Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 11: To the Sunken Temple of Nirva(Bonus Scene(Part 1))

Darkness stretching for miles, an endless abyss it is. The malevolence pulsating an intense dark crimson energy. From the deepest of shadows, the maiden horizontally floating. The darkness seeming to hold her in an embrace of some sort. Gluttony, the trial to devour, one continuing to consume the malevolence all around. Falling deeper into despair, knowing the bliss of anguish to be able to unleash such upon one’s enemy.

Then comes Wrath, to embrace one’s hatred deep within, to overcome the fears deep inside them. Wrath will destroy, burying the cruel memories inside the past, then gluttony will devour, permanently engraving such upon the soul of the person. The past eternally becoming one with the person, while being cast out. Perhaps a bit contradicting one may think, but that is exactly it. These are two steps towards corruption, and how many more can there be? That will depend on the determination of the one on trial.

The eyes of the maiden slowly opening, Cyra seeing the darkness all around her. The maiden closely looking on, seeing shadowy hands surrounding her. The devil feeling her heart intensely racing, her eyes immediately widening. The maiden finding herself upon her knee at the gate within that all too familiar graveyard. Experiencing the intensity of the air all around her. Cyra feeling a bit short of breath, no doubt another trial there is. The maiden standing from the ground, distantly holding her hand to her chest. The devil knowing well that there is no going back, that there is only one way forward.

At the end of such, there will not be a single person to mourn over her, but that is fine. To be able to right her wrong, and to be able to grasp such a chance, it is more than worth it. Even if it means becoming corruption itself. To simply know is good enough. A stressful sigh escaping her lips, the maiden slowly shaking her head from left to right. Cyra lowering her hand to her side, soon walking onward.

Making her way down the pathway, seeing the many tombstones. There is one towards the far east that is radiating a bright light. For now she ignores such, making her way towards the gateway on the opposite end of the graveyard. The maiden standing there, looking at the gateway. No doubt beyond it is resting the place in which brings her so much comfort. Cyra wondering how her mother is fairing, the devil soon extending her hands forward.

“Whatever happens...I will see this through to the end...” she distantly speaks.

The maiden pushing the gate open, a warm light shining through. Cyra walking onward, slowly fading away. Embracing the blissful emotions coming through from ahead.

No matter the sorrow I feel deep within...I must always remember, these events are in the past. The past will eternally remain as such, but it does not mean that I cannot have such a time again. My desires may be selfish...but it does not hurt to be selfish now and then...

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