Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 2: Those Who Carry On(Bonus Scene)

A heart embracing the reality to come, unnerving this situation is. No matter so, an opportunity coming at hand. Even if it is but a somber morrow, those answers residing inside of the past. One from ever so high evermore close, a desire powerfully burning. Maria walking onward, continuing down that wide open path. Her mind evermore distant, that devil thinking about the map. One of the points that has been of identification, such unsettling her. Thinking back on it, that day her life falling apart. Her mother’s lifeless body in the arms of that certain one, blood painting those grounds. Anger boiling deep within her, that young woman standing by an intersection. Maria taking out the map once more, resting her vision upon it. Her vision evermore distant on a certain area, the Tower of Time.

That location forever inside of her memories, that image never leaving her. Questions weighing on her mind, her heart in agony. Years upon years of searching for that one ever so high, jobs leading next to nowhere. A farewell in those days, her heart paining. Closing the map, keeping her vision on the main one at hand. That deity eluding her for so long, a moment finally presenting itself. That young woman betting everything on his arrival, a time to finally put her concerns to rest. Emotions flowing through her, that heart at an unrest. Holding the side of her head, frustration ever so deep within. Indescribable rage filling her, that maiden trying to calm herself. Feelings of distant days returning to her awareness, foreign yet familiar it is.

Pure white snow extending far and wide, that cold icy wind blowing through the arctic. High above in the endless night, an aurora stretching through. Maria standing there, resting her vision on the mesmerizing light. Feelings of joy flowing through her, a heart experiencing the bliss all around her. Behind her revealing a certain person, his eyes gentle like the ocean. That person holding his arms, shivering from the cold. That one going ever so far for the young woman, even walking into a deathtrap of a place. Evermore unintelligent his actions are, taking her wherever she is desiring to go. That maiden glancing back to the person, seeing that he is already halfway in the grave. Facing in his direction, holding her hands behind her back, brightly smiling at him.

“H—How can you be so fine out here...?” he stammers.

That smile of hers evermore bright, that person going up and beyond, taking her to many places. That young woman resting her eyes upon the aurora, the beautiful light stretching across the sky. Refreshingly cold the breeze is feeling, the bliss of an adventure. Those two finding themselves in one place to the next, enjoying the company of the other. Whether it is deep inside of the sea, or scaling the highest of mountains. Friends forever being there for each other, embracing the freedom all around.

“Are you not a god? I never really would have thought you can get cold, at least not this easily,” she softly speaks.

The cold evermore unsettling, a deity never liking it in the least. That young woman choosing some of the most unpleasant places to be, an adventure of endless mystery. No matter so, that smile being bright. Despite it all, that god feeling something amiss, his heart paining him ever so deep. Even so, that friend trying to keep the dream going. Two extending their hand to the other, tackling the difficulties ahead. Evermore hard times can be, their bond being on trial.

“Well...clearly I was not born like other gods,” he looks towards her unamused.

Emotions deep inside, two constantly being there for each other. Time going on, a heart battling deep within. A friendship holding their bond together, adventures leading their way onward. No matter so, agony gripping at the soul. That young woman turning from the deity, looking around the wide snowy field. Life being little to nothing, depressing the sight is. Even so, blissful in a sense. Peaceful it is, but also very lonely. Questions resting on the mind of the maiden, her heart confronting the harsh reality to come.


That shifting in her tone, the deity looking towards her, his expression becoming slightly sullen. Hearts desperately holding on, wishing for this dream to continue on. Even through the deepest of sorrow, those two being there for each other. Conflict arising over the years, time waiting for no one. That deity straightening up, taking a step towards her. Deep down, that god having an idea of what is troubling her. His own heart in bondage, words never leaving him. No matter so, evermore pleasureful it is with her.

“Something wrong?” his voice extending some concern.

