Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 10: Olden Days(Conclusion)

“That is just how he has always been. Ever since my mother disappeared...he has changed, but he did try to be a father. Though...I cannot help but to feel that he is changing...” she distantly explains.

Valor turning, looking over the horizon. Folding his arms, thinking for a moment. This is indeed a difficult one for him. Uncertain on how to even respond to such. However, he has to try. Glancing towards her, the god proceeding to give his matter on things.

“Loss can always be a difficult thing. There will come a time when you will have to step up, and take charge of your own life. I am certain that one day, he will understand that he has to let go,” Valor faintly smiling.

“I suppose so, hopefully he does,” she holds her hand to her chest, glancing to him.

Turning from the maiden, Valor placing his hand upon his waist. Family matters are not his thing, far from it really. However, he will endure such to assist his old friend however he can. Cyra turning towards him, the god glancing back to her.

“I am not telling you to take up arms against your father, but if you must, then do so. A demon proves themselves through battle. That might be the only way for someone as thickheaded as your father to acknowledge your decisions,” Valor calmly explaining.

The maiden slightly looking down, knowing that he speaks the truth. Still, something such as that, they may have fought for many years, but even the thought of such is striking deep at the maiden. Ever since so many years ago, her father never returning to who he once has been. Even so, it is never easy to have conflict with your own.

“Yeah...I’s never easy raising your own hand to your parent though,” conflicting emotions expressing from her tone.

“I wouldn’t know, I was born from pure energy. I don’t have familial attachments like normal people,” he turns towards her.

“Valor...” she slightly looks away.

Looking on, Valor seeing her sullen expression. Folding his arms, the god slightly propping his head. The deity wondering what else is troubling her on this matter. Certainly it is not an easy one.

“Hm? What is it?” he questions in some concern.

“Will you come to meet with my father?” she looks towards him.

Valor taking a step back, his arms lowering to his side. Such a question he never will expect. At least not to his following from the start of this conflict. The god wondering how this will even help the situation. If anything, it might make it a lot worse.

“I thought you said he hated me...” he looks at her in disbelief.

“I will be easier if he meets with you,” she slightly looks down.

Looking away from her, a sigh escaping his lips. This is something Valor will never think he will ever have to do. The god scratching the back of his head with his right hand. This is a tall order, and she has been known to stack on an even greater request from the last. Perhaps it is the trust they have in each other, but certainly this is a new feat.

“Okay...I will,” he concedes.

“Thank you,” she smiles at him.

Looking towards her, the god smiling in return. Always being the one she can rely on, no matter how selfish the request is. A truly invaluable friend. Even in the darkest of days, he can pull through, being that light extending from the deepest of abyss.

—Present Time—

“If I had done things differently that night...could things have been different? I suppose one would wonder about all the different possibilities, but bottom-line is...I got the worst outta it,” he distantly thinks.

Standing from the ground, the god looking on, watching the petals blowing in the wind. Looking up into the blood moon once more. The deity calmly turning, vanishing from the field. Shortly since his leaving, footsteps approaching. The maiden arriving in those same dreadful fields, where they parted so many years ago. Cyra standing there, looking up into the blood moon. A warm smile coming to her face, the maiden holding her hand to her chest.

“So, you were here Valor, it seems I had missed you by just a bit,” she softly speaks.

“Perhaps you are still that man I once knew. For you to return here,” she distantly looks on.

“This was the very spot where we parted so long ago. I certainly do hope that one day, we can return to where we met, together. Until then...I have to keep moving. This life that is so not rightfully my own. I have to try and make this right. The threat that caused the demise of my daughter. I must ensure such a thing never happens again. This is the only way for me to atone for such a sin...” she distantly speaks.

The maiden looking ahead, seeing the extending fields of flowers appearing to endlessly go on. The devil turning away. Cyra beginning to walk away from the area. Oh how dreadful parting can be. Though, deep down, the maiden knowing that she will continue to resist, until their dreams can become a reality.

I have thought on it very deeply. For my own ignorance...I have taken away the life of my own daughter. I wondered just how I can right this wrong, and while it is nowhere near enough to make this right. It is a start, and it is an atonement. The threat unleashed so many years ago. I thought it was my was the gods. The Tower of Time was phase one towards Ragnarok. If I had known so many years ago, could I have prevented it? Would my daughter be alive? I can wonder about that for all eternity. Even more...I can wonder about those very words on that fateful night, and the very spot where we had met. There would be many questions, but this is the future given to me. Perhaps when this is over, we can finally say what we meant. Until then, wait for me old friend.

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