Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 9: After the Rain(Part 1)

—Heavenly Realm—

Far above the world below, and much past the clouds itself resting the world of the gods and home to the angels. Floating land masses connecting each other by many chains to create a civilization extending far and wide. Much beyond the Gate to Heaven, through the flourishing city. The gods residing within a massive palace. Twin gardens on opposite ends as well as lakes to accompany both sides. A labyrinth appearing, one making for more of a decoration than anything else.


Up in the throne room, gathering all around are the gods themselves. Sitting on the throne is Odin. The deity calmly looking upon his followers. Some unrest appearing to be amongst them. Freya a goddess who will follow The Godfather to wherever he leads. The deity floating at his side, running her hand through her long golden hair. Those eyes reflecting the earth looking upon her companions.

“This is most peculiar, why did Valor leave?” Chronos folding his arms, slightly looking down.

Confusion lingering among the gods, wondering where Valor may be. Certainly his actions have always been most questionable, but this time it is different. The gods conversing with each other, trying to come to a conclusion.

“He seemed in a rather ill mood,” Freya slightly looking away.

Her voice seeming to express some sympathy. Despite the problem he may have been, she cannot help but to feel some form of sorrow. Deep down though, there is some disgust within her, perhaps a bit of hatred even, but at the same time, she cannot help but to feel dread. Emotions are so very complex, some in which she herself cannot grasp.

“Whatever happened, it is certainly working in our favor,” Ares turning with a smile to his face.

Ares shrugging uncaringly of the situation. All that really matters to him is that the supreme god is no longer hindering their path, which also means endless possibilities ahead. The god glancing back to his companions, folding his arms.

“Indeed, now with Valor out of the picture, we can continue with our initial plan,” Odin calmly agreeing.

Artemis turning her attention towards Odin, placing her hand upon her waist. It is appearing that the gods are mostly in order. Without Valor’s presence, it is seeming that a dark time is slowly creeping ahead, or is it a good time? Hard to say really, but certainly they do appear positive of the result to come.

“What should we do about Valor?” Artemis questions Odin.

Odin positioning his arms in a thinking posture, considering the best course of action. Given that Valor’s morale has seem to have taken a hit, certainly this proves a good time to take action. Still, something does not feel quite right. Some unease brewing within the depths of The Godfather, the deity shaking his head in refusal.

“For now we leave him be, and we continue our plan,” Odin uneasily responds.

The gods looking to each other, nodding in agreement. Even if Valor still remains on the chessboard, he is certainly unable to take any action. There is no denial of the plan, and with Valor out of commission, The Godfather himself takes to the throne. Odin looking to each of his followers bowing before him, acknowledging him as their one true leader. How things are coming together for Odin, it is seeming that the stars are smiling down at him at last, and certainly things can come underway once again.

Valor may have been the supreme god, one surpassing even the mightiest of beings, even so, even with the power he holds, he is feeling helpless. Standing in a familiar flowery field, the petals of the irises blowing in the wind, sorrow clearly expressing from his eyes. The god looking to his right hand, seeing it slightly twitching. Regret paining his eyes, but he knows well that his action freed her from her suffering.

A painful sigh escaping his lips, the deity laying down in those flowery fields, looking up into the endless blue sky. Hearing her words echoing through him, those words seeming to be without end.

Hehe, you are much too easy Val.

Now then...tell me what is on your mind.

Tell me...what we is not normal huh...

Far from it, but that has never stopped us before. It has always been our differences that brought us together. Through good times and bad times.’s just...

Never-mind, it’s nothing of importance.

Oh...well...I guess I should tell you this...

Tell me what?

I have an arranged marriage...

An arranged marriage...?

I you want to be wedded...?

I am very happy.

I see...well, I am glad.

I suppose...this is it, huh...

Yeah...our journey together ends here...

I should be going now...thank you Valor...for everything...

Ever since that night, those words eternally haunting me. To never speak what I truly meant that night, but it was not all so bad. At least she was alive. I thought it was bad losing her once, but twice...and by my own hand as well. It’s like a cruel joke turned into an endless nightmare. Even with all the power I hold...I could not even prevent such a thing. Power is meaningless...all it can do is destroy...

Laying there in those flowery fields. The very fields they parted so long ago. Deep down the god wondering if things could have gone differently. The deity propping his arms behind his head, remembering the more pleasant times of his life. Where heaven and earth can meet, where their adventure seems endless. A wonderful dream it has been, but like any dream, there will come a time where one has to wake up. Valor continuing to wonder if those times may have been able to keep going. If it had, then certainly things may have come to a different ending. Valor closing his eyes, falling into a deep slumber, pushing his sorrow out of mind, losing himself in the blackness of his mind.

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