Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 10: Olden Days(Bonus Scene(Part 2))

The maiden looking ahead, hearing the crying of the damned. Each calling out to her, the anguish in their voices. Closing her eyes, listening to their cries. The agony extending from them. The torment they experience.

Help us...

You’re from the living.

Get us out of here!


Devil! We’ll do anything!

Don’t leave us here!!!

Cyra opening her eyes, slowly shaking her head from left to right. The maiden walking onward, blocking their crying out of mind. Malevolent souls refusing to pass on, eternally being consumed by their despair. The devil knowing well that such a path she is currently treading. However, the maiden wondering if she herself will become like these victims.

Malevolence burning from her body, slowly distorting the area all around her. The decaying grass burning away into black dust. Malice spreading to the air, slowly encircling her. Cyra finding herself at a crossroad once again, the mist thickening around her. The devil looking around, witnessing the darkness dulling her vision by the moment.

The maiden soon finding herself in a pitch black abyss, unable to see anything. Feeling a powerful force binding her in place. Dark chains wrapping around her arms and legs. The chains tightening, pulling apart, trying to bend her to her knees. The maiden refusing to yield. The force intensifying. Looking on, Cyra struggling to resist the hold this force has on her.

Hearing chuckling echoing through the blackness of the void, the maiden looking around. The sound of that laughter, it is familiar, an irritating one that she can never forget. Looking ahead, seeing a figure slowly forming from within the shadows. The devil squinting her eyes, trying to get a better view. The darkness concentrating, and the figure coming into view more clearly by the second. Her eyes slightly widening, Cyra feeling cold sweat running down the side of her face. Feeling her heart rate accelerating.


“So nice of you to remember me,” he calmly speaks.

Her eyes slowly shifting to that of anger, glaring at him. The devil looking on, taking in that all too familiar glare. The man walking up to the maiden, their eyes meeting once again. Ardin looking towards her more serious now, raising a hand in her direction. Attempting to pull away from the man that so disgusts her, the chains tightening even more, refusing to allow her the bliss of escape.

“Do not dare touch me...!” she turns her head, glaring at him.

Ardin grabbing her by the chin, turning her head in his direction. Smiling a bit deviously, remembering that rebellious side of hers. The demon finding it funny really, knowing that she never changes.

“When will you learn that you can never escape me, dear?” he chuckles.

The longer he is within her presence, the greater her hatred is growing. Looking at him, remembering the horrors she endures over the many years. Maria, her daughter, has been her only solace. That child made dealing with this monster much more bearable. Now, there is no one. Valor is nowhere, her daughter is gone, and not even her new family to assist her. This time, she is all alone.

Tensing her muscles, the malevolence burning brighter from her. The maiden glaring at the man who continues to impede her life. Ardin noticing the cracking of the chains, seeing her slowly breaking her confinement. Stepping away from her, the demon looking on, seeing the maiden rising by the moment. Hanging her head low, her hands shaking in hatred.

“You...! There were many unspeakable moments. Scars in which carried on...continuously lying to my close friend...not anymore...!” she looks towards him, glaring into his eyes.

The malevolence burning even brighter from her, entirely ripping away at the chains. The maiden stomping her foot upon the ground, shattering the chains binding her. Without a moment to spare, Cyra rushing at him.

Extending her hand afar, the maiden locking onto her target, lunging at his neck. However, upon reaching her target, all she can see is a smirk before he vanishes into the darkness. Her eyes tensing a bit, trembling really, her hand slightly shaking. The hatred she is feeling overwhelming the fear deep inside of her.

Slightly looking down, frustration rising even more within her. The memories eternally haunting her, those scars that will never truly go away. Cyra standing straight, folding her hands into fists, her fists shaking with the hatred she is experiencing.

“You...are nothing but a memory now, a nightmare...” she hatefully speaks.

The darkness around her slowly subsiding, the maiden looking ahead, seeing a tombstone resting on top an altar ahead. The object shining a beautiful white light. The maiden distantly looking on, knowing all too well of the next trial to come. That hatred she is feeling deep inside of her, to do away with the fears continuously clawing at her mind. order for me to grasp such a time once again, I have to do away with my fears, and embrace this hatred deep within me...

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