Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 10: Olden Days(Bonus Scene(Part 4))

The werewolf far ahead glaring at the maiden. The talons of the beast radiating an intense malevolence. The darkness pouring out of it, screaming out, shouting out its very soul. Expanding its arms, the monster taking an open stance, loudly howling into the moon high above.

The maiden merely looking on, the fiend ahead is simply another monster. Still, deep down, the hatred she is feeling, such resonating with the hound. The beast continuing to howl, the devil looking on, witnessing the malevolence spiraling wildly in every direction. Negative energy striking down upon the land. Her own darkness clashing against the hatred bombarding the field.

Cyra calmly walking onward, her eyes fixating upon her foe. Out of the darkness lingering from the ground, shadowy beings emerging. Beings without physical form, the manifestation of hatred, of wrath itself. Lævateinn loudly crying out, the energy of the weapon intensely radiating. The werewolf looking ahead, loudly roaring, commanding the shadowy figures to attack. The maiden extending her blade, the malevolence intensely burning from her. The shadowy beings rushing at her. Leaving behind a trail of miasma, burning the platform all around them.

The first approaching, her senses immediately heightening. The devil slightly crouching, appearing behind it in an instant. The shadowy figure splitting in two, burning away within the darkness. Slightly turning, the second rushing past the maiden. Her attention turning on the one ahead of her, her eyes locking onto the werewolf.

Another shadowy figure descending upon her from above. The maiden standing still, her blade immediately piercing through the chest of the fiend. Her eyes expressing no remorse in the least. Cyra watching her enemies burning away into the shadows. The maiden glancing back, seeing the shadowy figure from before approaching. The devil looking ahead, seeing the werewolf rushing at her, shredding the surrounding area apart.

Extending her offhand, the maiden grabbing the shadowy figure by the neck. The werewolf approaching, Cyra throwing the enemy in the way as it strikes at her. The werewolf shredding the fiend into pieces. Cyra dashing away, the particles of the shadow falling to the ground. The werewolf locking onto its target, tremendously increasing its speed. The maiden adjusting her footing upon the ground, immediately positioning her blade vertically. The claw of the monster striking against her weapon. Cyra holding her ground, an intense shockwave tearing through the surrounding area. The monster touching the ground, its eyes upon her own. Both glaring at the other.

The devil slightly pulling away as the monster continues its assault. Cyra moving a bit to her left, causing the werewolf to move past her. The monster turning its head towards her. The cold eyes of the maiden glaring into its blood red eyes. Raising her blade, Cyra immediately striking down.

The werewolf touching the ground in that instant, narrowly dashing away from the assault. The blade of the maiden colliding into the ground. The malevolence tearing away at the surrounding area. Cyra looking towards the werewolf ahead, the beast rushing towards her. The fiend leaping, extending its claw. The maiden immediately launching a swift uppercut, colliding her weapon into the fierce claw of the monster.

The surrounding area ripping apart from the exertion of the assault. Rubbles flying into the air. With each attack, they circle the other, repeatedly clashing. The hatred of both battling against the other. The maiden dashing away, narrowly avoiding the claw of the beast. Both standing from a distance, looking at the other with such hateful eyes. Malevolence intensely burning from the maiden. The werewolf looking on, seeing it slowly changing into a pure white energy. Cyra confidently swinging out her offhand.


Darkness surrounding her, latching onto her very skin, plating her body in a pure black darkness. Nine malevolent wings extending from her back, her eyes protruding a fearsome blood red. Claws extending, fangs revealing itself. A powerful burst of energy sweeping through the area, the werewolf blocking out the intensity of the assault. Cyra floating just above the ground, calmly folding her arms. The werewolf taking a step back, growling at her in unease.

The maiden extending her right hand, the beast looking on, seeing the malevolence tearing away at her arm. Darkness intensely spiraling around her. Her arm rapidly expanding into a shadowy claw of a dragon. The maiden ascending high into the air, raising her claw high. The malevolence all around the area moving towards her. Her claw assimilating the negative energy, causing her own malice to burn even brighter. The devil locking onto the werewolf, bursting through the air, descending upon her foe. The werewolf lunging at her. In that instant, Cyra grabbing its head.

The maiden crushing down on its skull, bashing it into the surrounding area. Hatred, that is all she is feeling at this moment. To overcome such, to block out the pain deep inside, even if it goes against her own beliefs. Everyone has a breaking point, and it is appearing she reaches hers. Craters surrounding the area. The maiden raising the limp body of the werewolf by its head to the air with her claw. Her eyes slowly calming. The werewolf looking upon her, blood streaming down its face. There is no will remaining within it. The maidens eyes growing sorrowful now.

“Am I...truly going to go so far...?”

Cyra hanging her head low, her claw shaking in hesitation. Now that she is no longer feeling such hatred, her soft heart is slowly taking over. The maidens resolve clashing ever so deep inside.

“Forgive me...but this is the only path left for myself...” she depressingly speaks.

Reluctantly, the devil crushing down on the skull of the werewolf, hearing it howling deeply in pain. Such is the path forward. To stain herself in the blackness of corruption. Despair deep within, hatred burning from her depths, sorrow maintaining that soft heart.

“Whatever I must use to achieve that dream of ours...then I shall. To eternally bury the past, and to finally move onto the future I so desire...” she calmly speaks.

The werewolf transforming into dark crimson energy. Crushing down on the soul of the hound, the energy beginning to assimilate into her claw, flowing into her body. The darkness latching onto her slowly fading away. Cyra lowering her claw, the malevolence leaving her body, the maiden normally standing. Her golden hair now flowing long, and her eyes gentle once more. Cyra calmly turning, seeing the dimension all around her distorting. The area returning back to the grave of the werewolf. The devil slowly looking around. There is appearing to be nothing else at the moment.

This hatred I is indescribable, but I feel like I can finally manage it now. No more running, no more hiding. There is only one thing left to do now, and that is to move onward. For now though, I should see my mother off...

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