meeting with the other.

“Maria...” Valor distantly speaks.

“You seem troubled, Valor,” she softly responds.

A body acting on its own, Maria unable in comprehending this situation at hand. Words leaving her, emotions flowing through her. Pain gripping at her heart, feelings wishing to reach. One a prison inside of her own body, witnessing this unfolding before her eyes. Familiar this experience is, agony incomparable. That young woman desiring answers, this wind blowing through. Petals passing her line of sight, that blood moon cursing those within its light. Feelings at an unrest, despair clawing at her depths. A tower most unusual, one holding many mysteries.

“Why am I speaking...?” Maria uneasily thinking.

That young woman being in place, feeling that wind all around her. No matter so, these feelings rising from her depths. Eyes evermore of unease, an event playing out right in front of her. That deity turning from the maiden, resting his vision upon the bleeding moon. Eyes evermore distant, emotions at an unrest. That deity looking away for a moment, soon glancing back to the young woman. Those eyes of confusion expressing from her, holding her hand to her chest. Slightly propping her head, Valor turning his attention back to the moon ever so high.

“We have known each other for four hundred years huh,” a faint smile revealing upon his face.

“My, never really thought you the type to keep track of such things,” she turns from him, folding her arms.

Words continuously leaving her, blissful these emotions are. That pain ever so deep inside, a smile evermore faint. Embracing the gentle breeze of the night, cold but refreshing it is. Dread building inside of Maria, her heart painfully clenching. Confusing this situation is, two ever so close. This night gripping at her core, feelings remaining inside of a lock. A tower bringing events of the past into reality, dreadful it is experiencing this event. Questions weighing on her mind, answers not being there. Two slowly drifting apart, sharing in this night.

“Heh, could I forget? I have had nothing but fun with you. Sure, we may have had our little spats now and then, but it was nothing ever serious,” he shrugs.

Years upon years of friendship, two making their way through the many worlds. A bond desperately trying to hold on, emotions growing over the countless hours. Even if it is a somber morrow, companions facing the harshest of realities together. Despair clawing away at the soul of the young woman, that maiden considering her options for a moment. Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, teasingly smiling. Those actions evermore familiar towards Maria, uncertainty plaguing her mind. Blissful it is feeling, but also agonizing. These actions holding a deeper meaning, a bond between two.

“And you were always in the wrong,” she cleverly states.

Emotions evermore blissful, feelings basking in the wind. Even if it is ever so dreadful, two meeting in this game of chance that is life. No matter of the morrow, even if it is sorrowful, companions remaining close. That deity turning in her direction, protesting more childishly, his hands being to his chest, that god taking a step forward. That friend continuously falling into her traps, one of innocence. Dreadful these fields are, those petals flying past the two. That young woman coping with feelings so far within, her heart desperately wishing to scream out.

“Me?! Jeez! You’re impossible you crazy woman! If I didn’t apologize, you’d just go on as if I didn’t exist!” he stresses.

A friendship forming in days of the past, two growing even closer over time. One ever so high above, another walking the land. No matter so, both meeting on even grounds. Companions traveling through the worlds, enjoying adventures for many years. Even so, those dreams slowly coming towards an end. That young woman giggling, Valor stepping back. Her actions no more than rattling him, one never changing. Even if it is for another moment, that maiden enjoying each instance. Dreadful it may be, but also blissful at the same time.

“Hehe, you are much too easy, Val,” she turns towards him, brightly smiling.

That deity slightly blushing, a sigh escaping him. This being of no surprise, his old friend pushing his buttons. Mischievous as usual, normal it is towards devils. Even so, something more residing deep inside. A trait of uniqueness differentiating her well from those others, two meeting in distant days. Those eyes of crimson and azure gently gazing upon one another, bonds extending throughout time. Even if it is evermore sorrowful, those two facing each challenge together. Even so, those times slowly coming to an end. These distressing feelings clawing away at Maria, enduring joy as well as despair.

“Now then...tell me what is on your mind,” she urges.

