Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 7: Those Who Must Sin(Bonus(Conclusion))

The maiden looking ahead to the walkway, seeing the damage of the battle. Closing her eyes, feeling lost in her own endless thoughts. The devil slowly inhaling and exhaling, her eyes slowly opening. Walking onward, Cyra knowing all too well that there is no going back, that there is only one path remaining. To continue to dive further into despair. Wondering deep inside if such a thing is really worth it.

Has she not lived long enough? Why does she continue on? Hard to say really, even in death there is no peace. To carry on, to reach out, and grab hold of the future one desires. To embrace corruption, to embrace those selfish desires. Walking down an endless path, an abyss of loneliness, but still, even in the deepest of shadows, there is always a light. It is hard to say exactly how long such a path may take. Even if it is an eternity, she will continue onward, simply to have one more chance.

Cyra finding herself at a crossroad, looking down the path to her left. The maiden suspiciously looking on, seeing a massive gate that is slightly open. Feeling malice escaping from the gate. As it is standing now, the devil figuring it will be foolish to confront whatever threat may be behind the gate.

Turning away from the forbidden gate, looking ahead to the other gate leading to her fondest memory. The maiden walking down the pathway. A faint smile coming to her face. Even if she is experiencing much sorrow, knowing that there is at least a chance is more than enough for her. The devil soon standing before the gateway, pushing it open. That warm light grabbing at her. Cyra embracing the blissful feeling, entering through the gate. Heading towards that pleasurable time.

Cyra standing in the grassy plain, seeing her mother standing at the base of the tree. The mother looking in her daughter’s direction, faintly smiling at the devil. The maiden walking through the grassy plains, feeling the gentle breeze hitting against her. Even if it is but a somber morrow, even if the chances are minuscule, it certainly does not mean it is pointless.

Some hope is always better than none, and for many years she holds onto such hope. Believing that one day heaven and earth will finally meet again. Where those times can meet with smiles rather than sorrow. Cyra standing in front of her mother. Both faintly smiling towards the other. How long it has been, since she can ever spend any time with her mother. Those many years ago, wondering of where she is. When the whole time she has been looking over the maiden.

“I was a bit worried, but I guess I should not have been. You have always been a tough comer,” she softly speaks.

Cyra slightly looking away, now that she has some time, she wonders on what to even say. It has been many years since she has last seen her mother. The many questions she has, those many answers she desires. The maiden looking towards her mother, placing her hand upon her waist.

“Why did you disappear so many years ago...?” Cyra looking towards the woman with sorrowful eyes.

Her mother looking away, feeling dread deep within her, knowing all too well of the pain she causes the maiden. Those many years ago, wondering what have become of her mother. It must have truly been a difficult time.

“The time is not right yet...” she depressingly speaks.

“Not right? I am at least owed this much mother...” she takes a step forward.

The mother looking at her daughter, knowing all too well that the maiden is deserving of an explanation. However, the woman reluctantly nodding in refusal. The time is not right, not now either way. Though, perhaps well in the future the maiden can know. Cyra’s eyes slightly widening, grief clearly expressing from her eyes. The maiden looking away, her head hanging low.

“In time you will know,” she softly assures Cyra.

The breeze beginning to blow harder. Cyra looking around, feeling the intensity of the wind. Noticing the area around her is growing brighter by the moment. Looking towards her mother, seeing a warm smile coming from her. Cyra knowing all too well that she is awakening, and that there are still many questions lingering deep within her. Much of which desperately wishing to reach the surface.

“I believe it is time for you to return to the world of the living,” her mother softly speaks.

Cyra looking towards her mother, feeling the wind blowing even harder. Reluctance extending from the eyes of the maiden. The surrounding area growing even brighter by the moment.

“I still have many questions, I will return often,” Cyra softly speaks.

“Then I will look forward to your arrival,” her mother firmly holding her hands down, smiling.

Cyra walking past her mother, standing in front of the tree. Her mother looking on, seeing her daughter looking upon the tree. The maiden faintly smiling, soon sitting down, facing the direction of her mother. Bracing back against the tree, the maiden looking upon the woman.

“See you soon, Cyra,” she brightly smiles.

“Likewise, mother...”

Cyra closing her eyes, the wind blowing even harder upon her. The warmth of the light embracing her. Peaceful one can say, but perhaps also sorrowful as well. So many questions deep within. Though, maybe in time such desires deep inside can become a reality.

Hey...Val...? If we had one more chance, I can only wonder what will be done differently. Will things be done differently...? Or will our tragic events repeat? I suppose there is only one way to find out...I must see this path through to the end. Just one more chance...where the heavens and earth can meet once again...

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