Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 2: Those Who Carry On(Part 1)

—The Past Revisited—

—1000 Years Ago—

Endless mysteries of the worlds, each inhabiting lives of their own. The NetherWorld, one filling with much corruption. Even through it all, there can be times of peace. Hearts forever connecting, desires driving their way forward. This being the will to continue on, many despising this race. The light of the morning shining through, illuminating a garden in a comforting warmth. Beds of flowers extending from end to end, separate paths on opposite sides, each leading to somewhere different. A lake revealing in its beauty, shimmering underneath the sun on one path, a fountain on the other. That water flowing down, filling in a container. An experience evermore blissful, but sorrowful. Refreshing the breeze may be, yet something is missing. Much beyond, within the depths of the garden, a young Maria is playing. Flowers surrounding her, a place of her enjoyment.

That young one constantly racing out, seeing many wandering animals from one day to the next. Birds, cats, deers, rabbits, there is no end to the mystery. Running out each day, enjoying the company of so many. Those animals taking the time, playing and caring for the child. From a distance, a young woman walking in. Standing at the entrance, resting her vision upon her daughter. Hair extending long, shining a brilliant gold. Eyes in reflection to the crimson moon, one cladding in golden armor. A feathery helm upon her head, and a crimson noble-like cape extending down the lower half of her back. Those eyes of the young woman evermore distant, seeing her child playing with the animals. A heart in pain, emotions ever so deep. That girl soon noticing the presence of her mother, turning in her direction. A smile coming to the face of the child, Maria racing towards her. That young woman holding her hands behind her back, faintly smiling.

“Mommy!” she excitedly stands before her mother.

That child bouncing in such joy, those animals from a distance. One innocent of any wrong doing, no matter so, her eyes evermore distant. Maria looking up to her mother, slightly propping her head in confusion. The wind blowing ever so gently, that mother taking a moment. Emotions rising through her, placing a gentle hand upon the head of her child. That young one witnessing her mother warmly smiling at her, a sickening feeling growing inside of her stomach. Questions stabbing at her mind, but the girl knowing well that her mother has never been one to speak about her concerns. Always someone keeping her feelings ever so deep, going through one day after the next.

“Mommy has to go away for a bit, okay?” she softly speaks.

Those words of her mother evermore confusing, that tone in her voice. That young woman lowering her hand, emotions swirling deep inside of her. Maria taking a step forward, extending her hands, grasping her mother’s own. That young woman resting her vision upon her child, those eyes of the small one meeting her own. Years upon years, that person living through each day. A soul shackling to the land, a heart wishing to be free. Pain, sorrow, those desires inside of her, all of those emotions wishing to finally have a voice. A gripping feeling striking at the child, her stomach churning.

“Why?” Maria holding her hands to her chest.

Resting her vision on her mother, those eyes needing answers. Emotions gripping at her soul, a heart racing ever so desperately. That young woman well in awareness of her decision, countless hours of planning. No matter so, each and everyday being but a nightmare. That mother kneeling to her child, her eyes gently resting upon Maria. There is much the young one will not understand, but certainly one day she will. There can be no peace, only an endless battle. One must be willing to find their standing, even amongst such chaos. Painful this is upon the mother, but certainly this is the best she can do.

“Maria, know your mommy loves you more than anything. It is something both her and your daddy has to do, you will be fine on your own, right?” her mother softly questions.

Those words painfully leaving the mouth of the mother, agony gripping at her heart. Even so, that young woman visualizing a path. Even through the deepest of sorrow, no matter the agony, someday, that child will find happiness. There may not be anything that mother can do currently, but certainly a gentle hand is going a long way. Pain grabbing at her heart, hatred boiling at her core. No matter so, one loving her child. Confusing this is to the young one, fear grasping at her. No doubt there must be a reasoning, her mother evermore encrypting.

“Yeah...I will...” Maria expressing some sorrow.

Gazing upon her daughter, those crimson eyes meeting her own. Memories returning to the young woman, those times of pleasure inside of her past. Even if it is but a somber morrow, certainly there is one more thing she can do. One from ever so long ago, a certain someone she can trust more than anyone. That mother embracing her daughter, the child merely standing there. Everything feeling like a farewell, emotions swirling inside of the girl. Maria slightly looking down, wondering on what she can do. Dread clawing away at her, that child desperately thinking on what action to take.

“Please try to stay out of trouble,” the mother softly speaks.

“I will...” Maria assuring her with uncertainty in her tone.

Those words being all she can spare, the child thinking on what to do. Feeling her mother moving away, watching the young woman standing up. That person looking down at her child, placing her hand upon her waist. Evermore of certainty she is now, that light of hope inside of the abyss. Even if it is ever so sorrowful, there will come a time where her child can rise above the harshest of challenges. It may not be for many years, but some day that young one will be able to do what she cannot. Warmly smiling down at Maria, soon turning from her. Lowering her hand to her side, glancing back to the young one.

“Take care, Maria...”

Those eyes of the child slightly widening, watching her mother heading off. That young woman walking further and further away, a heart evermore in pain. Those animals gathering around the girl, well in awareness of her dread, trying to console the little one. Never easy it is, seeing one’s own parent heading off. That young one having so many questions lingering on her mind, holding her mother evermore close. Those words making more sense, her heart desperately racing inside of her chest. Maria racing onward, trailing after her mother.

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