Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 11: To the Sunken Temple of Nirva(Bonus Scene(Part 2))

Wind gently blowing in the wide grassy field. The warmth of the sun shining down upon the tree that stretches high. Underneath the tree, Maria is sitting down. Her eyes are distantly wandering into the sky. How endless time may seem, however so long she must wait, she will do so. After all, one day, the child knowing her mother will return. Until then, she must keep waiting.

Even if it is heart clenching, even if it is a thousand years until the stars finally aligns, then she shall wait. The child looking ahead, seeing her grandmother standing before her. The woman leaning over to the girl with such a bright smile on her face.

“Do not worry, one day, your mother will see you,” she softly speaks.

The child looking away for a moment, soon looking up to her grand mother, cracking a smile. To hold onto hope that her mother will see her one day. Even if the chances are small, the girl will continue to believe.

“’re right,” she agrees.

The woman standing straight, soon turning, feeling a familiar presence approaching. From a distance, the woman seeing her daughter making her way in the direction towards her. Maria standing from the ground, looking ahead. The child trying to contain herself, knowing all too well that her mother will not hear nor see her, no matter how much she tries. Cyra soon standing before her mother, both faintly smiling at the other.

“Welcome, Cyra,” the mother softly speaks.

“A normal mother would get a heart attack if her child constantly returns to the world of the dead,” Cyra folding her arms.

The mother merely laughing, knowing that such is very true, but she is not an ordinary mother after all, that much is clear. Maria walking forward a bit, waving her hands in the air. Even though it is pointless, she has to try something, anything really. Her grandmother glancing to the child, soon returning her attention to her daughter. Cyra turning from her mother, holding her hand over her forehead, gazing up into the vast blue sky.

“It feels nice, coming here. Nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. It makes a nice reprieve,” Cyra softly speaks.

Her mother revealing a slightly grim expression upon her face. Knowing of the hardships her daughter endures over the many years, and such still continuing now. A curse of an existence. Still, she cannot help but to feel proud. Despite the hardships, her daughter still finding a way to push forward. The blood of two mighty beings, what has been born of such is a power unparalleled in potential.

“Hey, mother...” Cyra slightly looking away.

The woman holding her hand to her chest, propping her head towards her daughter a bit in confusion. Wondering what bothers her daughter so. Perhaps in life she may not have had the chance to be a parent. However, she can do whatever she can in her current existence.

“Something bothering you?” she softly questions.

“I know where father was born, but I never found out about you,” she turns towards her mother.

Maria looking towards her grandmother curious now. There is not much known about the mysterious woman, and certainly it might hold some valuable information. The mother turning, faintly smiling. Certainly such a question will have come at some point.

“I suppose, first you should know how I met your father,” she softly speaks.

The maiden curiously propping her head. That is certainly true after all. Even more so than that, the past may hold even deeper answers on where her power comes from. There will have come a time for such questions, and as such, there are many desirable answers to gain.

“So, what happened?” Cyra questions.

“There was one person your father could never defeat,” she turns towards her daughter.

Seeing the gentle look in her mother’s eyes, the maiden can only wonder who her father cannot defeat. It is certainly something most interesting, and one she wishes to know as well. The invincible Tyrant being unable to defeat someone? It is hard to believe.

“Really? Father is invincible. I never could once defeat him,” Cyra folding her arms in surprise.

“Hm hm, he kept the title on the request of an old friend,” she looks into the sky.

An old friend, certainly her father is much more soft than the maiden thinks. To hold true to a request of such. It is appearing there is still much more to learn. A request holding so much value to her father.

“When two worlds are divided, there will be a balance. Though, to open a new future, one will invade the other, and thus endless opportunities are born,” the mother pleasantly explains.

“What do you mean?” Cyra positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

Maria listening on in much interest now. Perhaps there may be some information she can use. Some knowledge that can very well assist her. The mother looking towards her daughter, their eyes meeting with the other.

