Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 9: After the Rain(Bonus Scene(Part 1))

Heaven and earth, two worlds remaining separate. Those that walk on the land far below acknowledging the heavens, and those in the high heavens looking down on the world far below. A curse seeming to set into place when those of the earth finally meeting the heavens, and an eternal conflict birthing as a result. Even so, even if the conflicts are eternal, those of the earth continuing to fight, and those of the high heavens continuously pursuing those of the land. It may even seem as if the roles reverse, and those of the earth appearing out of reach, and that of the high heavens binding in chains.

Sorrow ensuing, their very soul eternally in bondage. Still, even if there is a slight chance, they will continue to move towards that minuscule hope. Far below the heavens, and in a world distant from their own, those of the high heavens, and those of the earth living in a much simpler time.

Where the two can live, laugh, cry, but even more so than that, enjoy the vastness of the limitless worlds. A gentle flow of energy coursing through the forest, endlessly appearing to stretch on. A comforting grasp, but yet a menacing one as well. The warmth of the light shining down, revealing Cyra and Valor. Both appearing to be having quite a pleasant experience.

Cyra turning from him, looking around. The maiden seeing small animals roaming through the forest. Some smaller animals like lizards, to the more larger ones like bears. It is strange really, how the animals pay them no mind. They are outsiders in the world of Alfheim. The maiden positioning her arms in a thinking posture, figuring it to be one of the more peaceful worlds.

“Do not concern yourself, Alfheim is one of the more accepting worlds we can visit,” Valor assuring her.

Cyra glancing back to him, lowering her hands to her side. Thinking on his words for a bit. Indeed the many life forms around appearing to be accepting of their presence upon the world.

“Indeed,” she faintly smiles.

The maiden turning towards him, holding her hands behind her back. There have been many places, but none ever feeling as peaceful as the world they are in. The gentle breeze, the refreshing air, the calm rustling of leaves all around.

“Hey, Val?”

The god looking towards her, feeling the gentle breeze hitting against him. Valor slightly looking away for a moment, some unease building from the pit of his stomach. The deity soon turning his attention back to her.

“Yeah...?” he holds the back of his head with his right hand.

The maiden slightly looking away from him, knowing of the dread such is bringing her old friend. Cyra giving her attention towards him for a moment. The devil soon turning away from the deity, gazing up into the vast blue sky above. The clouds slowly moving along.

“How long do you believe we have been on this adventure of ours?” she softly questions.

The god slightly looking away, uncertain on how to answer. Certainly he can feel a bit of tension in her tone. There is only so long one can keep a dream a dream, this he knows well. Valor looking towards her, noticing her head slightly hanging low. Naturally, it is something he has thought about himself, and perhaps a bit too often as of late.

“Hard to say really, why do you ask?” he distantly questions.

The maiden glancing back to him, knowing all too well that they must cross this bridge eventually. To realize when reality will set in. To accept this early. This way, when such a time is upon them, it will be easier to adapt.

“I know you have been thinking about it as well,” she softly responds.

Of course she will know, they have been traveling so very long together. It is foolish to think that he can hide anything from her. Valor hanging his head low, perhaps it is selfish of him, to want to continue the dream. Though why exactly? Why continue a dream? Perhaps it is the end result. When one wakes up from a dream, they may not remember what has been ever so pleasant, or even horrifying, only an everlasting feeling creating a void. The deity slowly shaking his head from left to right, the maiden turning towards him. Cyra holding her hand to her chest, looking upon him.


The god looking towards her, fabricating a smile. Seeing such causing a grim expression upon the maiden. Knowing clearly that the smile is one he forces. To continue to smile, even through sorrowful times, that is how he has always been as far as she can remember.

“Hey, even if our travels have to come to an end, we still have the memories, right?” he speaks a bit hesitantly.

Cyra holding her hands behind her back, slightly looking away. A faint smile coming to her face. That irreplaceable friend, even if the future may be one of sorrow. At least they will have the memories of their travels together.

“Indeed, everything must come to an end. I am glad you are starting to realize this,” she softly speaks.

Cyra turning from him, looking ahead to the seemingly endless path. The maiden glancing back to Valor, smiling at him. The god can only look on, watching as she turns her attention to the path ahead. Cyra beginning to walk down the pathway. Scratching the back of his head with his hand, Valor slightly looking down. This is something he must come to terms with, that their joyful travels will eventually have to reach reality one day. A stressful sigh escaping his lips as he follows behind her. Until the day they shall part, he will continue to follow, trying to extend that dream as much as he can.

Everything must come to an end. Yeah...I knew that...but yet I wanted to continue dreaming. Suddenly, I feel like the one bound to the earth, while you continue flying further and further away. No matter how far I reach, I can never catch up. Where the heavens and earth can meet again, such an occasion I will continue pursuing. For a time where we can smile again...

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