Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 8: Awakening(Bonus Scene)

In those earlier days, where the heavens and earth never meets, it has been such a simpler time. Those times where sorrow cannot grip at the heart, and one can live ignorant of the pain deep within. In the beginning where the stars remaining separate, never aligning for that one moment. In such a time, the sky seeming ever more blue, and the nights ever more peaceful. Now those days being no more, and a nightmare forever grabbing at the heart, keeping it in bondage. Far below the heavens on a distant night, a red moon hanging high in the sky, shining down on a massive dark castle.

Around each corner appearing to have a natural barricade against intruders. Resting out in a wide field of flowers, the castle standing strong. Malevolence thickening around the castle, never seeming to lighten even for a second. Standing on the balcony is a man. Hair long and shining silver, eyes a painful red. A devil wearing armor from the thickest of dragon scales. A dark, abysmal color that may very well reflect the sorrow deep inside of him.

Alastor is his name, a demon amongst demons. The devil placing his hands upon the railing of the balcony, hanging his head low. A painful sigh escaping his lips. The hands of the devil clenching the railing in aggravation, soon falling to his knees.

If only...I was stronger...

The devil looking up into the red moon hanging ever so high. His eyes turning to more of anger. Such a moon, always bringing misfortune whenever it arises.


The eyes of devil slightly widening, Alastor looking back to see his young daughter standing by the entrance to the balcony. The girl appearing to be around the age of five. Wearing a night attire, naturally it is time for her to rest, but it is seeming the child has other things on her mind.

“’s awfully late don’t you think...?” he turns towards her as she walks up to him.

The girl looking down with sadness deep in her eyes. Cyra holding her hands to her chest.

“I can’t sleep...when is mommy coming home...?” she depressingly questions.

Alastor slightly looking away, wondering how he can even begin to tell her. The devil letting out a sigh, placing a hand upon her shoulder. Cyra looking into her father’s eyes, clearly seeing sorrow deep within him. No doubt there is something eating away at her father, but what can it be? Hard to say really.

“Your mommy is going away for a long time...” he gently speaks.

“How long...?” she pouts

“Hard to say really...” he looks away.


“Come on, time for you to head to bed.”

Alastor lifting her within his arms, soon standing from the ground. The devil turning, looking up to the velvet moon, Cyra doing the same. A moon in which curses the very night. Bringing sorrow instead of joy. Both feeling the gentle breeze blowing against them. Such nights where happiness once exist being no more. All that is remaining are desires that will never reach its light. Alastor turning away from the sight, Cyra looking towards her father. The girl seeing sorrow deep within his eyes as he walks away.

—Cyra’s Room—

The ceiling extending from end to end with the design of the stars. Along hanging many portraits of areas around the world. The room slightly messy. Some clothes on the ground as well as some dust from end to end. Alastor walking towards the massive sapphire bed, laying her down on it. The child looking on, her father covering her with the blanket. Alastor soon sitting down at her side, looking back at her.

“Listen will have to learn this eventually,” he distantly speaks.

“Learn what...?” she looks towards him curiously.

The devil taking a moment to gather his nerves. Given her age, the demon knowing that this is something she is far too young to even think about, but now is better than later he figures.

“There will come a time in your life where loss is inevitable,” he distantly speaks.


“I mean, you can’t run away from it.”

“Run away from what...?”

Certainly this is much harder than he can expect. After all, she is a child, and there is much she will not understand at her current age. The devil possibly cannot have her making sense of it now. Though, certainly perhaps later on she can do so.

"Sigh, you can’t stop it. This means, that life will throw you challenges, some in which are too much,” he tries to explain.

“You mean like why mommy is gone...?” she depressingly looks away.

“ why mommy is gone...” he looks away.



The child’s expression becoming stern, unable to understand much. Unable to fathom why her mother is gone, and why she will not come back. The girl wishing for her mother to return, so that they can really be a family again.

“Even if life throws you these obstacles, it does not mean you cannot fight against it. Sometimes, selfish desires can be stronger,” he stands from the bed.

The child looking towards her father, his words burning deep into her. Alastor standing there with his head hanging low, and all she can do is simply look on. Her father’s words having some meaning, even if it is hard to understand.

Unlike myself...who was unable to reach out, and take hold of my own desires, you might be different...

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