Slightly looking down, dread coming over Maria. A heart wishing for a better morrow, that adventure to continue on. Two hearts meeting in days of the past, a bond forming between a devil and deity. Everything evermore blissful, those friends growing closer over time. Conflict arising, despite it all, those two holding strong. Time going on, reality slowly setting in. No doubt a way to continue on, yet feelings remaining so deep inside. A soul shackling down to the land, a heart wishing to be free from its torment.

“You know our adventures cannot remain like this forever...” she softly speaks, a faint smile coming to her face.

That tone in her voice, those words meeting his ears. Sorrow expressing from his eyes, that smile going away from her. Slightly hanging his head low, that deity wondering on his options. There are many things outside of his understanding, yet this is one he is rationalizing. One uncertain on how to act, his heart paining him. Those days of the past leading him to an irreplaceable companion, two sharing many years in joy. Even so, a bond of friendship. That deity scratching the back of his head, playing a bit ignorant.

“Why is that?” sorrow expressing from his voice.

Fragile his heart is, that young woman well in awareness. A child at heart, always doing his best. No matter how painful it is, a companion evermore close to her. That young woman turning towards him, the deity witnessing dread inside of her eyes. Time going on, never waiting for a single person. That maiden already accepting this reality, even if it is so painful. No matter so, that deity having to come to an understanding of this. Painful it is, emotions lingering deep inside of them.

“Eventually, everyone has to go their own way, finding their next way onward in life. Be it a life of a mortal, demon, angel, god, we all follow that one similarity,” some sadness softly expressing from her voice.

Her voice meeting his ears, his heart paining him. That reality hitting the god all at once, one holding many emotions. That deity capable of making almost anything a reality, yet in this instance, that one feeling powerless. Joyful it has been since meeting her, a god never thinking about the ending, but the way forward. Her smile much brighter in the past, such slowly going away. Deep down, the deity having an idea on why. His actions remaining in place, words never leaving. Resting his vision on his old friend, witnessing the maiden turning from him. Maria looking up into the wonderful aurora ever so high, awaiting certain words.

“If you have anything to say, then you best do so while we still have the chance,” she softly speaks.

Her words meeting his awareness, that deity slightly looking away. Time never waiting for any one person, even for those like themselves. No matter so, uneasiness rising inside of him. That young woman awaiting his words, the god having an idea. Years of bliss with the other, those times slowly coming to an end. Emotions over the many years, yet that line being there. Maria glancing back, perhaps expecting a bit too much. Even so, maybe it is well worth holding onto the smallest of chances.

“Hey, Val?”

Time evermore of limitation, yet there can be a moment. Hearts in pain, reality setting in around them. That deity resting his vision on her, sorrow expressing from his eyes. Parting coming soon enough, that time the god does not wish to think of. An old friend unwilling to let go, knowing what he must do. Even so, those words never leaving him. His heart at an unrest, the coldness of the air all around. That young woman running her hand through her hair, evermore patient with him.

“No matter what, we will always be friends,” she brightly smiles back at him.

Time may be short, words evermore gentle. That deity slightly looking away from her, faintly smiling. A most valuable companion she is, someone ever so close to him. Those two forever holding onto their bond, no matter the future awaiting them. A somber morrow it may be, however, perhaps there can be solace. Words ever so deep, emotions wishing to be free. It may not be for sometime, but for now they will embrace their adventures together. Two holding the other dear, growing very close over the many years.


Maria’s eyes immediately opening, memories ever so peculiar flowing through her. Familiar they are, yet foreign as well. Dreadful emotions filling her, uncertainty gripping at her heart. That maiden wondering on the place inside of her memories, never visiting it even once in her lifetime. That other person, hazy he is to her. Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, that young woman trying to rationalize the experience. No matter so, it is making little sense. Slowly shaking her head from left to right, turning her attention onward. Those gods approaching, genocide being their goal, time ever so little. For now, that devil focusing her attention on the job at hand. Pushing those memories out of mind, walking forward.

Those memories...this deep sadness. Words indescribable, what does this have to do with me? For now, I must make my way to the Tower of Time...where this nightmare began...

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