Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 10: Olden Days(Part 1)

Those flowery fields in the sorrowful night, a bleeding moon shining down. Breeze gently blowing, petals flowing in the wind. Two of differing worlds meeting in days of the past, a bond forming between them. Both desiring to continue the dream together, even so, reality setting in. That smile going away, torment existing for many years. Agonizing it has been, both in bondage. Valor awakening, his eyes slowly motioning towards his right. That god turning his vision to the crimson moon, that object he will never forget. Rest doing little in alleviating his pain, one desperately wishing that it has been a nightmare and no more. That old friend constantly rising to the challenge, falling time and time and again, yet returning even stronger. Even so, this time he is uncertain of the possibility.

“Hey,’s a little too late for this...but...sorry...” he depressingly speaks.

Words never reaching the other, two parting in a field of flowers. Those pleasureful times going away, a smile fading with it as well. Years upon years of torment, a deity unable in doing anything. A mother desperately trying to save her own child, that process failing. Memories being a mixture of both, a soul breaking. Despite it all, a moment coming between those companions. Blissful it has been, but that joy going away just as fast. Dread building inside of him by the second, indescribable sorrow clawing away at his depths. Grief rising to the surface, revealing through his eyes.

“There has never been a day that went by, where I never thought of the olden days.”

—The Past Revisited—

—1400 Years Ago—

Sunlight warmly shining down, chilling breeze blowing through. Rivers of water lining below, fishes swimming along. Ever so high, along the mountainside, Cyra and Valor slowly making their way across a rocky terrain. That deity desperately clinging to the wall, his vision trailing below, that rushing water having his heart at an unrest. His expression growing pale, the god turning his attention to Cyra. That devil enjoying this experience, her smile evermore bright. Gazing over the many distances, trees going on and on.

Larger animals being more identifiable, even some smaller points such as civilization can narrowly meet her vision. Heights never being Valor’s strong point, that god wondering how anyone can withstand being so far up. That sight of the land punching against his fragile heart, his feet backing against the wall. Cyra motioning her hand to her forehead, trying to take it all in. Turning her attention to Valor, witnessing his colorless expression. That supreme god having some of the most interesting weaknesses, quirks defining him a bit more. Nonetheless, a most enjoyable one to be around.

“Are you seriously afraid of heights?” she questions in disbelief.

One ever so high, many well in awareness of his feats. A deity taking his stand at the top, bringing countless to their knees. Wars ever so grand, words flowing throughout time. No matter so, one still of existence. Everyone different in their own way, interesting it can be. That devil learning a bit more each and every time, carefully keeping note for her own benefit. Valor glancing to her, soon turning his attention below. That rushing water, his heart desperately pounding. That god facing her, clinging onto the wall even harder.

“D—Don’t judge me! Why else do you think I always fight on the ground!” he frantically responds.

Slowly shaking her head from left to right, placing her hand upon her waist. A sigh escaping her, her life choices questionable at times. Even so, enjoyable his quirks are. One capable of so many great feats, yet having the most unlikely problems. Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, a clever idea coming to her mind. Valor noticing her action, soon witnessing her smirk. A cold chill rushing down his spine, his heart rate accelerating at an unhealthy pace. Two companions for a long time, that devil constantly taking advantage of these smaller points.

“Wha—What are you thinking now you crazy demon...?” his voice trembling.

A bond growing stronger over the years, simplicity within actions. Emotions ever so far inside, blissful these adventures are. Around every corner, new possibilities awaiting. Sorrow may be at the core, no matter so, joy always existing with one another. That god slightly glancing back, his eyes gazing upon the rushing river far below. Slowly backing away, that young woman holding her hands behind her back, brightly smiling at him. Those times where that one can be free, happiness in sight. Companions evermore close, embracing this life on the wind.

“Oh nothing-nothing,” she pleasantly speaks.

One continuously mischievous, her mind constantly in action. That deity coming to know this over the years, experiencing one thing after the next. Hesitantly resting his eyes upon her, witnessing the maiden moving towards him. Standing in front of the deity, raising her hand towards his own. Desperately clinging to the wall, Cyra rubbing his knuckles. Those eyes of crimson and azure meeting with each other, that deity whimpering, turning his eyes down to the harsh water. Every step of the way, this situation elevating.

“Why not loosen up a bit, Val?” she playfully lifts his index finger.

Trying to keep his finger to the wall, feeling it slowly moving. Those eyes of hers evermore teasing, his heart pounding faster by the moment. Wind ever so chilling, slightly thick it is. Refreshing one can say, birds soaring across. Smaller animals scurrying along, everything being slow to the god, his senses picking up on the tiniest of occurrences. Sounds of the river below meeting his ears, this no doubt being far from helping his case. Close their friendship is, these actions evermore normal. A devil continuously enjoying tormenting the deity, that god repeatedly stepping into her traps.

