Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 7: Those Who Must Sin(Bonus(Pt 5))

Cyra ascending the stairway, feeling the malevolence intensifying all around her. The wind growing colder, the maiden feeling a negative force grabbing at her. The land beginning to violently shake. The devil standing still, looking around the area, a grin of unease coming to her face. The maiden seeing the negative energy spiraling high above. Cyra soon looking ahead to the shining tombstone. The land in front of her slowly parting. The maiden seeing a massive, shadowy claw of a dragon extending from below.

“Here it comes again...”

Cyra watching the fiend slowly pulling itself up onto the land. Gazing into those blood red eyes, seeing those sharp fangs. Watching the darkness thickening around it. The fiend black as the night itself. Cyra glancing back to Lævateinn as the fiend rises to the ground. The maiden feeling the negative energy of her weapon clashing against that of Gluttony.

Cyra gripping the handle of her blade, looking towards the monster. A cold sweat running down the side of her face. Feeling the intense pressure crushing down at her. The fiend standing straight, soon raising its claw high. The maiden looking around, seeing the negative energy circulating in every direction. Cyra’s eyes trembling a bit, witnessing the malevolence flowing towards the monster. Watching its claw devouring the darkness all around. Seeing the malevolence growing thicker from it.

“So...this is how far I must fall. So be it then...” she confidently looks upon the fiend.

Gluttony expanding its arms, letting out a terrifying screech. Cyra slightly flinching, taking a step back. Looking towards her, the fiend slightly crouching. The maiden looking on in some uncertainty, seeing it carefully watching her. The fiend dashing forward, immediately vanishing. The maiden feeling its energy all around her. Relying on instincts, Cyra glancing to her right, adjusting her blade in a vertical stance aiming downward. The claw of the fiend colliding into her weapon. The impact hitting heavy against her, the devil flinching once again.

“This thing...just how am I suppose to combat it...?” some doubt expressing from her eyes.

The maiden dashing away without thinking twice about this scenario. The fiend rushing towards her, the surrounding area shrouding in a thick black mist. No doubt the fiend is using the mist as a means to reduce her visibility, increasing the likelihood of its success.

Cyra constantly leaping away as the fiend barrages the ground before her. The land tearing away by the poisonous gases. The maiden landing on the stairway below, looking up above, seeing the fiend diving towards her. Cyra extending her blade, the fiend closing in upon her. The maiden unleashing a devastating uppercut within that moment.

The claw of the fiend colliding into her weapon once again, the surrounding area tearing apart from the exertion of their power. The maiden slowly stepping away, the fiend pushing against her. Cyra tilting her blade downward in that moment, the monster sliding down, falling towards the ground. Cyra seeing her opening, the maiden immediately striking down. Gluttony dashing away, narrowly evading the assault of her weapon. The impact colliding into the ground, ripping away at the walkway. The fiend taking caution to the maiden. Clenching its claws in and out, analyzing the devil.

“It is learning...I do not have much time. If it catches on, then certainly I cannot win...” she glares at it.

The fiend lunging forward, becoming faster and faster by the moment. Cyra moving to her side, looking on as the fiend passes her. Its feet touching the ground. The monster revealing nine black feathery wings in that instant, the maiden looking on, seeing it ascending high into the sky. Black feathers descending to the land below. Gluttony floating high in the sky, directing its right claw at the maiden.

Cyra extending her blade, her eyes daring upon the fiend so high above her. Gluttony descending upon the maiden, both clashing once again. The maiden and the fiend circling each other, clashing with great intensity. Each assault meeting the attack of the next. Shockwaves tearing through the entire area, neither giving an edge.

The devil taking a step back, the claw of the fiend narrowly missing her face. Seeing her chance, the maiden lunging with a stab, the fiend barely evading, flying back, making some distance from the maiden. The eyes of the devil and the fiend meeting once more. Cyra knowing her time is growing short. Every moment she is spending trying to close the gap between her and the enemy will mean even less time for her success. Gluttony is learning fast, and she knows there is not much time remaining to settle this.

Looking on as it closely observes her. The maiden extending her blade, the fiend raising a claw forward. Cyra rushing at the monster, seeing a massive negative pentagram formulating in front of it. The maiden rushing the fiend, striking with an intense uppercut.

The area all around them breaking apart. Cyra looking on with daring eyes, seeing the fiend resisting the assault. Still, the onslaught will not end there. The maiden continuing to strike at the monster, each attack becoming much heavier by the second. The fiend beginning to struggle, feeling its hold on the situation breaking away. With a glimmer shimmering within the eyes of the maiden. Cyra turning, building momentum. The devil thrusting Lævateinn forward, proudly standing upon her side.

The impact shattering the negative pentagram, a dark mist evaporating into the air. The fiend stepping back disorientated. Cyra rushing at the monster. The maiden barraging it from the front, each succession of combos tearing away at the fiend. Her speed increasing by the second, the devil rushing around the target, assaulting it from every direction.

Cyra soon standing in front of the fiend, her back facing it. The maiden glancing back at Gluttony who is unable to move from the paralysis. Cyra looking at it with those cold yet alluring eyes. Instantly impaling the fiend with her weapon. Gluttony loudly screeching, the devil raising it high into the air. Lævateinn emitting an intense negative energy. The malevolence surrounding the maiden as well as her enemy. Cyra looking on, her eyes revealing some sorrow.

Is this really how far I am willing to go...? Perhaps it is, and that is fine...I must devour my enemies. In order to grasp such hope, then even if I must become corruption itself, then I shall...

The fiend continuing to scream as Lævateinn devours it. The screaming appearing to go on and on, the maiden merely looking on. Soon enough, the screaming ceases, and the fiend becoming a ball of negative energy. Cyra lowering her weapon, the ball of malevolence floating down to her.

The maiden extending her hand, the energy of darkness landing within her palm. Cyra taking a moment, looking upon it, feeling the malevolence from deep within it. For a moment she hesitates, knowing all too well that there is no going back. Though, her hesitance soon fades. The devil holding the negative energy ball to her chest. Cyra looking on, seeing it fading away into her body. Lævateinn crying out, its own malevolence emitting, spiraling around the maiden. Cyra lowering her hand to her side, looking up into the velvet moon.

This is one of many trials, one who devours, embracing their selfishness. That is the path I have that these desires of mine will be realized...

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