Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 9: After the Rain(Bonus Scene(Conclusion))

From the forest, Valor rushing towards the battlefield with intense speed. The god leaping high, descending in front of Cyra, staking his katana into the ground. The eyes of the maiden widening is surprise, seeing the area slowly freezing over. The icy mist thickening, then immediately entombing the surrounding area in ice, quelling the fire. Surtr reverting to his physical form, narrowly evading the fatal assault.

The god of fire standing from a distance. Witnessing a glacier rising from the ground, extending high into the sky. Valor calmly standing, sheathing his katana. The glacier shattering, leaving a cold refreshing mist in its passing. The Elven and the villagers looking on in surprise, never expecting such a shift in the battle. Valor turning his attention back towards Cyra.

“Sorry I’m late,” he gently speaks.

“Better late than never...” she weakly smiles at him.

Valor returning a smile in kind, soon looking towards Surtr. The god of fire in much more alarm now. Never expecting Valor of all deities to be within this world as well. A slight shift in plans, perhaps a miscalculation one can say.

“Valor...” Surt coldly speaks.

“Ya know, there are a lot of things I will let slide. Possibly including the burning down of this village, but this is where I draw the line,” he coldly responds.

“Never really would have thought you of all people to align yourself with a devil of all things,” Surtr swinging out his right arm.

Valor the supreme god, and Surtr the deity of fire glaring at the other. The two mighty aura’s clashing against the other. One of pure mesmerizing light, the other of relentless fire. Two deities meeting within the blazing fire of a battlefield.

“Make no mistake Surtr, I am going to pay you back for every problem you caused my friend,” Valor daringly states.

Valor...he has always been that one person I can rely on, even in the darkest of times. One way or another he always comes through, no matter how much pain he endures...

Cyra removing her blade from the ground, weakly holding onto it. The sword dragging against the ground. Valor glancing back to her, knowing well that the injuries have been far too much for her to continue any longer.

“Cyra, leave the rest to me. Anymore, and you can die,” he warns.

The maiden walking up to his side, glancing towards him. That look in her eyes, Valor knowing that there is no backing down. Perhaps it is the blood of a devil that continuously has her surpassing new limits. Either way, he knows that there is little to no point in arguing. The maiden gasping for air, her vision blurring by the second, her vision resting upon Surtr.

“You should know well...not to take him lightly...” Cyra struggling to say.

“Yeah...I know...” Valor looking ahead.

“Let’s see, one god, and a demon already half way in the grave. Valor, when you are out of the way, there will be no one left that can impede my path.”

Surtr taking a step forward, extending his hand, folding it into a fist. Blazing fire burning from the fist of the deity. The fire intensifying all around, the heat burning away even more into the land. The thickness of the air intensifying.

“I hate to disappoint you, but I ain’t going anywhere,” he confidently speaks.

Surtr looking towards the maiden, once again seeing a pure white energy burning from her body. The god of fire merely chuckling, finding her a foolish being. Releasing such a power once has been too much for her to handle, doing so again will no doubt be fatal.

“Have you not learned your lesson? Demonization will end you,” he speaks.

Valor looking towards the maiden, knowing well of the forbidden taboo, but to see it himself, and for someone to resist it, it is baffling really. The god knowing that he does not have much time. If what Surtr speaks is of any truth, if the battle does not end soon, he can lose her forever.

“I will take the lead. You have fought him long enough, so strike when he is most vulnerable,” Valor speaks.

There is some doubt within the eyes of the supreme god. The thought of failure lingering deep inside of him. Valor also knowing that he must not be hasty, a single mistake can mean that they both can end up dead in an instant.

“Vulnerable? Hah! It is about time you see that my power cannot be surpassed Valor!” Surt strongly speaks.

Surt rushing ahead, appearing before Valor. Extending his hand high, Valor readying himself, seeing a massive molten hand descending upon him. Cyra’s senses immediately heightening, the maiden dashing in the way. The hand colliding down into her blade. The impact ripping apart the surrounding area. Valor, seeing his opening, the supreme god rushing Surtr from the side.

The god of fire immediately noticing, pushing aside the maiden. Cyra skidding back upon her feet. Surtr turning in time to block the collision of the katana. The surrounding area slowly beginning to freeze over. Both of the mighty gods intensely pushing against the other.

“How pitiful,” Surtr proudly mocking.

Cyra dashing towards the god of fire from behind. Surtr noticing her approach. Extending his offhand, fire burning relentless from him. The blade of the maiden colliding against his hand. Both Cyra and Valor pulling away. Surtr carefully looking on, watching as they rush at him. Their movements in sync. The god of fire bursting into flames within that moment as they approach him. Fire rushing high into the sky, locking onto the two targets below. The flames descending from above, rapidly circling the two.

“Fool,” Valor daringly speaks

Valor immediately staking his katana into the ground. The land beginning to freeze over. Cyra aiming Lævateinn backwards. The flames approaching the two. The surrounding area freezing over. The maiden striking in an uppercut within that instant. A rush of wind spiraling high, leading the icy mist into the air with the flames as well.

The land completely freezing, stretching high into the air revealing a glacier. Within the glacier, the god of fire resting within. Valor calmly turning, sheathing his katana. The glacier shattering, causing the god of fire to fall from the sky, his body burning away into the air.

Valor turning towards his old friend. The devil barely able to hold herself up. The supreme god walking up to her, placing his hands upon her shoulders. The Elven looking on, faintly smiling. The villagers finally at a rest. Though, the damages that has been done to the village itself can take a long time before repair can finally be done.

“You did great,” he brightly smiles.

Cyra slightly looking away from him. Still knowing of the troubles deep inside of him. That valuable friend who will always try and reach her. No matter the sorrow he endures deep within. However, also much like a child. Always returning to his shell when he is afraid.



“Our journey...shall be eternal...” she softly speaks.


There is no more strength to sustain herself with. The wind gently blowing against them, the devil fainting. Valor catching her within his arms as she falls. The god looking down at her, those fears deep within him finally fading away.

An eternal journey...that was what we both wanted. That I so very much hoped that our journey could continue on. However, that was merely a delay and nothing more...still, I desperately held on. Perhaps things could have gone differently if we had only spoken what we meant that night. Hey Val...? Things will be different one day, right...?

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