Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 12: Those of Differing Worlds(Part 2)

Feeling an approaching presence, her eyes slowly opening. The maiden glancing towards her right, seeing a hand moving towards her. Cyra revealing her revolver in that instant, holding it to the forehead of the devil. The demon freezing, a state of paralysis coming over him. The devil looking into her cold eyes, those eyes causing his heart to desperately thump within his chest.

“You must certainly have a death wish,” she calmly speaks.

“S—Sorry...!” he stammers.

“Not good enough.”

Immediately the maiden rendering the butte of her revolver into the stomach of the devil. The devil feeling the wind leaving their body, falling to his knees, holding his stomach in excruciating pain. Looking up, seeing Cyra flipping out of her chair, fiercely kicking the demon across his head. The devil flying across the area, Cyra directing her revolver in his direction. The eyes of the maiden homing in on her target.


Cyra pulling the trigger, a burst of negative energy rushing out. The assault striking through the skull of the demon in an instant. The malevolence compressing, soon violently exploding. Turning away from the scene, the maiden paying the rest no mind. The surrounding demons looking on in shock, their eyes trembling at the scene. Cyra placing her hands inside the pockets of her coat, calmly walking away.

—Heavenly Realm—

High above the clouds, far beyond the world below, along the waves of energy revealing a place close but distant from the NetherWorld. Passing the massive gateway, and further in revealing the land of Asgard. Home of the angels and throne of the gods.


Odin sitting upon the throne, looking at a chessboard that is standing on top a portable table. The Godfather touching the king piece of the chessboard. His expression tensing a bit, thinking to the devil whose power continuously increases.

“Truly a monster this demon is...” his voice expressing some concern.

The god looking at the positioning of each of the pieces. Seeing how a single knight piece is always in place, and a Queen as well for any means of an emergency play. The Godfather knocking over the Queen piece, knowing all too well if this piece falls, then the devil will be vulnerable. Though, such is not so simple.

“And her father is taking to the playing field as well. Though, his actions are still unknown,” some tension revealing within Ares voice.

Odin looking forward, seeing his followers all conversing. Each knowing full well of the situation at hand. Freya seeming to have an idea in mind, soon turning towards Chronos, positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

“Perhaps we can take advantage of this,” Freya speaks, a faint smile taking to her face.

Take advantage now? What plan can she possibly have? As it is standing now, things are appearing a bit grim. Odin looking on, welcoming her idea.

“How so?” Chronos folding his arms.

“You should do your research, Chronos. Cyra absolutely despises her father, it just might be possible to have her take him out. That or vice versa,” Freya lowering her arms.

Ah that is very true indeed. The Tyrant in which plays a role in her life turning upside down. An unforgettable memory for the maiden, those dreadful times eternally tormenting her. The hatred must be intense.

“Hmm...but exactly how would we set this up?” Artemis positioning her hand upon her chin.

This certainly does seem like a plausible plan. After all, as she dives deeper into her despair, the stronger she will become. Using this despair as a means to erase the Tyrant and weaken her, such an opportunity may not come again. Ares turning towards Odin, and The Godfather looking in the direction of him. It is appearing that Ares has a plan as well. At this point, they must take action in any meaningful way.

“I have a feeling they will meet eventually, for now, we should try and stop her by activating the Forbidden One,” Ares suggesting.

“Hydra huh...yes, that beast would even give us gods some problems,” Odin positioning his arms in a thinking posture.

Hydra, a beast long locked away from ancient times. A monster in which the gods themselves will not confront unless it is of absolute necessity. Given the current situation however, they require the services of this beast. It might not be easy to put it back within its cage, but certainly its power is holding great value.

The sun soon setting, and night enveloping the area. The maiden standing at the deck of the ship, looking over the ocean. It is strange, the water below feeling at an unrest. Cyra looking down, noticing some ripples within the water. The maiden looking on, unaware of the beast lurking deep below. Far below the surface, a massive beast slowly circling the ship. Six heads, and scales black as the abyss. Malevolence burning immensely from its body.


Cyra closely looking on, seeing more ripples forming within the water. This is certainly strange, for so many to be forming in one instant.

Could just be fishes...still...this is certainly out of the ordinary...

The maiden revealing her revolver in her left hand, directing it down at the ripples. Cyra pulling the trigger, a burst of negative energy rushing out. The assault striking the water. The water growing silent for a bit as she closely looks on. Soon the maiden seeing even more ripples, watching a figure quickly approaching. The waves rising high in the air, the devil stepping back, looking on in shock.

Eyes burning with malevolence glaring through the walls of water. The waves falling, revealing the beast secluding itself ever so deep below. The monster letting out a mighty cry. The sound of the beast reaching far and wide. The maiden looking on in unease, feeling the immense pressure of the monster crushing down at her.

