Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 6: Clash with the Reaper of Souls, Grimm!(Conclusion)

Distant days of the past, two evermore close drifting apart. A dream carrying on for so many years, reality setting in. Hearts in bondage, words never leaving the other. Two walking away from one another, despair clawing away at their souls. Questions weighing upon the mind, answers ever so elusive. The Tower of Time bringing nightmares into reality, an endless place retaining so many memories. Emotions flowing through that young woman, desiring to know of those events. Turning her attention onward, witnessing monsters lifelessly falling to the ground. Souls leaving those bodies, a reaper assimilating them.

Raising its scythe, blood soaking in the blood of its victims. Lifeless crimson eyes, that fiend hungering for even more. Grimm, a reaper feeding on the souls of the unfortunate. That monster turning its attention towards the young woman, Maria stepping back. That devil feeling malevolence burning from the fiend, a crushing pressure upon her. Extending its scythe, blood dripping to the ground. Horror around every end, a heart in so much pain. No matter so, one wishing for answers, standing against another threat.

“There is no time to sort out this way or another, Valor will tell me what is going on here...” she looks ahead, conflicting emotions within her.

Despair ever so deep inside, souls shackling down to the land, hearts in bondage. Two evermore close, companions for many years. Those times drifting apart, a night of torment. That maiden stretching her blade afar, the surrounding energy spiraling around her. That foe ahead, a fiend defiling the souls of others. One loathing the field of battle, her heart rising to the challenge. Questions plaguing her mind, answers being near. Pain gripping at her soul, a deity falling so far. Grimm twirling its scythe, rushing towards the young woman. Illusions trailing within its movements, that maiden carefully tracking its actions.

The monster appearing from behind, that devil looking back in unease. That scythe approaching her, Maria slightly turning her body. That uppercut narrowly passing her face, shredding apart the surrounding area. A rift of crimson reaching far inside of the void, the fiend vanishing in that instant. Materializing behind her, that demon immediately turning, her blade in a downward stance. The scythe crashing against her sword, those two mighty weapons pushing against the other. Those eyes of hers glaring into the lifeless vision of the monster, her resolve steadily building.

Maria pulling away, narrowly evading a vertical assault. The edge of the weapon tearing into the ground, that young woman adjusting her footing. Grimm rushing at her, the monster horizontally striking at her. Turning her body a bit, backflipping over the assault. That fiend resting its vision above, trailing her movements. That demon landing from behind, revealing the blade of her gauntlet. Closing in upon the monster, clashing against the scythe. Holding her ground, that fiend struggling in moving her position.

“Filth, this is where you will eternally rest, alongside these monsters,” she calmly states.

Conflict around each end, a reaper of souls. Sorrow around every corner, screaming echoing through. A tower of endless mystery, emotions residing inside of the past. Questions weighing on the mind, answers evermore near. The young woman ducking, lowering her guard, that scythe narrowly passing her head. Grimm raising its weapon, darkness brightly burning from it. Malevolence intensifying, the fiend striking down. Maria dashing away, that scythe colliding into the ground, shockwaves of blood rushing in her direction. Slightly grinning in some unease, drawing her revolvers. That young woman aiming her weapons at the assaults, rapidly firing. Negative energy racing onward, breaking through the shockwaves.

Those assaults closing in upon the reaper, that fiend twirling its scythe, shredding apart the negative energy. Immediately launching a swift uppercut, the monster returning fire with twice the force. Her heart at an unrest, those eyes trying to see a path forward. That resolve never relenting, one rising to the challenge at hand. Quickly touching her foot to the ground, instantly dashing around the assault. That wave of energy sweeping past her, rushing into the endless void. That devil looking back for a moment, soon facing her attention to the fiend. Capabilities far beyond those of normalcy, a monster on a level of its own. No matter so, one willing to reach even further.

Stretching its scythe afar, the reaper rushing in her direction. That maiden carefully trailing its movements, extending her blade, analyzing her enemy. Feeling the unsettling energy all around, her senses heightening. Dashing towards the monster, their weapons instantly clashing, a massive shockwave tearing through the area. Striking against the other’s weapon, circling one another. Neither giving an edge, assaults much more heavy and precise than the last. Emotions at an unrest, hatred building at its core. Displeasure inside of her eyes, these battles paining her. Even so, that drive in continuing on. Lunging at Grimm, her blade approaching its skull. That fiend slightly turning its head, the sword narrowly missing. Immediately retaliating, a horizontal strike approaching her rib. That devil instantly pulling away, blocking in a vertical stance. That impact crashing into her weapon, the demon skidding back upon her feet.


