Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 2: Those Who Carry On(Conclusion)

—Present Time—

That day...I will never forget it. A life once in joy, now filling with sorrow...

Days ever so distant inside of the past, a heart continuously paining one. Agony incomparable, those words of farewell, that child in those times chasing after her mother. Those words making little sense, emotions boiling at her core. No matter so, there has been something of importance. That young woman wondering of the many possibilities, perhaps there may have been a way for things to end differently. Standing outside of the bar, that maiden resting her vision up at the cloudy sky. The rain slowly ceasing, those crimson eyes of hers evermore distant. Memories never leaving her mind, blood painting those grounds. Dreadful it has been, that young one escaping in those days.

“Mother...your words are still confusing, but it is making a bit more sense. Still, I wish to know why, that one who killed you and father...” she distantly thinks.

Memories ever so far inside of the past, that image still remaining clear within her mind. A child following her mother into the depths of horror, that maiden needing answers in those days. A place endlessly going on, that young one finding herself at a loss, eventually stumbling onto a tragic sight. From a distance, a pig of mutation approaching the young woman. The demon wearing a dark suit, no doubt someone from a higher standing. That swine resting his vision upon the bounty hunter, his expression becoming slightly more serious. Maria hearing footsteps from the sounds of the puddles, that young woman glancing in the direction of the pig.

“You the bounty hunter?” he utters.

Damp the surrounding air is, a foul stench lingering through. Those eyes of the two meeting with the other, the young woman a bit suspicious of the situation at hand. That swine feeling his heart desperately pounding inside of his chest, those crimson eyes piercing down his spine. The maiden facing in the direction of the swine, observing him for a moment. Familiar this one is appearing, no matter so, that young woman cannot quite put her finger on his identity. Her demeanor evermore calm, those eyes carefully tracking his actions.

“Whose asking?” she folds her arms.

Around each end, there are those who will no doubt jump at the chance at ending her life. A lawless world the NetherWorld is, those playing a similar game in order to survive. Many engaging in this game of chance, chaos around every corner. No matter so, those finding their standing, holding strong in turmoil. That swine turning towards the bar, glancing in the direction of the young woman. The pig soon turning to the maiden, their eyes locking onto the other. Hearts at an unrest, the maiden deeply thinking on this demon. Everything about him is familiar, despite it all, the young woman cannot remember.

“The bartender Ryan told me about you, so I figured I would hire you,” he explains, holding his hands behind his back.

Another job no less, that maiden glancing in the direction to the bar. One walking in the deepest of shadows, each request bringing her one step closer. That one continuing to elude her, someone ever so high. Hatred ever so deep inside, desires driving her way onward. Questions plaguing her mind, answers resting in the wind. Frustration over the many years, devils knowing little to nothing. Some wondering if there is really a demon out there willing to tread on a domain far above their standing. No matter the morrow, even if it is ever so sorrowful, that will to continue on existing.

“Very well, get on with it already. What is the job?” she positions her arms in a thinking posture.

Her voice boiling his blood, those crimson eyes evermore of familiarity. That energy shaking his resolve, one evermore intimidating, forever holding herself higher. That bartender giving the swine quite a good tip, this reality being more of a nightmare. No matter so, her efforts being of most necessity. Years upon years of searching for a solution, that time coming at hand. His hatred never being within satisfaction, another chance entering into reality. His desire evermore strong, to see this through to its end.

“What a foul mannered woman you are. Though, I suppose that’s why we’re demons right? Haha,” he laughs.

“I suppose so,” she agrees.

Her vision suspicious upon the swine, her heart untrusting of this situation. No matter so, something is driving her onward. One seeking out another inside of her past, questions weighing on her shoulders. That swine folding his arms, his expression becoming more serious. Unease revealing from the vision of the pig, those eyes of the two never breaking contact. Options being out the window, that demon requiring someone strong. Despite his own displeasure of the situation, it is nothing in comparison to the alternative solutions.

“Those in the Heavenly Realm, the gods have deployed angels to the NetherWorld,” he informs her.

“Angels?” confusion expressing from Maria.

“Yeah, I know, right? Bah! It’s because of how corrupted the NetherWorld is. Angels have been dispatched to purge us. Even you included I suppose, so figured you would be interested in the job, and you get paid for it as well,” he smiles.

“Hmm...purge us...” she folds her arms in a thinking posture.

