Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 7: Those Who Must Sin(Part 1)

The maiden looking to the dark cloudy sky, watching as the rain pours down onto the battlefield. Valor looking away, giving her a moment, knowing all too well of what she endured on the way to the top. The maiden slowly Inhaling and exhaling, her eyes towards him. Valor turning his attention in her direction, their eyes meeting with the other. From deep within him, trouble protruding to the surface, expressing from his very gaze.

“You certainly know how to invite a girl to a party,” she places her hand upon her waist.

Those words she speaks causing a faint smile to come to his face. She may not very well remember, but certainly her personality is intact.

“Well what can I say? I have never been good with reunions,” he turns from her as he shrugs.

The maiden looking to the sky once more, a faint smile coming to her face. Maria shaking her head slowly from left to right. It is strange really, to have such familiar emotions. Still, those emotions may be nothing but a hindrance. After all, the person from back then, and the person now are two different beings it appears.

“Next time, at least consider a roof,” she folds her arms.

“Haha, will do,” he laughs.

How long it has been, to simply have a normal conversation. The god facing the maiden, soon sitting down upon the ground. Maria looking towards him, lowering her hands to her side. The maiden taking a moment to look upon him, observing his unusual behavior. Valor moving his hand over the ground from left to right. From the deepest shadows, a chessboard appearing. Maria looking towards the game in confusion, wondering what he can possibly be planning now. The deity turning his attention towards her, motioning his arm over as he brightly smiles.

“Come, join me for a game,” he urges.

“I am here to put an end to the past, not to play a game,” she places her hand upon her waist.

“I am aware, but it won’t hurt for one game,” he smiles at her.

The maiden looking upon him for a moment, conflicting emotions clashing deep inside of her. The memories that revealed themselves earlier, and the image of him now, they appear to have a connection. Still, she can only wonder why he will betray the trust of her mother. It makes little sense, though for now she will give him the benefit of the doubt.


The maiden walking over to the chessboard, taking a seat across from him. Maria looking at him, seeing as he focuses his attention down on the game, a faint smile upon his face. Her stern expression lightening, Maria looking away from him.

“You came here for answers,” Valor moving a pawn piece forward.

The maiden calmly looking towards him, the god setting his vision upon her. Their eyes connecting to the other. There are still many questions, and not enough answers. The dread she is feeling deep within her, the memories of another person, there are so many questions, questions in which plagues her mind.

“You never showed your face for a thousand years. Obviously, I have many questions,” she moves a pawn piece herself one space forward.

Valor knowing that such a time will have come one day or another. The time in which she will reach out, searching for answers long hiding away within her past. Even though doubt is lingering deep within him, he will continue on, being that friend that lurks in the shadows.

“I see...that is only normal,” he moves a knight piece as his next action.

“Down this hell of a place...those memories were not my own,” she mimics his move.

Valor slightly grinning, a bit of sorrow coming to his eyes. The deity hanging his head low, Maria looking in his direction. Why does he feel sorrow? Hard to say, she is unable to understand the complexity of the god before her.

“You seriously do not you?” his voice expressing sorrow.

The maiden slightly propping her head, her eyes are upon him in confusion. Remember what exactly? Does it have to do with the Tower of Time itself? Deep within, Maria wondering of such, and perhaps lingering at the depths of her very soul is a fear long locked away.

“What do you mean?” uneasiness rising within her.

“You have to remember...what actually happened that night...” he slightly looks away.


Memories long lost to time, a night in which sorrow reigns. Words that have never been spoken, emotions eternally clashing. The maiden watching as he stands from the ground. Valor looking upon her, his expression becoming more serious.

Her eyes slightly widening, the maiden rising to her feet, seeing as he grips the hilt of his katana. Deep within the eyes of the god, sorrow clearly revealing. His hand hesitating, trembling even. Even though every part of himself is screaming not to raise his weapon against her, he knows that he must. In order to unlock the memories of the past, he must force her to remember.

“If you cannot remember...then these angels will surely end your life. If you cannot remember who you truly are...then all hope is lost. In such a might be better to kill you myself, and release you from the pain you have endured all of these years,” he slightly looks away.

“Kill me huh. Just like you killed my mother and father?” she questions, standing up.

“Is that what you truly believe...?” he questions, looking away from her.

“I saw your blade coated in blood. You were holding my mother. My father was dead beside her as well. There was no one else there. I just do not someone can go from a compassionate, happy-go-lucky a murderer...” she glares menacingly at him

“Is this your decision?” he slowly unsheathes his blade.

Feeling the cold breeze hitting against him, the rain never seeming to end. A confrontation that has taken a thousand years to finally meet. Even though their power may be vastly different, even if the memories does not add up, she will continue onward. To bury the past, and finally move on.