Malevolence growing with each passing moment, her enemy becoming stronger. A foe adapting on the field of battle, one infinite in capabilities. Those eyes of the young woman slightly at an unrest, considering her possibilities. Facing in her direction, a reaper ever so eager. A monstrosity upon the worlds, that heart racing even faster inside of her chest. Extending its scythe, Maria bracing herself. That monster fading away, appearing before her, its weapon striking down. Stepping to her left, the scythe passing her arm. That young woman leaping away, making some distance between her and the enemy.

Negative energy building from within its scythe, that fiend facing in her direction, swiftly swinging upward, unleashing a massive assault upon the maiden. Unnerving this is, a foe without end. Instantly raising her sword, striking down at the attack, severing it in half. Those remnants of energy fading away, that monster continuing its path, rushing at her once more. An endless cycle, every step of the way, constantly returning back to the first phase. Her vision at an unrest, her heart seeking out the smallest of chances. Dashing to her right, evading a vertical attack. That young woman narrowly leaping back, avoiding a horizontal strike. An onslaught of assaults, Maria evading one attack after the next.

“At this rate...I have to find a way to lessen the range of its movements...” her expression turning slightly grim.

A heart at an unrest, those eyes seeking a path forward. Even if it is nigh impossible, that smallest of opportunity is what she is desiring. Emotions rising by the moment, hatred building by the second. One loathing the field of battle, years upon years of searching for a certain one. Events from the past making its way into reality, that will to continue on feverishly igniting. That fiend closing in, striking down at her. That young woman evading to her right, witnessing the assault connecting to the ground. Those eyes of the maiden fixating on an opportunity, that smallest of chances, everything riding on that opening.

“I see now...when it attacks, it does not defend itself...which means the only way to protect itself would be to clash directly with its weapon...” her eyes expressing much confidence.

That moment coming at hand, her vision locking onto her opportunity. Drawing her revolver with her left hand, dashing away from her enemy. That young woman directing her gun at the reaper, repeatedly firing it. Negative energy rushing through, that fiend evading around her attacks, quickly approaching her. That speed of the monster increasing, moving with illusions, those eyes witnessing its moment. The Tower of Time, a place containing the unspeakable. Sorrow ever so far, a nightmare inside of reality. Memories of the past, answers residing inside of it.

“Fool...” she states a bit more intimidatingly.

That fiend appearing right in front of the maiden, striking down with its scythe. Feeling the intensity of its malevolence crushing down on her, that young woman instantly revealing the blade of her gauntlet. Rushing forward, connecting it into the wrist of the reaper, severing its hand. A loud screech escaping it, that scythe falling to the ground. Those eyes locking onto her moment, extending her sword, lunging at her foe. That young woman connecting three strikes, a fourth launching the monster high into the air. Staking her blade into the ground, drawing both of her revolvers.

Those eyes connecting to her target ever so high, that devil rapidly firing. Malevolence crushing at the foe, tearing away at its body. Expanding her arms, turning away, one revolver above, the other below. Closing her eyes, connecting the two ends of her guns. An ancient crimson pentagram appearing around the monster in an instant, compressing the energy, violently exploding. Her vision slowly opening, that maiden lowering her arms, glancing back. Pieces of the reaper falling to the ground, burning away into azure flames. That devil placing away her firearms, her eyes evermore calm.

“Farewell...” she calmly speaks, running her hand through her hair.

Turning towards her sword, a light brightly shining. That young woman looking in the direction, a rainbow gate reaching from afar. A madness coming to its end, no matter so, questions weighing on her mind. Those events of the past, a deity once filling with joy, falling into such a state. A separation between two, those times of joy becoming no more than a memory. Emotions riding in the endless void, this gripping pain inside of her heart. Familiar it is, that maiden fearing the revelation to come. A heart in bondage, a soul shackling down to the land. Even if it is evermore distressing, these answers must reach her awareness. Those discrepancies inside of her memories, these unsettling feelings. Raising her hand to her sword, gripping the handle of it. That maiden extending it afar, placing away the weapon.

These memories, this pain inside of me. Discrepancies of the past, this sorrow, regret...whose is it...? Valor, I am aware you are waiting for me at the peak of this tower, I will be requiring know why...

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