Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 8: Awakening(Conclusion)

The maiden looking on, seeing the malice emanating from the monster, watching it thickening by the moment. The beast quickly ascending into the air, taking aim like an arrow. Its vision locking onto the maiden. The beast descending upon her with lightning speed. Cyra immediately dashing away, the monster colliding into the ground, massive parts of the surrounding area flying into the air. The devil touching the ground a few times before finally regaining her balance. Cyra looking on, seeing the beast slowly rising, uneasiness growing within her.

“Never a moments rest it seems,” her voice extending slight annoyance.

The maiden looking, seeing the beast slowly circling her from a distance. It is appearing to be cautious of her, and with good reason at that. However so, the devil can only look on, feeling some resistance coming from the monster.

“This is not here by its own will,” she takes a step back.

The beast circling her, picking up speed with each passing moment, a pure white energy beginning to burn from the body of the maiden. The speed of the monster rapidly increasing, a twister forming high. Cyra extending her blade, watching the beast ascending through the twister, immensely increasing its speed. The leviathan appearing high above, the twister tearing apart the surrounding area. The monster taking aim at her, the malevolence from it thickening by the moment. The beast letting out a menacing roar, creating ripples of shockwaves throughout the area.

Cyra confidently looking on, witnessing the monster descending upon her, revealing its mighty fangs. Her eyes meeting with those of the monster, seeing the torment within it. The leviathan closing in by the moment. The maiden striking at the head of the beast. The two mighty powers colliding into each other. Two mighty beings pushing against the other, neither willing to give in. The pure white aura burning from the devil, intensifying by the moment, her senses heightening.


The leviathan mightily roaring, pushing onward with even greater force. Resisting the immense pressure that the monster before her is exerting, the eyes of the maiden changing. Her senses heightening by the moment, the pure white aura intensifying, causing her eyes to turn into a pure blood red color. Her fangs revealing as well, the pure white energy burning even brighter.


From deep within, an immense power overflowing, causing a devastating force to pour out. A burst of intense malevolence repeatedly striking at the leviathan, pushing back its immense power. A loud screech escaping the beast, the field coating in a thick black fog.

The fog clearing, the maiden standing there, looking at the beast laying on the ground in excruciating pain. Rage filling the eyes of the monster, but also fear. Cyra slowly walking towards the monster, darkness consuming her. The negative energy latching onto her skin, nine black feathery wings emerging from her back.

The maiden standing still for a moment, looking upon the beast who is whimpering. Her skin becoming a thick black metallic coating by the second. The maiden ascending off of the ground, floating just above it. Cyra moving towards the leviathan. The beast trying to make sounds of any sort to get her to leave, but it is appearing its efforts are for naught.

The maiden soon floating before the monster, looking down at it with pitiable eyes. Cyra extending her left hand, the beast looking on, seeing the darkness tearing away at her arm. Malevolence burning away at her very body by the moment. Darkness rapidly spiraling around her arm, morphing it into a massive, shadowy claw of a dragon.

A true manifestation of corruption she is, those eyes of hatred, and wings of darkness. The beast struggling to move, Cyra directing her claw at its head. The leviathan whimpering, crying out a bit. The powerful force of the death angel binding the leviathan to the ground. The maiden landing below.

The monster whimpering louder as she moves her claw towards it. All it can do is look up into those monstrous crimson eyes. The claw of the maiden stopping in front of its head. The malice radiating from the monster beginning to react to her claw, the negative energy beginning to flow out of the leviathan.

The malevolence flowing into the claw, as if it is devouring the corruption. The darkness from the beast slowly fading, and its glimmering silver scales soon returning to the light. The leviathan looking on, seeing the maiden pulling away her claw. The beast looking upon the death angel. The fear within it slowly subsiding, feeling the pressure holding it down is fading away. A pure white energy beginning to burn from the maidens body, the darkness that is consuming her slowly fading away, burning away into the air.

Her skin tone returning to normal, her eyes as well, and her fangs no more. Cyra standing before the beast normally. The leviathan looking upon her, seeing Cyra faintly smiling at it. The maiden kneeling to the leviathan, placing a gentle hand upon its head. The fear within it is now completely gone, the monster calming down. The leviathan letting out a more pleasant sound, seeming grateful to her.

“Be-careful now, others may not be as generous,” she softly speaks.

The beast seeing the maiden stand. The leviathan raising from the ground. Looking on, seeing the devil walking away.

I do not understand this power...this malice...this hatred...a force that devours others. When I extracted the malice from the leviathan...I felt myself growing stronger. This makes me uneasy...afraid even...what if one day I become as mindless as those consumed by malice...? I suppose this is the path I have chosen. Fear will only hinder me, and that may be the very reason I may lose to this power. Until I know more about it, I should not use it carelessly...

The maiden soon ceasing her movements, noticing a chessboard at her feet. Strange really, for one to be out in such a random place. Cyra seeing many pieces knocked over, including one of the King pieces.

“And checkmate,” she faintly smiles.

Valor, thank you...old friend. You were well aware that I would rather die than to live as a puppet. You even took the time to bring me back here. Still, this is now personal. The angels were ordered by the gods to eradicate all demons, so I suppose I will have to stop them first, and then settle the score. Until then, wait for me.

The maiden walking past the chessboard, still faintly smiling. Even if it is but a somber morrow, there is always a way forward. No matter the dread ever so deep inside, it certainly does not mean it is hopeless. There are many questionable occurrences, many answers to gain. Especially on the state of her old friend.

The gods actions are truly unforgivable. Will you truly let the gods commence genocide upon us? If you are still the man I had known, then surely you will not stand for such corruption. Once again, when I find you Valor, I will be demanding answers.

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