Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 7: Those Who Must Sin(Part 2)

Valor knowing deep down that if there is any chance of bringing her back, that he will have to push even harder. It may be a risk, but there is certainly a chance for her to return, the deity owing her this much in the least. That night, remembering the dread in her eyes upon their parting. That event haunting him even now. The two mighty beings striking at each other as the rain pours down even harder. The exerting shockwaves shredding the drops of rain before it even hits the ground.

Maria moving to her side as Valor horizontally strikes. The maiden blocking the assault within that instant. Their weapons adjusting to the force of the other. Both pressing against the other, looking into the other’s eyes. One of hatred, and the other of hope. Breaking away from him, Maria revealing the blade of her gauntlet. The deity immediately taking caution, from the earlier days, he has always known she has a wide range of expertise with weaponry. Maria bringing the blade close to her face, the image reflecting the head of the god.

Dashing towards Valor, the deity meeting her in kind. Their weapons repeatedly clashing throughout the area. Valor knowing that if there is any chance of getting through to her, that he will have to get her to calm down. The god slightly moving his head, barely evading a fatal stab to his skull. Valor looking into her eyes, seeing that she has no intention of holding anything back. As much as it is paining him deep down, he knows well that his old friend will want him to go all out, to free her from such a pitiful existence.

Gripping his blade, assaulting the maiden with lightning fast attacks in an instant. The impact devastating her, shattering the blade of her gauntlet as he appears behind her. Valor immediately plunging his blade into the ground as he kneels. An icy mist shrouding the entire field, slowly freezing it over. The maiden looking on as the mist thickens, freezing her completely. A glacier of ice extending high into the sky.

Valor standing with sorrowful eyes, sheathing his blade. The glacier shattering, and the maiden falling to her knee. The eyes of the god slightly widening. Turning towards her, seeing a pure white energy burning from her body. Valor taking notice of that energy, seeing the maiden rising to her feet.

“Please...just listen...” Valor depressingly pleads.

“There is nothing left to be said...” she extends her blade, glancing back to him.

Those cold yet confident eyes. The deity hanging his head low, uncertain on what else to do. If there is any chance, he must push further, but deep down, the god fearing of the end result. However, the god knowing that a certain someone will want him to go through with such. No matter how painful it may be, he must continue on. Maria turning towards him, seeing Valor slowly unsheathing his katana. Time seeming to slow for one final collision. Valor noticing the shift in her eyes. Maria immediately lunging at him, aiming for his heart.

“Forgive me...” Valor depressingly thinks.

As her blade approaches his heart, fate will have it that his own connects with her own first. The eyes of the maiden slightly widening, Maria devastatingly looking down, seeing his blade through her chest.

“You refuse to acknowledge who you are...who you failed to save,” he hangs his head low.


Maria looking towards him, the deity gazing into her eyes. Sorrow clearly expressing from the god. This is the final stretch, he knows that if she does not awaken now, that she will be eternally lost. So once again he will put his full faith in her.

“I do not wish to see you in anymore pain. You have fought long enough...if you cannot even remember who you are, then this is a worthless existence. You are merely a hollow shell of the woman you once were,” he speaks with pitiable eyes upon her.

Who I once was...? What does he mean...?

“Remember who you are...”

Hanging her head low, her vision blurring by the second. Emotions clashing deep within her, events slowly unfolding. Her soul screaming out from the depths of her. Fighting against those harsh tides trying to drown her ever so deep.

—The Past Revisited—

—1000 Years Ago—

—Tower of Time—

Maria standing there, looking on in devastation, seeing her mother within the arms of Valor. The child slowly stepping away. The deity gently resting her mother down onto the ground. The god standing from the ground, seeing the child running deeper into the Tower of Time.

“Maria! Maria wait!” Valor calling out, chasing after her.

Maria passing through a portal, soon finding herself standing in front of the Dark Knight. The fiend in which towers over the small child. Malevolence burning from the monster suffering such torment.


Valor entering the area, the deity standing there in devastation. His eyes resting upon the child, seeing her laying in a pool of her own blood. The god falling to his knees, holding his head in deep frustration. Valor screaming at the top of his lungs, his head rising high.

The Dark Knight standing from a distance, looking back to the god. The fiend turning towards him, extending its blade of darkness. The deity looking ahead to the Dark Knight, hate clearly expressing from his eyes. In that moment, pure dark energy beginning to manifest in front of Valor. The deity looking on, seeing it taking form.


His old friend warmly smiling at him. Valor looking on, sorrow expressing deep in his eyes. Cyra facing the Dark Knight, extending her hand. From the depths of the darkness Lævateinn taking form. The devil taking hold of her weapon.

“For the lives you have wronged. You do not invite a simple death. Total annihilation is your punishment,” her voice cold upon her enemy.