Those words evermore soft, her eyes slightly at an unrest. A heart paining, yet that young woman grasping at any opportunity. Holding her hands behind her back, embracing the wind all around. That deity looking away from her, hesitating in continuing on. Four hundred years, that one still remaining inside of his shell. Words ever so deep inside, his heart at an unrest. Turning away from her, looking down a bit. That maiden slightly looking away in some disappointment, emotions at an unrest. Even so, perhaps there may be a chance.

“What we’s not normal huh...” his voice extending some doubt.

A bond no more than an abomination to many, a devil and deity meeting in days of the past. One from ever so high descending to the world below, meeting someone irreplaceable. Years going by, their friendship becoming stronger. Emotions stirring at the core, feelings ever so deep slowly rising to the surface. Words inside of a lock, one waiting, another remaining inside of their shell. Harsh it may be, but those memories within their awareness. Painful it is, but also pleasureful. That young woman faintly smiling, slightly looking down.

“Far from it, but that has never stopped us before. It has always been our differences that brought us together, through good times and bad times,” she softly assures him.

Ever so deep inside, dread growing even more within Maria. Her heart evermore heavy, breathing unsettling. Those petals blowing by, that crimson moon. A horror slowly closing in, that maiden wishing to escape. Indescribable these feelings are, emotions wishing to scream out. No matter so, words remaining within a lock. Those eyes desiring another end, that one evermore close. Two venturing through many worlds together, questions weighing on the mind. Both from differing worlds, yet developing a friendship evermore close.

“’s just...—” he shakes his head from left to right.

Turning her attention towards him, her expression becoming grim. A heart in agony, emotions prolonging, grief lingering deep inside of her. Many years going by, that maiden patiently waiting, her old friend coming out of his shell, yet quickly retreating back into it. Happy-go-lucky he may be, but also quite timid. Those smaller quirks, blissful they are. No matter so, time quickly coming to an end. That maiden desiring to hear those words, agony gripping at her core. That event slowly unfolding, Maria feeling ever so cold.

“—Never-mind, it’s nothing of importance,” he turns from her, looking away.

That one fleeing once more, another opportunity going to waste. Disappointment expressing from those eyes of the young woman, her heart in agony. That maiden looking away, anger slightly coming to her face. Years upon years, patiently waiting. Those feelings sincere between the two, no matter so, one ever so afraid. Her expression soon lightening, accepting his personality. Evermore timid he is, that lovable one she has come to enjoy so many days with. No matter so, that dream approaching its end. Turning from him, that devil resting her vision upon the ground, sorrow deep inside of her eyes.

“Oh...well...I guess I should tell you this...” her voice hesitating a bit.

That shifting in her tone, Valor turning towards her. Those eyes of his in concern, wishing to know what may be bothering her. An unlikely meeting between two, a simple friendship growing even deeper. Companions traveling throughout the worlds, tackling conflicts together. No matter so, an adventure both have been enjoying. Emotions becoming deeper, two remaining in their place. A dream going on, that maiden patiently waiting. Even so, those times coming to an end. That crimson moon shining its light down upon the two, petals flowing through.

“Tell me what?” he questions in some unease.

Tears slowly forming within her eyes, Valor witnessing her hands shaking from behind her back. A heart in agony, desiring another outcome. Even so, time being no more. That dream coming towards its conclusion, feelings remaining inside of a lock. That maiden slowly inhaling and exhaling, well in awareness that she must inform him. Behind the cages of her own mind, tears welling up inside of Maria, grief grabbing at her heart. That young woman evermore of uncertainty, this event holding much more meaning.

“I have an arranged marriage...” she regrettably speaks.

Those words meeting the deity, Valor freezing in that moment, trying to process the revelation of such news. Two bonding so long ago, his entire world crashing down before him. His heart at an unrest, his eyes of desperation. Taking a step towards her, that deity trying to understand the situation at hand. The wind growing colder, his foot slightly sliding on the ground. His head feeling a bit light, that beating within his chest intensifying. Her message striking deep into him, those feelings struggling in coming out.