—Heavenly Realm—

Outside the gateway, the connecting platforms extending far and wide from the many chains, a place where not many can even dream to come upon. Standing upon a floating platform is the supreme god. Valor looking down, his eyes resting upon the floating clouds. Conflict deep within his eyes. Hearing the crying of the forbidden one. The god slightly looking away, soon turning his attention back to it.


Valor turning, looking towards the palace stretching high, a heart eternally in bondage. One can say it will pain even more if one refuses to let go of the past. However so, that is what he has to hold onto. Those memories which will remain as such. The god slightly looking away, soon turning to look down to the world below.

The dark clouds high in the sky, rain pouring down in the grassy plains. The tree itself appearing to feel some sadness from the event at hand. Tension is within the air, the cold air seeming like blades.

Valor standing upon his knee, looking up at Cyra. The maidens blade directing at his head. Those cold eyes are upon him, knowing all too well of her disappointment. Friends they may be, but there is a certain divisive line of what is acceptable.

“Will you really stand back, and allow innocent lives to be lost? Was my father right about you?” her cold eyes glaring down at him.


Valor slightly looking away, the role of a god, and those of below are far different. Perhaps he can understand her displeasure of the situation, and he never does like to disappoint her. Conflicting emotions clashing deep within him, feeling himself having to make yet another difficult decision.

“A life is a matter how insignificant it is. I am no hero, farthest from it really, but I can never sit by and watch as a life is snuffed out right in front of me,” she calmly states.

The deity slightly looking down, even if their roles are much different, perhaps they do meet on a certain moral ground.

“Is that so...?” he questions.

“Indeed,” her voice soft upon him.

Valor looking up to her, seeing that gentle look in her eyes. Those of the high heavens may reprimand his actions, but to him, disappointing his friend will be of an even greater problem. Such a thing, even if the world so shall damn them, they shall continue to tackle the conflicts together.

“Very well then, let’s go get em,” he smiles at her.

Hearing those words, Cyra knowing well that he is the friend she has always known. The maiden lowering her blade, returning a similar smile in kind. The Nine Worlds being ever so endless. Even so, both continuing to stand their ground together.

The god hanging his head low, frustration reflecting from deep within him. His fists shaking in frustration, combatting his grief with his loyalty to his old friend. A life is a life, no matter how insignificant it is. The god knowing she will feel great disappointment in him if he continues to behave as such.

“A life is a life taught me much...damn it all...fine...” he reluctantly speaks.


The waves of the ocean at an unrest, rain heavily pouring down. The ship intensely swaying back and forth in the presence of the mighty beast. The rain feeling like knives stabbing down. The Hydra descending on the maiden, its poisonous fangs moving in towards its prey. Cyra dashing away, the head of the serpent striking down on the deck of the ship. The impact causing the vessel to sway even more. Screams filling the night, panic all around. The passengers trying to save their own lives, some jumping overboard out of desperation.

Cyra holding her ground, soon glancing around. As it is standing now, if this fiend continues its assault, the ship will sink. There is nothing much she can do but try and defeat it before too much damage comes to the vessel. The Hydra glaring down at the maiden, acidic compound falling from its mighty jaws, hitting against the ship. Steam rising, and mixing into the cold air. The mixture of elements making it harder to breathe. A forbidden one it is, something that destroys even the oxygen around it.

Hydra lunging down at the maiden with one of its head. As it approaches, her eyes locking on with its own, the maiden motioning to meet it in kind. In that very instant, the devil cleaving the head straight from the body of the monster. Blood gushing out of the wound as the head falls to the deck of the ship. Cyra looking to the beast which does not seem to care, pain does not even appear to be affecting it. This striking her as peculiar.

“Something is not right here...” tension taking hold of her.

From the wound, where the head no longer rests, the stump rapidly moving. The maiden taking a step back, seeing two more heads immediately emerging. The serpent salivating, causing even more acidic compound to hit against the ship, slowly tearing away at it. Cyra looking around, witnessing the gas merging with the cold air, her eyes trembling a bit. Even if she cuts off the head of this monster, it will simply regenerate more, and the longer this battle drags on, the harder it is becoming to breathe. It is only a matter of time until the ship goes under. The situation is grim. Cyra being uncertain on what action to even take against this seemingly deathless enemy.

“At this rate...either I will succumb to exhaustion, or this ship will sink...” her eyes trembling a bit.

From high above, Valor floating, looking down to the ship, his eyes are of devastation. Seeing the maiden clashing against the formidable Hydra. There she is standing once again, fighting yet another battle. His mind in a foggy haze. It might as well be in comparison to that of a dream, unable to believe the event before him.


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