Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 7: Those Who Must Sin(Bonus(Pt 1))

In the depths of the darkness, Cyra floating in an endless space. Time seeming to be endless, feeling as if it is trapping her in place. Her senses unable to lock onto her location. Everything so vague around her.

It is so very dark...

The maiden continuing to float there, her eyes unable to open. Wondering if that is what death is. To simply be in an endless loop. Is that all to it? Is this where her daughter is living out all of eternity? No, there must be more to it. However, she wonders if it is due to her very fear that she refuses to awaken. If her eyes open, then that certainly means another eternity of sorrow.

Perhaps death is my salvation...

A life of misfortune, an endless conflict with desires never reaching fulfillment. Those many years ago lingering eternally inside of her. That night in which she wishes to be no more than a long nightmare. Though, deep down she knows that it is indeed a reality, and no sort of wishing can change such.


Hearing a voice calling out to her. Uncertain on who is trying to communicate with her. Hearing their voice whispering into her ear, telling her to awaken. The maiden wondering on who it is, and why they are trying to do so.

I know you are afraid, but this is not your time. There is still much more to do...

“Much more to do...? Why can you not let me rest...?” Cyra depressingly thinks.

The voice continuing to call out to her, becoming louder and louder with each passing moment. The maidens expression tensing, her eyes slowly beginning to open. Light soon taking to her eyes, but not much. Cyra finding herself in an unknown place in the depths of the night.

The maiden sitting up, looking around her area, seeing a mouldy walkway. Standing from the ground, Cyra looking around her surroundings. Grass decaying all around, and the stench of death high in the air. The maiden noticing tombstones in every direction, immediately realizing that it is a cemetery.

Holding the back of her head, trying to make sense of the situation at hand. It soon dawns on her that she lost her battle with Valor, remembering her blade piercing through her chest. The maiden looking down, Lævateinn is not within her chest. Cyra looking around, the weapon being nowhere in sight. Looking to her wrist, seeing her gauntlet is of no use as well. The weapon suffering destruction during the battle with the supreme god.

Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, certainly with no weapons on hand, if an enemy shows, things can be dire. For now she will have to take caution to the surrounding area. The maiden lowering her hands to her side, soon walking onward. If there is any hope of finding a way out of the realm of the dead, she will have to start searching.

Cyra walking up a short stairway, finding herself on a higher plain. The maiden walking onward, looking upon the tombstone. Her expression of confusion, seeing no words. What a strange thing this is. Cyra looking away from it, positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

“Something is strange here...why is it blank...? Maybe it is just this one...” uneasiness coming over her.

The maiden turning from the tombstone, heading back down the stairway. Cyra standing at the end, looking around the area. The maiden soon noticing a tombstone emitting a bright light from a distance. Certainly this is not a good sign, but given her situation, it can be a lot worse. For now, that tombstone is her best chance of finding any clues for leaving the realm of the dead.

The maiden walking in the direction of the shining light. The wind growing colder as she approaches. Cyra feeling the malevolence thickening all around her. Making her way to the worn stairway, the maiden stopping for a moment. Looking ahead to the shining tombstone, experiencing a powerful force grabbing away at her.

What is this malevolence...? It is staggering...can I really handle this...? There seems to be no other alternatives, and I am long out of options. If an enemy does emerge, hopefully I can combat it...

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