Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 11: To the Sunken Temple of Nirva(Bonus Scene(Part 4))

—Grassy Plains—

At that very moment, in that grassy field, underneath the massive tree connecting so many events. Maria standing from the ground, looking towards the gateway far ahead. The child feeling the exertion of energy, the sheer determination of her mother. The hatred, the sorrow, but even more so than that, the never ending hope she carries. The grandmother turning towards Maria, looking at the child. There is no doubt in her mind, knowing all too well of what this child’s intention is.


The goddess stopping herself as the child looks at her. Discomfort clearly expressing from the eyes of Maria. The grandmother faintly smiling, turning away from the child. Painful it may be, these experiences. Even so, that will to continue on, this much is clear to the deity. The goddess looking ahead to the gateway from afar.

“Your mother will not see you, but she does notice your presence somewhat. This is your story as well child, do what you feel is right,” she glances back to the girl.

Maria slightly looking down, even if the chance is nearly nonexistent, it is still a chance nonetheless. To grasp such a chance, and hold true to it, perhaps a miracle can happen. Even if it is but a somber morrow, one only loses when they give up.

“Sometimes, it is okay to be selfish,” the grandmother softly speaks.

Hearing those words, the child feeling more confident now. Maria looking ahead, soon heading onward. There might not be much she can do, but certainly she can give her aid once again. Even if it is not much.

—Graveyard Realm—

Cyra dashing along the pathway, pursuing the doppelgänger that is evading her. The halfbreed rushing past the imposter, appearing behind them. The clone turning, the maiden launching a swift uppercut in that moment. The assault tearing through the field, ripping it apart.

The imposter taking a step back, the maidens eyes slightly widening. The halfbreed watching the malevolence rapidly repairing the body of the doppelgänger. A stern grin coming to her face. A foe that can repair their body the instant damage infliction occurs. There must certainly be a path forward, but what?

The devil looking on, seeing the doppelgänger rushing towards her. Darkness rapidly surrounding the clone. The enemy tearing through the negative energy in that moment. Fur shining white, eyes blood red. The body of a person, and the head of a wolf. The being striking their fierce claw against Lævateinn.

The maiden enduring the assault, moving towards her right, causing the beast to move past her. The beast looking in her direction, moving with intense speed, vanishing from the area. In that moment, they appear in a lower assault stance before the maiden. Such taking her off-guard, the imposter striking the devil with a fierce uppercut, launching her high into the air.


The beast loudly loudly howling into the night. The maiden looking down, her body still recovering from the shock of the impact. The monster leaping, quickly approaching the halfbreed. Striking through her in that instant.

Turning from high above, the beast descending upon their target. Cyra narrowly holding her blade in the way of the impact, the force of the assault sending her crashing down into the ground. The beast landing from a distance, looking on, witnessing the maiden slowly rising to her feet. Cyra taking a step back, trying to hold her footing, her body hanging a bit low.

“How foolish of me...very well then...”

The maiden standing straight, holding her offhand over her right shoulder, her eyes piercing deep into the imposter ahead. An enemy that can even copy her down to the finest detail. Truly a frightening foe.

“Stealing my abilities will serve you no good. After all, if I had limitations, then I might as well give up now on my desires,” she daringly speaks.

The imposter looking on, feeling negative energy concentrating around the maiden. The darkness thickening around her. Malevolence quickly surrounding her, and in an instant, several strikes tearing apart the negative energy all around. Revealing out of the darkness is pure white fur, eyes red as the blood moon. The body of a person, and head of a wolf. The maiden standing to her side, directing her right claw at the beast. Cyra adjusting her footing, vanishing in an instant. The imposter feeling her presence all around them. The doppelgänger turning, narrowly clashing against the claw of the maiden. Their eyes glaring into the other. Both breaking away, immediately clashing once again.

Walking into the area, Maria seeing the two mighty beings clashing against the other. Neither giving an edge. Cyra descending from above, striking down at the doppelgänger with her right claw. The beast merely enduring the assault. The maiden dashing away in the last moment, evading the counter strike.

“At this rate, my energy will be depleted...there must be something I can do to close the gap...” her eyes trembling a bit.

Maria holding her hands close together. Perhaps there is not much she can do, but she can certainly give her mother a fighting chance against this deathless foe. Even if the chances are minuscule at best, a chance is always better than none.

“ may not notice me any longer, but I know one day you will. You never truly lose, you always return stronger...” she softly speaks.

A pure white light beginning to shine from the gap between her hands. Cyra and the imposter looking over to where the light is shining ever so brightly. The clone blocking out the intensity of the light. The beast feeling the energy burning away at its very being. The maiden looking towards the monster, her eyes slightly widening, seeing it struggling against the unknown energy.

“This is my chance...” Cyra’s eyes brimming with confidence.

The maiden adjusting her footing, immediately rushing at the foe ahead. The imposter noticing her approaching, meeting her action in kind in a desperate effort to save themselves. The two mighty beings clashing against the other. Their ferocious claws pushing against each other. Maria looking ahead, smiling.

“This should help...” she softly speaks.

Cyra pushing onward, her strength slowly overpowering the foe ahead of her. Darkness surrounding the maiden. The malevolence brightly burning from her. Nine black wings extending from the thick darkness. Her blood red eyes glaring at her enemy. Out of the shadows emerging a massive shadowy claw of a dragon. Immediately, the maiden grabbing the head of the imposter. Cyra standing, holding the beast high in the air. Their form returning to that of a shadow.

“Always remember...there is no force in the Nine Worlds that can stop me. At one point or another, I will return much stronger than before...” she coldly speaks.

The maiden crushing down at the shadowy figure. The darkness slowly flowing into her body. The negative energy around her thickening by the moment. The halfbreed soon standing still, the darkness latching itself onto her body slowly fading away. Cyra turning in the direction where she saw the strange light not too long ago. The maiden positioning her arms in a thinking posture. It certainly did feel familiar. The devil faintly smiling, soon turning away. Maria looking on, seeing her mother walking away from the scene.

A second time this happened. This is no coincidence. I can only wonder who is looking over me. Whoever they are, their efforts are most appreciated. Still...this makes another trial that has been completed. Not much longer now. I can finally begin to see the light which shines at the end of this endless abyss...

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