Days ever so long ago, that one continuously eluding her. The young woman visualizing a path onward, her desire drawing even closer. Blood painting her mind, her mother in the arms of another. That life being no more, a deity facing responsibility of such. A war upon the NetherWorld, this being her moment of opportunity. Even so, suicidal this situation will be. Even amongst the best of demons, very few will have a chance against the grunts of the Heavenly Realm. No matter so, these countless years of effort finally bearing fruit. Even if it is but a somber morrow, that maiden willing to reach for the nigh impossible.

“What? You don’t want the job?” he glances away.

“I will accept the job, but why will they order such a thing?” Maria turning from the swine.

Demons keeping to their own ends, a lawless world where none will even think to come to. Desperate this order is appearing, despite it all, an opportunity coming at hand. A heart seeking one from the past, hatred fueling her. Images never leaving her mind, questions requiring answers. A deity avoiding her for many years, this evermore strange as it is. That child escaping in those days, yet searching for that one much later. A war upon the NetherWorld providing that moment, a chance to finally corner a certain one. Unnerving this situation is, but no less her best option.

“Wish I knew. To be honest, I don’t care how those pesky angels are dealt with, so long as they are gone,” he folds his arms, his expression being a bit stern.

That swine placing his hands inside of his pockets, a drop of rain running down the side of his face. His heart desperately racing, his desire within view. The young woman glancing back to the pig, soon facing him. No doubt there are a few pieces to connect, but for now this opportunity being her only one. Chaos raining down, that one from her past being so near. A web of endless possibilities, each having their own wish. The rain completely ceasing, difficult it is to breathe from the dampness of the air.

“I see...and where exactly are their forces being concentrated?” she positions her arms in a thinking posture.

Information evermore of necessity, that young woman seizing on the moment. Years upon years of hunting down a certain one, this chaos revealing that chance. A heart yearning for answers, emotions boiling with hatred. Even if it is a somber morrow, this being her moment. Maria resting her vision on the pig, witnessing him taking out a map. That swine walking up to her, extending it towards her. Taking hold of the map, Maria looking upon it. That devil trailing her eyes along the markings in red. Those areas triangulating a certain point, her expression becoming slightly grim.

“Those red x’s are the points in where their forces have been split up,” he informs her.

Connecting those markings, that young woman having an idea on the reasoning. Her heart rate slowly hastening, the maiden thinking on her best path forward. That chance finally being at hand, her moment to gain answers to countless questions. Despite it all, another issue coming into reality. Clenching the map in her hands, frustration expressing from her. That maiden desperately thinking on what to do, her time of such limitation. A race in exchange for some answers, or allow that one from her past to go.

“Genocide...” her head slightly hanging low.

“Precisely, targeting all of the major areas. That will kill the powerful demons...then the lower ones will end up killing each other off,” the pig explaining.

Destruction from the inside out, a clever tactic. A lawless world, everyone selfish to the core. This chance coming along, the young woman unable to allow her opportunity to go away. Even if there is a massacre, her desire driving her onward. Those of the heavens killing higher level devils, those on the lower end clashing for power. Angels dispatching of the remaining few, an existence without demons. No matter so, even if it is ever so cruel, that maiden needing to push onward. A heart seeking answers within the past, one ever so high being in the wind.

“I see.”

That maiden turning, thinking on the situation for a bit. Folding the map, Maria placing it inside the pocket of her coat. Genocide of the demons, an attack by the very gods themselves. The gravity of the situation crushing down upon her. However, this sort of madness evermore beneficial as well. That one from those distant days being on the playing field, years upon years of searching finally coming to an end. That image never leaving her mind, her resolve burning even stronger.

“This dysfunction will no doubt draw ‘him’ out, then finally...I can put this nightmare to rest...” she distantly thinks.

Her own goal in mind, this chaos serving her quite well. Even if it is evermore sickening, an opportunity finally presenting itself. Glancing back to the swine, her eyes still suspicious on the demon. That one evermore familiar, yet the young woman being unable to pinpoint his identity. Turning her attention onward, that maiden keeping vigilant of her client. That swine slightly looking away, his expression a bit stern. His blood boiling with each moment, his desire being in view. That young woman resting her vision on the wide path, walking onward towards another job.

Even if I must use the lives of every last demon to finally end, ‘him,’ then I shall do so...

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