Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 10: Olden Days(Bonus Scene(Conclusion))

Wrath, one who embraces the hatred deep within them. A being shouting their soul for all to hear. The despair deep inside of them lashing out intensely at everything all around. To feel such, it is frightening her, but even so. Cyra knowing that she must continue treading down that path. An eternal abyss of despair. To reach the brink, and bathe in the malevolence deep within, only then will a hint of light shine. Cyra walking through the graveyard, stopping at the intersection once again. The maiden turning, looking to the gate which is slightly parting. Seeing the malevolence escaping from it. The devil distantly looking upon it. Feeling hatred, sorrow, an indescribable force pulling her towards it.

Come closer...

The maiden hearing a voice resonating through her. The eyes of the devil slightly widening. Cyra taking a step forward within the direction.

It is power you desire, correct?

Power to do away with your weakness? Your sorrow?

If you desire such, then come, open the gateway...

The maiden beginning to walk towards the gate. Cyra appearing to be in a hypnotized state. Those words mesmerizing her, as if it is taking control of her actions. Weakness, that is what she resents. Those horrid memories deep inside, the despair continuously grabbing at her.

That is right...come...closer...

Malevolence slowly surrounding the maiden, thickening around her by the second. The air growing cold, howling extending far and wide within the timeless graveyard. The devil standing on an open pathway, ahead revealing the dark ancient gate. Cyra looking upon it, doubt lingering deep within her. Slightly looking down, struggling to come to a decision.

Just a bit more...

Open the gateway...

Unleash the hatred deep within you...

Let your emotions be known, oh great Defiler of Souls...

The maiden slowly walking onward, the voice becoming louder as she moves closer. Cyra feeling the malevolence grabbing hold of her, pulling her closer towards the gateway. A pure white light brightly shining. The rays piercing through the darkness. The cloudy vision of the maiden finally coming into view.

Cyra looking ahead, seeing a light shining from in front of her. The maiden hearing the screams behind the gateway. Standing at the gate is Maria. The child struggling to push back the negative energy that is continuously trying to escape its prison.

“Stay...away from her...!” Maria angrily speaks.

The maiden merely standing there, looking at the pure mesmerizing light, uncertain on where it is even coming from. The devil noticing that the gateway is beginning to close. Cyra closely looking on, seeing a shadowy figure standing in front of the gate, pushing it away. The figure looking back to the maiden, speaking a few words.

“There is always light in the deepest of darkness, you taught me that...”

The maidens eyes slightly widening. Hearing those words, and familiar ones at that. Cyra taking a step forward. Wondering who this voice is coming from.

Who is this person...?

The figure slowly fading away, the light beginning to cease as the gateway loudly shuts. The devil standing there, distantly looking at the gateway.

“Light in the darkness...I used to say that, but how would that person know....?” she wonders.

The maiden turning from the gateway, holding her hand to her chest. Cyra looking down with sorrow in her eyes, dread clawing away deep at her heart.


—Illusion of the Grassy Plains—

The breeze gently blowing within those fields. Standing underneath the tree is Cyra’s mother. The woman standing in front of Maria, looking down at the child with a warm smile. The woman knowing that the child only means to save her mother. Maria standing there, looking down, holding her hands behind her back. The child slightly looking away.

“It is okay, Maria. Though, that was very dangerous. If you were to be lost in this world, you would have forever ceased to exist,” Cyra’s mother warns.

The child looking up to her grandmother. Maria knowing that her actions have been very irrational, but sometimes, acting on emotions is sometimes the better decision to make.

“That thing...was going to grab I had to...” Maria trying to explain.

Maria expressing sorrow from her face, her grandmother kneeling to her. The woman placing a gentle hand upon the head of the child. Maria looking towards her, feeling slightly better.

“Do not worry, your mother is very strong. Even if she is at the depths of despair, she will return stronger than ever. That is simply who she is. She doesn’t stay down, she always rises up,” the grandmother assures the child with a faint smile.

Maria slightly looking away, taking the words of her grandmother into consideration. Maria soon looking past her grandmother, seeing her mother walking in their direction from a distance. The grandmother noticing the child’s expression. The woman looking back to see Cyra approaching by the moment. Standing up, the mother turning towards the maiden, firmly holding her hands down. The woman warmly smiling as her daughter returns. Cyra soon standing before her mother. The maiden slightly looking away, thinking back to the events within the graveyard.