Valor rising to his feet, watching as Cyra walks towards her enemy. The deity standing there, looking down, feeling anguish deep inside of him. The Dark Knight raising its blade, negative energy spiraling around the enemy. The dark force building within its weapon. The fiend soon unleashing a wave of malevolence upon Cyra.

Her senses heightening in that moment, the spirit riding the wave of the energy, destroying it along the way towards her. Particles of negative energy lingering around the room. The maiden materializing before her enemy, proudly standing with her blade piercing through the chest of the Dark Knight.

The monster looking into her cold, unforgiving eyes, feeling her assault tearing away at it bit by bit. The pain becoming excruciating, and its screams filling the endless void. Cyra adjusting the grip on her weapon, immediately slicing the knight in half. The negative energy concentrating around her enemy, and a violent explosion ripping through the area.

The devil turning, looking in the direction of her old friend. Valor walking towards her, tears building within his eyes. The devil warmly smiling at him. Valor soon standing before her, his head hanging low.

“C—Cyra...I—I’m so sorry...” he apologizes.

The deity feeling her hand upon his cheek, his eyes meeting with her own. Valor moving his hand over her own, looking at her with agony deep in his gaze.

“There will always come a time in every life where sorrow fills the night. Do not not lament. I want you to remain just the way I knew you. Those many years ago...where our time was most happy together,” she softly speaks.

Those many years ago, where the land and sky can meet. Where there are no boundaries, only the limitless adventure. Where those words eternally remain in limbo, but also where the lament stems from. Those times of happiness that has been a dream in which neither wishes to awaken from. Still, reality sets in at some point.

“C—Cyra...I...I’m sorry. If I wasn’t so spineless...things may have gone differently that night...” he slightly looks away.

The deity falling to his knees, holding her hand in his own. Valor looking up into her eyes. The devil knowing well of what he is about to suggest.

“Maybe...maybe I can bring you back,” he desperately speaks.

“No,” she responds in more of a serious tone.

Confusion is deep within the god, wondering why she refuses such. The deity can only look upon her, hoping for an answer. Sorrow protruding from his eyes, hoping that things can return to how it once has been.

“My time is now gone. Everyone has their time in this world. Some may be longer, some may be shorter,” she softly explains.


The devil kneeling to him, their eyes meeting once again. More dread expressing from the eyes of the god. Cyra warmly smiling at her old friend, embracing him.


His arms slowly wrapping around her. The heart of the deity quivering, trying to keep himself together. Holding her a bit tightly, simply hoping that this is a nightmare and nothing more.

“I know...perhaps one day...we may very well be able to say what we truly meant that night, but now is not the time. It could be a thousand years...but perhaps one day we will meet again. When that time comes...promise me...promise me things will go differently...” some sorrow extending from her voice.

“I—I promise...” he slightly looks down.

“Thank you...”

The devil moving to arms length, soon placing a gentle hand upon his head. Perhaps like a child he is. Always returning to his shell when afraid. The devil often finding herself taking on an extra responsibility. Even so, at one point or another, the deity will have to say farewell to her.

“Always remain the way I knew you. That lovable, reckless goofball with a compassionate heart,” she smiles brightly at him.

“O—okay...I will...”

“Good...then I can do this with ease...”


Valor looking on, seeing Cyra standing from the ground. The devil turning towards the lifeless body of her daughter. Valor rising to his feet, uncertain on what she is thinking to do.

“My daughter still has many more years to live. This is not her time,” Cyra holding her hand to her chest.

“Cyra...! You can’t be thinking to...!” he takes a step towards her in shock.

“I am still a mother, and a good mother always tries and ensures the lives of their children,” she glances back to him.


The deity can only watch, seeing his old friend approaching the body of her daughter. Looking on, witnessing her kneeling to the child. Cyra placing a gentle hand upon the head of her daughter.

“You still have many more years ahead of you, Maria...” she faintly smiles.

The dark energy burning from Cyra’s body, slowly turning into a pure white light. Valor’s eyes slightly widening. Feeling fear building from the pit of his stomach. If there is any chance, if there is anyway, he will try and find it.

“C—Cyra!” Valor calling out, running to her.

The deity approaching, seeing Cyra’s spirit fading away. His old friend looking back at him, the deity running faster. Cyra brightly smiling at him. Valor shaking his head in refusal, extending his hand to her. Reaching forward, desperately trying to grab onto his old friend. However, her spirit completely vanishing right before reaching her.

His eyes trembling, his hand shaking. Yet again he fails. The god looking down, seeing her daughter quietly resting now. Valor hanging his head low, soon letting out a tearful sigh. The deity kneeling to the young demon, checking her pulse. Valor growing silent, feeling that pulse. Knowing all too well of what she has really done. In a desperate attempt to save her own child, a ritual of equivalence must be complete.


A tear falling from his eye, hitting the ground.

“Cyra...of course this is like I really this useless...? Dammit! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!!” he yells, punching the ground beside him.

The tiles around them cracking from the intense force. Dread extending from him. The heart aching. Tears overflowing from him.

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