Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 9: After the Rain(Bonus Scene(Part 6))

Everything appearing hopeless. The maiden continuing to slip away deeper into the darkness. Pain excruciating upon her. The bliss of despair slowly setting in. Hope no more, her eyes slowly fading away.


The maiden hearing a voice penetrating the depths of her mind. A familiar voice trying to call out to her. However, she cannot quite make out who it is. The resolve of the devil in shambles, the will to continue on slipping away by the moment.


The voice calling out to her once again. This time, the maiden beginning to react to the voice, her eyes slowly opening. The blackness of the void all around her. The eyes of the devil struggling to stay awake.


This time the voice is much more urgent rather than soft. Her eyes completely opening. Cyra looking above, seeing a pure white light shining from deep within the abyss. A chilling breeze settling the pain of the blazing heat.

“Who...are you...?” she weakly questions.

“There is still much for you to do. Do not relent,” the voice softly speaks.

“Heh...I wish I can keep fighting, but I have reached my limit...” she weakly responds.

“Are you really going to give up? After you have finally made your decision?” the voice daringly questions.

Her eyes slightly widening, wondering who this voice is. Deep within, a familiar emotion taking over her, almost as if she knows who is speaking. The familiarity of the voice, yet she cannot quite make out who it is.

“This once, I will release the power hidden deep within you. Keep fighting, Cyra...”

The maiden looking on. The chilling sensation becoming a soothing warmth. The light slowly enveloping her, surrounding her. The devil feeling her strength returning to her. Surtr noticing something is appearing amiss, turning to face the maiden. The deity closely looking on, seeing a pure white energy burning from her body.

The god of fire feeling an immense pressure crushing down at him. From deep within the devil, an unknown energy resonating, a deep malevolence pulsing inside of her. Surtr taking a step back, watching her body rising. Lævateinn crying out, negative energy rapidly spiraling around it as well as the maiden.

Cyra slowly inhaling and exhaling. The maiden walking towards Surtr. The god taking caution, something changes within her. He cannot put his finger quite on it, but she is different. The fist of the god of fire beginning to intensely burn. The heat of the arena trapping the two increasing in its severity. The raging fire wildly burning a dark azure.

“Even if you are a god. To me, your power is worthless,” she calmly speaks.

“Worthless huh, then let us see,” he rushes at her, vanishing from the area.

The maiden feeling his presence all around. Cyra calmly standing in place, soon glancing to her right. The maiden slightly pulling her body back. The fist of the god passing her face as he materializes. The eyes of the deity slightly widening. Turning his attention towards her, seeing her cold, unforgiving eyes. Cyra Immediately rendering the palm of her hand into his rib. The force of the impact immensely crashing into him, causing the wind to leave the deity’s body. Surtr taking a step back, catching his breath. Holding his rib, the god looking towards her.

“What...are you...?” he uneasily grins.

Cyra facing the god, extending her blade, her eyes piercing deep into his core. The malevolence burning from the maiden intensifying by the moment, clashing against the endless fire all around her.

“Hard to say really, but it matters little. You have little time remaining for this world,” she calmly speaks.

Her words invoking anger within him, his body burning an intense fire. Cyra calmly looking on, watching the god of fire bursting into flames. The maiden seeing the flames rushing around her. The fire closing in by the moment. All the while, the villagers wondering what is happening behind the wall of fire.

The fire closing in upon her. Cyra swiftly swinging her blade in an uppercut, shattering the surrounding area, as well as dispersing the flames. Surtr materializing from the intense assault of the impact, the maiden appearing before him, glaring into his eyes. Surtr noticing her blade approaching. Immediately, the deity clashing against it. The intensity of the impact ripping through the area, tearing away at the arena of fire. The Elven taking a step forward, his eyes trembling, seeing the maiden clashing with the god of fire within a circular motion.

Cyra leaping back, evading an uppercut. Lava piercing from the land ever so far below. The maiden looking on, seeing the lava extending high into the sky. Surtr emerging out of the intense fire, his fist immediately colliding into her weapon. Both of the mighty beings pushing against each other.

“It is unimaginable that there is another being in the Nine Worlds that can rival my own power,” he hatefully speaks.

Cyra speaking no words. All she does is simply glare into his eyes. The maiden pulling away from the god of fire. The malevolence discharging from the devil in that instance, running wildly. Everyone taking notice of such. The darkness surrounding her, crashing into her.

“Gyah...!!” she steps back in deep pain, her weapon lowering to the ground.

The malevolence wildly escaping her body, Lævateinn struggling to maintain it. The maiden feeling her body collapsing from the inside out. From deep within, a sinister presence trying to claw its way towards the top.

“Ah, I see now. Demonization, you are struggling to maintain that forbidden power. It looks like you have reached your limit, devil,” he smiles in certainty.

Cyra uneasily grinning, gripping Lævateinn with both hands, struggling to hold it up. The weapon dragging against the ground. The maiden feeling short of breath, her body slowly giving out.

“Cyra...” the Elven speaks in concern.

Cyra gasping for air, her vision blurring by the moment. Her malevolence running wild, the pressure striking down at her. Lævateinn trying to contain it, the weapon crying out.

“Now then! I cannot allow anyone like yourself to exist. Farewell,” Surtr rushing at the maiden.

The god of fire approaching, and the maiden mustering her remaining strength. Cyra clashing against the mighty fist of the god. The impact causing her to skid back upon her feet. Steam burning away at the surrounding area.

Her vision blurring with each passing moment, the god’s assault refusing to end. Surtr continuing his onslaught of attacks. Each attack, the maiden narrowly blocking. Her stamina quickly depleting. Cyra taking a step back, staking her blade into the ground, barely able to hold her footing any longer. The devil gasping for air as she looks at Surtr, her vision blurring even more.

“Cyra!” the Elven calling out, taking a step forward.

From within the forest, Valor quickly rushing in, feeling her energy slipping away with each passing moment. The god gripping his katana, slowly beginning to unsheathe it with his thumb. Surtr cracking his knuckles, the fire intensifying around him.

“This is your final chance. Submit and join, or perish,” Surt daringly speaks.

“I rather choose death than to be a puppet,” she brazenly retorts.

“Hmph, then farewell...”

The maiden looking on with trembling eyes, watching the fire enveloping the deity of the flames. Looking on as he bursts into flames. Seeing the fire slowly surrounding her. The blazing heat tearing away at her by the moment.

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