“An arranged marriage...?” he hesitantly verifies.

Repeating those words, that deity feeling noxious. Surreal it is appearing, no matter so, those words leaving his old friend. Questions weighing upon his mind, wondering on the reasoning for its occurrence. Answers eluding him, that one unable in comprehending this event at hand. Those years of traveling, two growing even closer. Adventures through the vast worlds, feelings developing over those times. Even so, both remaining where they are. Dreadful it is, saying those words, that young woman despising every moment of it.

“As you know, I am no ordinary demon. I am the daughter of the Demon Tyrant Alastor,” she depressingly speaks.

One from a higher birth in the world of demons, a most unlikely friendship. That deity well in awareness of her standing, a princess no less. Even so, those two growing fond of each other over the many years. Valor slowly stepping back, looking from left to right, much like a child trying to find approval. That heart desiring for another end, those feelings ever so deep inside, his heart sinking. Words remaining far within him, this night evermore tragic. Pain gripping at the soul, but time continuing onward.

“I you want to be wedded...?” he holds the back of his head, looking towards her.

Those words leaving him, uncertainty on what else to say. That deity wishing for this to simply be but a nightmare, no matter so, this event feeling evermore real. Fabricating a smile, that young woman drying her tears. That god slightly looking down, feeling unrest coming from her. Glancing from left to right, contemplating on an action going forward. That maiden turning in his direction, their vision meeting with each other. That old friend witnessing the sorrow deep within her eyes, well in awareness that something is wrong. Even so, his feet remaining in place.

“I am very happy,” she lies.

Those eyes of hers, something not appearing correct. That deity slightly looking away, trying to rationalize the possibilities. That old friend may simply be having cold feet, a normal experience after all. A dream coming towards an end, those times of joy slipping away into memories. Hearts evermore in pain, emotions within bondage. Faking a smile, that god slightly looking away. Words remaining inside of a lock, two drifting apart. A bond desperately trying to hold on, even so, reality setting in. Those days of pleasure being no more, their adventures coming to an end.

“I see...well, I am glad,” he regrettably speaks.

Those words bringing even more pain inside of her, feelings at an unrest. Her expression growing grim, that young woman facing away from him. That response being far from what she has been desiring, a final chance once again blowing away inside of the wind. Glancing back to him, her distant expression upon him. Those eyes of crimson and azure meeting with the other, that happiness slipping away. One standing in place, another unable to wait any longer. Time moving onward, their dream coming to an end.

“I suppose...this is it huh...” her disheartening voice upon him.

“Yeah...our journey together ends here...” he sorrowfully responds.

Gentle the breeze is hitting against them, that bleeding moon shining down its light upon the two. Emotions ever so deep inside, feelings never reaching the other. Petals moving in the wind, one passing by the young woman. That deity’s eyes slightly widening, witnessing the sorrow deep inside of her. The maiden looking away from him, her heart paining her. Many chances coming by, yet that one remaining inside of his shell. A companion evermore dear, no matter so, time waiting for no one. Hearts wishing for another end, reality setting in.

“I should be going now...thank you, Valor...for everything...” she painfully smiles.

Those words meeting him, that old friend witnessing her walking away. His heart evermore paining him, wishing for one more chance. Taking a step forward, extending his hand in her direction. Every part of him trying to reach out, that bond ever so close. Memories irreplaceable, that smile going away. Stopping himself, realizing that he has no right in doing such, the god turning away from her, that deity heading onward. Agony gripping at his heart, emotions never reaching out. That maiden moving further away, a tear drop falling from her eye, hitting a flower below. Those memories fading away, Maria finding herself within the endless void. Raising her hand to her eyes, wiping away the tears pouring out of her. Those times feeling ever so real, events so long ago. Holding her hand to her chest, pain clenching at her heart.

“What is...this deep pain within me...? This sadness...? Who was that...? And who is this Demon Tyrant Alastor...?” Maria wondering.

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