“A deity and a devil eternally at conflict. Becoming friends as time passes on. Two worlds once apart, now as one,” she softly speaks.


Cyra looking away for a moment, trying to connect the pieces. It is vague, but certainly there are some similarities. Two worlds once apart, now together as one. It is seeming so familiar. Perhaps a reflection one may say.

“Are you saying...I am doing the exact same thing father did long ago?” she questions in surprise.

“Indeed, your father was quite a Tyrant in the older days. Though, he became such a softy over time,” she holds her hand to her cheek as she smiles.

Cyra’s eyes slightly widening, the maiden taking a step back. Perhaps now certain events are becoming more clear towards her. That Tyrant from ever so long ago. That father during those days. Even so, as interesting and surprising as this is one may say. The next part grabbing at the maiden. Her attention now on the fact on why her father never even tells her of what her mother really is.

“Hold on...mother...are you that deity...?” she speaks a bit hesitantly.

“Do you now understand where your talents stem from now?” she turns from her daughter.

Maria looking to her grandmother, then to her mother. Certainly things have taken a turn. The answers Cyra seeks does not compare to the revelation. It is appearing that there is much more than what is meeting the eye. As this eternal nightmare continues, there appears to be much floating in the past.

“Is that...why demonization can be kept under control...?” Cyra questions.

“Correct, the divine blood that comes from me, suppresses your demonic blood. As such, there are endless possibilities within you,” she turns to her daughter.

The mother’s expression becoming serious. Cyra taking notice of such, the devil wondering the reason for such a shift. Endless possibilities, one who possesses both the blood of the divine, and corruption as well. Perhaps this is why she always finds herself able to push onward, even when the situation might as well be hopeless.


“Cyra, I have one request of you...” the mother depressingly speaks.

“What is it mother...?” Cyra questions, slightly propping her head.

The maiden seeing the uneasiness clear within her mother’s eyes. A request? Perhaps a bit pushy if anything. However, there is not a thing she can deny her mother of. Everything is slowly looking up, even within such an endless abyss.

“Bring your father peace,” she responds.


Maria is uncertain on what is happening, the mood keeps changing from one to the next. The child struggling to follow along. Even so, she knows that the situation at hand is appearing to be of much importance.

“I would do so myself, but there is one problem,” she speaks.

“What problem?” Cyra questions in confusion.

“If I return to the world of the living at this time, you will cease to exist, which is why I need you to bring him peace,” the mother distantly explaining.

Cease to exist, there is certainly much the maiden does not know. Why does her mother’s existence link to her own? It is making little sense. Everything appearing to be so surreal, but she knows better than to block out the harsh realities of the worlds.

“This is your life to live. I cannot tell you at this time, but please...he has suffered enough,” she pleads.

Cyra holding the back of her head, slightly looking down. A sigh escaping her lips. As much as she despises her father, this is something she cannot deny her mother. There may not be much she can do, but certainly there must be a solution.

“I hate the old man, but I feel like I can understand. Very well, I will do what I can,” Cyra lowering her hand, looking towards her mother.

“Thank you...” she faintly smiles.

Cyra turning, placing her hand upon her waist. The maiden glancing back to her mother. Perhaps this decision is a foolish one. Especially so since her father has been long lost. However, there might be a chance to reach him.

“There is something I have to do now. Be back in a bit,” she calmly speaks.

“Do be-careful now,” the mother calmly responds.

Looking away for a moment, there is some doubt within her. Even so, wherever the future leads, she will continue to pursue it. Walking onward, the maiden continuing down that familiar grassy field, the wind blowing ever so gently.

Two worlds once apart, now together. This is the fruits of my father’s efforts. To achieve his desires, he damned the Nine Worlds. Abandoning his role as a Tyrant, and living a more peaceful life. That is until his world came crashing down. I think I understand a bit more now. I will do what I can, mother...

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