“It is...everything will end here. My past eternally buried upon your demise,” she confidently speaks.

Valor looking upon her, seeing those cold yet confident eyes. All of which becoming a reality because of his own inability. Doubt lingering deep inside of him, sorrow rising to the surface. The deity knowing well that it is time for him to face up to his own errors, and finally take responsibility for the events so many years ago.

“Very well...I probably deserve it if I do perish...sorry...” his eyes expressing regret.

“Why is his posture different...? I cannot understand if he is remorseful or plain mental...” she wonders.

As a raindrop falls to the line of sight, Valor strikes at the maiden with his blade. Maria meeting his attack in kind within that instant. Their weapons clashing against the other, causing a shockwave to tear through the surrounding area. Maria looking into his eyes. Perhaps the anger she feels has lessen, but still, the two conflicting times striking deep within her. Emotions clashing, events unfolding, none of which are making any sense in the least to her.

“What did my mother ever do to you? What did my father ever do to you as well?” she questions, her voice slightly raising.

“Your mother and father meant a lot to me. Though...if there is one thing I do’s what happened the night I lost her for good...” he slightly looks away.

“Lost her for good?” she pulls away, and he does the same.

“Heh, tell me, how much do you really remember about your childhood?” he confidently looks into her eyes.

Those words he speaks leaving her at a bit of a loss. The childhood she remembers, what can he possibly mean? Clearly there are some discrepancies, and certainly she must clear up those events. Still, the events that unfolds are much different than she can ever expect, contradicting what she knows.

The maiden watching as he takes a step back, dashing away from her. Maria revealing her revolver within her offhand in that instant. Taking aim, and firing at him. The deity revealing his katana, aiming it down to the ground, wildly spinning it, sweeping up the bullets in a circular motioning.

Valor looking towards her, redirecting the assault right back at her, creating a trail of ice that freezes a path towards the maiden. The assault approaching at twice the initial force. Maria looking on, seeing the surrounding area freezing over, her own assault coming right back at her. The maiden immediately sweeping her blade in an uppercut, creating a massive shockwave. The impact of her retaliation shattering the wave of ice, damaging the surrounding area. Small rubbles flying into the air, passing her line of sight. The devil glaring at the god across the field from her.

“You have gotten much stronger in such a short amount of time. I should not have expected anything less. You were always a prodigy...” he faintly smiles at her.

A prodigy? Everything from the very beginning has been making little to no sense. Ever since entering the Tower of Time, she has been feeling a sense of familiarity. As if the events long locked away are finally making its way to the surface. Still, those emotions she feels, those visions from earlier, they do not belong to her, so why does it feel that way?

“You speak as if you know me, but is that really the case?” she balances her blade upon her shoulder.

“I know you used to always adore playing that flute,” he turns from her, looking up into the dark cloudy sky.

Her eyes slightly widening, wondering of how he can possibly know of such a thing. Those events that he should have no knowledge of. Who is he really? How can he know of this? The revelation of these events causing uneasiness to build within her. Are gods able to see into one’s life and use such as a means of manipulation? What else does she not know?

“You...weren’t there...! How would you know?!” she demands.

“Your memories...mixed with that of another...the end result...your very spirit being broken,” he faces the maiden, looking directly into her eyes.

“My spirit? What the hell are you saying?!” she yells.

“A daughter who wanders into the forbidden Tower of Time. A mother’s spirit that desperately tries to save her daughter...” he hangs his head low.


Holding the side of her head, feeling a deep pain striking at her. Familiar emotions overflowing within her. From the depths of herself, fear quickly building. Though, fear of what exactly? What can she possibly be afraid of facing? Her past? The maiden slowly stepping away, trying to make sense of the situation at hand.

“You’’re lying...!” she shakes her head in refusal.

Fear beginning to show to the surface. The deity taking a step towards her, pushing onward. If there is any chance to reclaim what has been lost, he knows he must push her to the brink of despair. Only then will she have a chance of returning. It is a risk, but this is the best way he can think of to repent the wrongs he has done.

“What do you truly remember about your past?” he gently questions.

Maria looking towards her blade, seeing her hand trembling. Pain clearly expressing from her eyes. Fear from deep inside, inconsistent memories. Those sorrowful events deep in the reaches of time.

Fear? What can I be afraid of...? All of this...these emotions...these memories...

Maria shaking her head, refusing to believe the god. The deity looking towards her with sorrowful eyes, the maiden glaring into his own. Valor trying ever so desperately to bring back a certain someone.

“You are simply trying to confuse me!” she angrily speaks.

“Try and remember!” he pleads, dashing towards her.

The god stepping towards his right, clashing against her blade. His sorrowful eyes meeting her painful own. Someone who will eternally reach, trying to take hold of the hand sinking deep into the endless abyss.

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