Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 9: After the Rain(Bonus Scene(Part 3))

Continuing on in an endless rift, the heart eternally in bondage. There will come a time where reality will set into place, and those wonderful dreams will fade away. Such is a reality of life. Even so, even if there is a chance to grasp at the dream, and turn it into a reality, then is it not worth the effort to pursue?

The gentle breeze blowing through the forest, the dreadful wind hitting against the sullen god. Valor looking down to the ground as he walks, trying to come to terms with reality. A stressful sigh escaping his lips. The god distantly looking up into the vast blue sky. Years of partnership, through good times and bad times, all of it coming to an end.

The further time presses onward, the farther he is feeling his old friend slipping away. From the depths of his mind, the deity wondering if there is anyway to keep things as they are. Though, he knows her well, that she will continue moving forward, that is simply who she is. Adapting is never easy, and turning back the clock, even for a few years will be nice, but he knows better than that. The time for heaven and earth to part is approaching, that much is clear.

At that very moment, much farther within the world of Alfheim, passing the valleys, a titan standing in front of the pathway to a mountain. A massive beast, skin molten hot, fire raging from his aura. Surtr, the god of fire. His very skin showing the relentless flames burning from him. The deity taking a moment to look around. From the left, his loyal titans following, soon looking to his right, seeing the same sight. Surtr looking to his right hand, an intense fire generating from within his palm. The deity looking ahead to the pathway, walking onward.

“Follow,” he calmly speaks.

The loyal servants of his following along. From their eyes, there is seeming to be no sign of resistance. Their resolve clear in mind, determination burning from their eyes. To follow the titan wherever he leads them.


The grassy field within the forest revealing a lake glimmering underneath the sunlight. The smaller animals, and even some of the larger ones like deers gathering around. Valor laying down in that field, distantly looking up into the vast blue sky. His endless thoughts lingering on the past.

The god slightly grinning in sorrow, soon looking away. The Trial of Acceptance, Valor knowing well the purpose of such. That is one thing he can never do, to accept what is to come. Even if the chances are minuscule at best, he will continue to try. Much like a child that does not know a limit, he continues to search for a solution. From every part of his thoughts, playing out as many scenarios as he can, none of which seeming to lead to a desirable solution. The deity closing his eyes, a stressful sigh escaping his lips once again.

“Am I really to accept this...?” he distantly thinks upon the past.

Valor opening his eyes, extending a hand to the sky, seeing the sunlight passing through the cracks between his fingers. Heaven and earth slowly drifting apart. The deity wishing for the dream to continue on. Even if it is just for a bit longer.

“Not yet...there is still a way, perhaps this is selfish of me. Even if we must part, I do not want it to end like this...” he distantly speaks.

Valor lowering his arm to the ground, propping both arms behind his head. His eyes on the sky, watching the clouds slowly moving along.

In those days...I endlessly searched for a solution. Feeling every part of myself tearing away bit by bit. It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I started to go crazy for a solution. Still...if this was her desire, then I will not deny her such. All I wanted at this point was for things to be good between us, but still...since that night, I forever wondered if things could have been different...

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