“Do not lose heart, Cyra,” the mother softly speaks.

Maria looking up to her mother, knowing all too well that she cannot see her. This causing sadness within the child. Though, she knows that she must wait until her mother finally finds her way once again. Cyra looking towards her mother, the maiden closing her eyes for a moment, soon slowly shaking her head slowly left to right. The devil opening her eyes, looking upon her mother, who gazes upon her daughter with some sorrow in her eyes. Faintly smiling, Cyra turning from her mother.

“It is not so bad...I almost forgot...that I always used to say, there is always light in the deepest of darkness,” Cyra softly utters.

Looking on, there is surprise in Maria’s eyes, that her mother actually heard her. Still, that is not enough. It has only been a brief moment and nothing more. However, this simply means there is a chance.

“You are finding your way slowly once again. Keep fighting, Cyra,” the mother pleasantly speaks.

Cyra turning towards her mother, placing a hand upon her waist. The maiden faintly smiling, nodding in agreement.

“Hey, mother?”

“Hm? What is it?” she props her head in some interest.

Cyra slightly looking away. Conflict expressing within her eyes. Trouble lingering deep inside of her. The maiden having to know one thing deep inside. If a certain someone is here. If so, then maybe it might be easier on her.

“Did Maria come through here?” she distantly questions.

The mother’s expression turning sorrowful, the woman glancing back to the child who is looking on in much hope. Maria thinking that this is a good opportunity for her mother to finally know that she is there.

“If you have not heard her, then no,” she softly speaks, looking at her daughter.

Maria looking towards her grandmother in confusion. After all, this is the perfect moment to have her presence be known to her mother. So why does she lie to the maiden? It is making little sense to the child.

“I see...I am not ready yet...” she faintly smiles.

Cyra’s mother and daughter looking on, seeing the devil walking past them. The maiden moving towards the tree. Cyra standing there, looking at the tree. The devil gripping Lævateinn, extending it afar. Cyra soon staking the blade into the ground. Malevolence intensely burning from the weapon. The maiden distantly looking upon the sword.

“This is all I can rely on. Lævateinn, accept the hatred deep within me...” she distantly speaks, extending her hand towards it.

Lævateinn crying out, the malevolence it exerts intensely thickening. The darkness from within the maiden flowing out, merging with the weapon. The demon sword radiating a thick negative energy. Cyra’s mother and daughter looking on, seeing the energy flowing out, ascending high into the sky, moving towards the massive version of the weapon in the background. The sword absorbing the energy. Everyone looking on, seeing the demon sword pulsing a thick black and red aura.

Cyra gripping the hilt of the demon sword with her right hand. An intense rush of negative energy escaping from the weapon. Her eyes gentle upon it. The maiden removing the weapon from the ground, raising it high, seeing it shimmering in the warm sunlight.

“Lævateinn, let our cries be known...about our soul...” she calmly speaks.

Maria and the mother looking on, feeling renewed resolve coming from the maiden. They look on, seeing Cyra lowering the weapon. A thick negative energy spiraling around the sword. The devil turning towards her mother.

“It is time for you to return the world of the living once again,” the mother warmly smiling.

The maiden nodding in agreement, returning a smile in kind. Cyra turning, looking towards the tree. The devil taking a moment, feeling a warmth deep within her. Perhaps she is never alone, after all, she has somewhere to return to, an actual home once again. Walking onward, Cyra directly standing in front of the tree. The maiden extending her offhand, touching the bark of the tree. Familiar emotions flowing through her, this truly is her dream, a place of comfort.

Turning in the direction of her mother, Cyra looking upon the woman. Maria looking on, some sorrow expressing from her eyes. Naturally, the child wishing for her mother to stay, but she knows that her mother cannot. The maiden staking Lævateinn into the ground beside her, soon sitting down. Cyra bracing back against the tree. The wind beginning to blow harder, and the scenery all around her becoming brighter by the second.

“Rest now, Cyra,” the mother softly speaks.

Cyra looking on, her eyes slowly closing. Feeling herself tire by the moment. As her eyes close, the maiden seeing a blurry image of a small person beside her mother. Though, she has no time to question such. Closing her eyes, the devil slightly turning her head, falling into a deep slumber.

There is light in the deepest of darkness...that will forever remain true. No matter the hatred, the sorrow I feel...I will continue to press onward. This dream...this very will become a reality once more. Wherever you are Maria, I will find you one day...I promise...

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