“C—Cyra...this isn’t funny...!” he stammers.

Her vision ever so teasing upon him, slightly looking away, that maiden releasing his finger. Slightly calming, his vision upon her. That young woman slipping behind him, this alarming him. Wrapping her arms around him, raising her head to his ear. An even harsher chill running down his spine, Cyra whispering, tormenting him with every movement she is making. A bond between two for years, a devil and deity meeting in a most unlikely place. That friendship forming, growing stronger over the passing time. The young woman never letting up, torturing him whenever she can do so.

“It is just the side of a mountain. Falling would simply get you wet, and rushed off to the ocean,” she teases.

“Th—the hell is that supposed to make me feel better?” he looks back to her in disbelief.

His heart desperately pounding inside of his chest, those eyes of crimson and azure meeting with one another. Light her expression is upon him, yet ever so mischievous. Moving back a bit, pressing her hands against his back. That deity clinging to the side of the mountain even harder, whimpering in much displeasure, continuously wondering where he has gone wrong in his life. That maiden always replying the same, around the time of meeting her. Truth being in those words, pleasure coming into reality at that time. Different they may have been, but their smaller points bringing them together.

“Come on now, just take it a bit faster,” she joyously pushes him along.


Along the way to the top, that devil tormenting her old friend. That deity constantly pleading, yet that demon not letting up. After some time, those two arriving at the peak of the mountain. Cold the breeze is, difficult it is to breathe. Even so, refreshing it is. A breathtaking view endlessly reaching onward, Cyra in much content with the result of their efforts. Valor on the other hand being halfway in the grave, his heart unable in taking anymore of her shenanigans. Falling to his knee, clinching his chest, his eyes of frustration upon Cyra. That devil standing at the edge, gazing over the horizon. That gentle wind hitting against her, Valor expecting no less from her.

“You...are a devil woman...!” he stresses.

His heart desperately pounding inside of his chest, clinging onto whatever life is remaining. A miracle it may have been, surviving so long in her presence. Years of knowing the other, that demon still finding more ways of torturing him. An adventure between two, the vastness of the worlds. Blissful it has been, if not stressful. Hearts uniting, souls soaring the endless distances. Even if for a moment, there can always be joy. Turning towards him, holding her hands behind her back, Cyra leaning a bit forward towards him. Those eyes of crimson, captivating they are.

“Well, I am still a demon,” she teases.

“Gyah...! Poor choice of words on my end...” he flinches, a slight blush coming to his face.

Looking away from her, well in awareness of her usual pattern. A demon down to her core, this never changing. No matter of the passing time, two remaining the same around one another. Freedom in the presence of the other, personal issues evaporating into the air. Even if it is for a moment, those two will soar with each other. Hearts beating in sync, treading down their path together. No matter the morrow, even if it is sorrowful, two willing to face the conflict together. Happiness existing in those times, companions ever so close.


A sigh escaping Valor, the deity standing from the ground. That young woman turning from him, gazing over the land far below. Holding her hands behind her back, the god looking towards her. A smile no longer to her face, confusing it is. That old friend wondering what may be troubling her so, scratching the back of his head. Slightly turning his attention away, hearing her distressing sigh. His vision upon her, Valor facing in her direction. Glancing away for a moment, soon walking up to her side. Uncertain on what to do, his eyes trailing to his side a bit.

“What’s wrong?” he questions in concern.

“It is just my father. He does not like it when I travel, and well...he really despises you,” she glances to Valor.

“ surprise there...” Valor propping his arms behind his head, faintly smiling.

“He always wonders why I love my travels so much. I mean, I can understand, he is simply being protective, but I do wish that he would lighten up a bit,” she turns towards Valor.

Familial troubles, a father concerning himself over his own. A natural occurrence if anything, a daughter wishing to spread her wings. Dangerous it may be, but this being part of life. Pain may come, but that is of expectance. No matter so, a heart loathing the environment of her home. Feelings inside of a lock, days of the past no longer of a possibility. Even so, perhaps there might be a way towards a brighter morrow. That deity unable to understand, one never having an actual family. Difficult it is to grasp, but one well in awareness of its importance to his friend.

“It is only natural. Perhaps there has been someone like you within your family,” he lowers his arms.

“I would not know. After all, my father has no interest in our family, so I have never met them,” she positions her arms in a thinking posture.

One never meeting the rest of her family, a father having no interest with them. Conflicts of the past, this carrying on even now. Those days so long ago, one changing so much. An adventure alleviating her troubles for some time, despite it all, one must always face reality at one point or another. Agonizing it is, dealing with the same situation time and time and again. That devil uncertain on a path going forward, her own desires stifling by those of another. Valor slightly looking away, this being far from his expertise. Still, that companion always willing to listen.

“I see...why is he so strict on this anyway?” he looks towards her.

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