Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 9: After the Rain(Bonus Scene(Part 2))

Moving further and further ahead, deeper into the dream, but like every dream, one will have to awaken. Realizing such causing some sorrow, but at the same time, this is simply reality. The god standing a few feet behind the maiden, knowing well that there are only so many places remaining. The more they explore, the closer their journey comes to an end. Cyra looking at a massive tablet. Upon it are ancient scriptures, much of which is catching her interest. It appears that the writing on it is telling a story. The maiden positioning her arms in a thinking posture, certainly this is most interesting, a tale seeming to transcend time.

“The scriptures here acknowledges that everything has a beginning and an end. Those of Alfheim always stays aware of this,” Valor looking up into the vast blue sky.

Everything has a beginning and an end, such is true. Much of which Valor knows he has to come to terms with. Perhaps this is why he brings her to such a world, so that he can begin to accept this. However so, deep down, he cannot help but to continuously reach out, to keep things going longer. Hesitation continuing to exist, even after hundreds of years. Cyra slightly looking away. A faint smile coming to her face. Being well aware of such a fact, the maiden turning towards the deity.

“I have been wondering, where are all the inhabitants of Alfheim?” she curiously props her head, holding her hands behind her back.

Valor looking towards her, folding his arms. This is certainly a question of expectance. After all, it is only natural. To venture into the world of the elves, seeing none as a result.

“Many years ago, during the Great War, many of Alfheim left their worlds, and are now somewhere within each of the Nine Worlds,” he explains.

The Great War, also known as Ragnarok, Twilight of the Gods. A war in which everyone fears. A story passing down throughout time. A battle where the gods will descend, and chaos will ensue.

“So, they took advantage of the weakened borders, and left during the time that Ragnarok weakened security,” she slightly looks down.

“Pretty much, only reason I did not hunt them down, is due to them being more of a peaceful race,” Valor explaining.

“I see,” she turns from him.

Cyra slowly looking around, sinking in the breathtaking view of the forest. Feeling the gentle breeze, hearing the rustling of the leaves, watching the animals roaming around. The maiden noticing some movements within the bushes not too far to her right. Cyra turning in the direction more in alert now. Valor noticing as well, the god facing in the direction. Both seeing a figure slowly emerging from the bushes. An Elven that is appearing to be in his young adult phase. Hard to say really, since their life span are not like others. Long light brown hair, and crystal blue eyes. A young man wearing an ancient brown garb.

“I suppose there are some still left in this world,” Valor folding his arms.

The Elven looking towards the maiden, clearly seeing the malevolence secreting from her soul itself. His eyes are now serious, the hostile one looking towards Valor, whose aura is gentle and pure. Two energies conflicting each other, this is most strange. The Elven uncertain on how to precisely react. On one hand, they can merely be passerby’s, on the other hand, they can be enemies.

“No need to take alarm,” Valor assuring him, walking in front of the maiden.

The Elven carefully watching him, taking a moment to observe his actions. The energy secreting from the maiden having him feel much alarm. Then on the other hand, the purity of the deity ahead of him causing conflicting emotions.

“We are merely here for the sights is all,” Valor explaining.

The Elven looking towards the maiden. Cyra sensing hostility directing at her. The maiden looking towards the young man, her expression being much more serious now. An enemy this person can be.

“Is that so? I find it odd that you travel with a devil,” he looks towards Valor.

Valor glancing back to Cyra, motioning his hand to cease her advance. The maiden glancing to him, slightly pulling away. The Elven noticing, slightly calming. Perhaps there may be some truth within the words of the god the Elven thinks. The situation now calming, Valor turning his attention towards the Elven, scratching the back of his head with his right hand.

“We’re odd, I know. We’ve traveled together for hundreds of years,” he informs.

The Elven taking a moment to analyze them. Once making certain that there is no danger, the young man calms, walking towards Valor. Cyra calming as well, the negative energy burning from her lightening a bit. The Elven noticing, now feeling reassurance in their claim. The young man standing in front of them. Figuring there has been a misunderstanding if anything.

“A deity and a devil, this must be some kind of joke. Then again, anything is possible,” the Elven looking towards the tablet.

Valor folding his arms, knowing all too well that it is only a natural response. No one in their right mind will naturally befriend a devil. At least that is how many will view it. Such the deity can understand another having suspicion.

“I suppose so, as I said, we’re just passing by. Anything new down here?” Valor questions a bit curiously.

The Elven positioning his arms, thinking for a bit. Alfheim has not undergone much change, he even doubts if there is anything that can be of interest to them. Thinking for a moment, an idea soon coming to his mind.

“Hmm...I suppose the Trial of Acceptance is something that has been added after the Great War,” he informs.

“Trial of Acceptance?” Cyra questions, positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

The Elven looking towards her, Valor looking away. If it is anything like he is thinking, then it is certainly not one he wishes to see for sure. To hold onto his bond, to keep the dream going. At least until he can make it into a reality.

“Indeed, just like the tablet here which speaks of everything must come to an end, the Trial of Acceptance tests the resolve of those who enter. It helps one accept what is to come, or what has happened,” he explains.

Cyra holding her hands behind her back, glancing to Valor. The maiden knowing well that he cannot accept such, and perhaps this trial will be good for the deity. For him to be able to learn to let go when it is time.

“Hey, Val?”

The god turning from her, knowing what she will suggest. Unable to go through with such, Valor propping his arms behind his head. Trying to maintain a more casual stance. His heart quivering ever so deep.

“Something turned up, I gotta head back. You continue exploring here, I’ll be back in a few hours,” he smiles.

The maiden looking away from him. This certainly will take some time, and she knows this well. Though, sooner or later he will have to accept reality. The Elven observing the two, clearly seeing a rift between them. Cyra and the Elven looking on, seeing Valor heading off towards the west.

In those days, I knew he was suffering, that he did not want to let go. I as well did not wish for such, and I would have loved to continue to dream with him. Though, everyone has to wake up eventually, and life has to move on. Still...I can only wonder...if things could have gone differently...

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