Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 10: Olden Days(Bonus Scene(Part 1))

A world between the living and the dead, one in which lost souls arrive towards judgment day. A point of crossing, where one can ascend, or eternally wander. Those that wander refusing to let go of their worldly desires. Those who venture on are the ones who can finally let go. A dark world it is, the trees lifeless, representing the dead. The pavements dark and mouldy. Even the surrounding grass withering away by the moment.

Passing much beyond the many tombstones revealing the gateway serving as a crossing point. There the maiden is upon her right knee, her head hanging low. Cyra feeling a cold breeze hitting against her, and the stench of death strongly striking against her senses.

Cyra slowly opening her eyes, raising her head. Looking ahead, the maiden seeing the graveyard ahead of her. The spirit world no doubt. Slowly looking around her, seeing the familiar decaying environment all around her. The devil standing from the ground, glancing back to Lævateinn. The sword resting horizontally on the lower half of her back.

“It appears this time, I am not defenseless,” she scratches the back of her head with her right hand.

The maiden walking onward, heading down the dark path ahead. Wherever it leads, certainly it will branch off to the place she is most happy. All she has to do is continue to follow it. The maiden arriving at a familiar intersection, standing still, feeling a powerful force grabbing away at her. Turning in the direction towards her left, seeing the massive gate from before. The gate still slightly open. Cyra witnessing the malevolence escaping from it. A cold sweat running down the side of her face.

“Something sinister rests beyond that gate...” she looks towards the other gateway ahead.

The maiden walking away from the forbidden gate once again, making her way down the dark path. A light soon coming into view, soon finding herself standing before the gate to her fondest memories. The devil placing her hands upon the gate, pushing it open. The blinding light shining through as she walks onward.

Cyra feeling the air becoming much lighter, and much more clean. It is not long until she is standing in that plain, the tree extending from a distance. Standing by the familiar tree is her mother, who is looking up at it. The mother turning, her hands firmly down. The woman warmly smiling in the direction of her daughter. Standing behind her is a young girl, perhaps the age of five. Long blonde hair, and pure crimson eyes, a child wearing a white dress.

“Welcome, Cyra,” the mother faintly smiling.

The child standing from the ground, looking onward. Their eyes seeing the maiden walking in their direction. A smile coming to the child as she takes a step forward. The mother looking back to the child, a slightly grim expression upon her face. The woman shortly looking ahead. Cyra soon standing in front of her mother, feeling the gentle breeze hitting against her.

“Apologies if I kept you waiting, mother,” Cyra softly speaks, placing her hand upon her waist.

The child running forward, bouncing in excitement.

“Mom! Mommy!” she joyously calls out.

Cyra turning, looking at the mesmerizing plains. The maiden running her hand through her hair, faintly smiling, feeling the gentle wind. It is nice she thinks. To embrace these blissful emotions all around her.

“It is nice to come back here. At least in this place, I have some peace,” Cyra softly speaks.

The mother glancing to the child. Confusion clearly expressing from the girl. The child propping her head, walking up to the maiden. The girl extending a hand, tugging on the maidens coat, but there is no reaction. The devil looking back to her mother, folding her arms.

“Hey, why are you here by the way?” Cyra curiously questions.

The mother holding her hand to her chest, looking away from her daughter, sorrow clearly expressing from her eyes. Questions no doubt she will have to answer at one point or another.

“I am here to make things right. That day you married that man. All I could do was look on as your life came crumbling down,” she depressingly states.

Cyra slightly looking down, some anger clearly within her eyes. Her fists shaking in frustration, the child noticing her mother’s frustration. Hatred burning inside the eyes of the maiden. Pain deep within her. That name being nothing but a horrid memory.

“Mommy?” the girl calling out once again.

“If there is any way for me to be of assistance, this is the time. Perhaps if I was alive back then, I could have done something, but that is in the past, and this is the now,” the mother explains, looking towards her daughter.

Cyra turning towards her mother, there can be no animosity within her, not towards her mother. In the few memories she does have of the woman ahead, the maiden has always known her mother to be a very loving person. Those tragic events are in the past, and this is the now. There is a chance to reach out, and grab hold of a new future. Cyra holding her hand to her chest. The devil looking down, warmly smiling.

“You are right, I must keep moving forward.”

The mother looking to the child that is circling the maiden, trying to gain her attention, but to no avail. The woman soon looking back to the maiden. Knowing all too well that her daughter is too lost in her despair. Too lost in her sorrow to even notice the presence of her own child.

“Cyra, since you are here. It means that there is another trial for you to take,” the mother speaks a bit more seriously.

Cyra looking towards her mother, knowing all too well of such. Another trial to take, one that will continue to push her onward. The maiden turning from her mother, looking upon the seemingly endless plain, trying to block out those horrid emotions.

“I am well aware. I simply came to say hello,” Cyra calmly speaks.

A faint smile coming to her mother’s face, watching her daughter heading off once again. The child turning towards the woman, looking up with confusion clear in her eyes. No doubt wondering about the state of her mother.

“Um, grandma, why didn’t mommy see me?” she props her head.

Her grandmother kneeling to her. The child looking at the woman with sorrow clear in her eyes. The grandmother extending a hand, placing it gently upon the child’s head. This is no easy thing, especially for a child to understand. The despair deep inside the maiden, her soul eternally crying out.

“Your mommy is lost in an endless abyss. Sorrow, despair, she is currently trying to find her way again,” the grandmother softly explains.

“Find her way? Will she ever come back?” the child depressingly looking down.

“One day day she will, your mother has always been a fighter.”

Maria looking back, seeing her mother passing through the gateway that will lead to the world of the dead once again. The child turning, holding her hands to her chest, feeling the breeze gently hitting against her. Her eyes expressing sorrow. Cyra soon arriving within that dreadful world, where time does not exist. Only endless sorrow. The maiden holding her hand to her chest, a faint smile coming to her face.

Mother...I know you did your best, I am glad that you are here now. I feel myself slipping further and further away into my despair. Though, if this is what it takes to have even a slight chance of those desires becoming a reality, then so be it...I will become the Bringer of Demise...

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