Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 6: Clash with the Reaper of Souls, Grimm!(Bonus Scene)

Emotions inside of the past, two drifting apart. Companions evermore close, a night of regret. Hearts in bondage, souls shackling down. A bond desperately holding on, no matter so, those events coming to an end. Times of joy existing in those distant days, pain indescribable. On the summit of the Tower of Time, Valor standing at the center, those azure eyes distantly gazing up into the dark cloudy sky. Dread growing inside of his vision, extending his hand, a drop of water hitting against his palm. Cold it is upon him, but ever so slightly. His eyes trailing to his hand, rain drizzling, hitting against his body. That flow becoming faster, pouring down from high above.

One making her way past those angels, entering into the Tower of Time. That young woman enduring memories of the past, pain engraving upon her soul. Feelings of distant days, agony gripping at the heart. A faint smile expressing from Valor, that one from below surpassing another trial. That one rising to the challenges at hand, a resolve feverishly burning. Sorrow ever so deep inside of him, that deity slightly looking down, his hands falling to his side. Despair clawing away at him, desperately thinking of a solution.

Days so long ago, wonderful they have been. That smile existing in those times, warmth around each other. Two of differing worlds meeting inside of the past, one from the highest of heavens, the other walking the earth. Years upon years of friendship, a bond growing even stronger. Emotions developing, words never leaving the other. A rift forming, two walking away from one another. Powerlessness gripping at him, those eyes reaching for him, yet his actions remaining in place. One falling to the land, the other soaring, flying further away.

Hey...Cyra...that night we parted, you knew such a time will come, I guess I knew as well. Still, I wanted to believe that those times could have lasted forever. If I had another chance, could it last forever? If I had done things differently...?

Companions in awareness of the truth, those times drawing closer towards an end. No matter so, that devil patiently waiting. Disappointment in those eyes, a deity constantly retreating back into his shell. Emotions at an unrest, words never reaching the other. That breeze hitting a bit hard against Valor, the deity thinking back to the night of her losing her life. Once again unable to do anything, his old friend slipping away by the moment. Even so, for the first time in a long time, her smile being sincere. Confusing this is still upon him, wishing to know why. Even if it has been for a second, those two sharing one last moment. Hanging his head low, regret extending from his vision. Many chances of the past, that one never being able to meet her halfway. Those inactions leading to separation, that bond desperately trying to maintain.

Those years feeling evermore distant, her smile going away, replacing with one of fabrication. That deity feeling Maria approaching by the moment, memories confusing that young woman, a deity possessing those answers. Hesitance taking hold of him, conflicting emotions clashing inside of him. A heart yearning for those days of the past, a soul desiring to soar once more. Even so, selfish this is. Information no doubt of importance, but also harmful. No matter so, that maiden willing to face the truth of it all. Despair may consume her, she may fall into the depths of despair, but that is okay. That one never shying away, rising to the challenge at hand. Turning his attention to his hands, witnessing them shaking before him. Those eyes of his trembling, Valor closing his eyes, slowly inhaling and exhaling.

Cyra...what I wouldn’t give to see your smile just once more. I know I do not deserve such, after all...I couldn’t even act when you were clearly suffering. Still, at least this least this much I can do.

Days of bliss, two old friends traveling through the worlds. Her smile evermore bright, that god following behind the demon. Even through the harshest of conflicts, both supporting one another. Close their bond has been, feelings ever so deep. Hearts free to embrace the wind, souls soaring far and wide together. That deity lowering his hands, hearing footsteps approaching from a distance. Valor looking away, well in awareness of the person. That rain ever so cold against him, that resolve from so long ago reaching into reality.

“’ve finally arrived...”

That deity facing in the direction of the young woman, their vision resting upon one another. Wind blowing hard against them, emotions at a high. That maiden slightly looking away, dread gripping at her heart. Indescribable feelings deep inside of her, questions weighing on her mind. Those eyes meeting with his own, stern they are upon him. Uncertainty within her, that rage lessening. Those memories, emotions so long ago. Aching inside of her chest, that anguish turning into a familiar warmth. Feelings in times of the past, answers slowly coming into actuality.

One who knows the deepest of despair, to be given an ill hand. Even will continue opposing. Those days…I could not move. Old friend...I am here, and I won’t cower this time...

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