Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 7: Those Who Must Sin(Bonus(Pt 4))

Her mother looking on, watching the maiden walking onward. The gentle breeze blowing as she moves further and further away. One who embraces corruption, to grasp the chance of reclaiming such a time once again. The maiden moving onward, her eyes brimming with confidence. A fire set ablaze once again, burning away from deep inside.

Just how far must I sink into the pits of despair? Not even I know. Am I really willing to become the Bringer of Demise? I suppose I will have to continue walking down this endless path to see...

The maiden soon standing in front of the gate to the Graveyard Realm. Cyra remaining there, looking past the gateway. The maiden looking away, feeling dread building deep within her. Here she has a chance to finally rest, to push everything aside, and simply move on. The nightmares can finally end, the sorrow can finally end, yet something is pushing her onward. To return back to the world of the living.

Cyra slightly looking down, holding her hand to her chest. The maiden closing her eyes, slowly inhaling and exhaling. The devil looking back to the tree, that memory standing like she always remembers it. A faint smile coming to her face, the maiden soon looking ahead to the gate.

Perhaps just a bit longer...

Extending her hands forward, Cyra pushing open the gate. Even if there is the slightest of chance, where the heavens and the land can meet, such a time is one she has longed for, ever since that fateful parting. Cyra walking through the gate, finding herself in the decaying graveyard once again. The grass deteriorating by the moment, the trees slowly losing their life or what is remaining of it that is.

The air feeling thick, almost unbearable really. The maiden looking up into the velvet moon, certainly this is her version of death after all. That moon in which brings back so many memories. Cyra slowly looking around, soon seeing the tombstone shining a brilliant white light. Certainly it is the mysterious devil from before.

The maiden drawing Lævateinn, looking upon the weapon, watching the malevolence burning from it, slowly dissipating into the air. Cyra hearing the crying of the weapon. The devil placing away the sword, looking ahead to the shining tombstone. Certainly Lævateinn is trying to warn her of the enemy.

To fall deeper into reach the brink of despair, all for the chance to grasp that life once again...there is no going back, such a chance has been lost long ago...

Cyra walking onward, making her way deeper and deeper into the graveyard. Each step she makes, a bit of herself she pushes out. To be able to reach such a time again, one must be selfish, and that is the first of many steps to take. The maiden soon finding herself standing at the stairway, feeling the warmth of light hitting against her. Despite the malevolence she is feeling exerting from it, she can also feel a sense of tranquility.

This is the first of many trials...Gluttony...I must devour...and continue to devour. To return to such a time once again, where our two worlds can finally meet again, this I must accept of myself...

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