Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 12: Those of Differing Worlds(Part 3)

The god knowing that he has been foolish in the past. That at least he can try to make up for some of those wrongs. Looking towards his old friend, the maiden holding her index finger to his lips. Valor looking towards her in confusion. Cyra slowly nodding her head in refusal.

“It is a bit pointless to say...what was meant that night...after—”

The deity hearing her fading voice. Valor’s eyes widening in horror. The supreme god beginning to feel her hand growing cold. Tears starting to well within his eyes. Those nightmares becoming reality once again.

“—Over now...farewell...Val...I have met you once again...” she weakly speaks.


Rain relentlessly pouring down, the cold air making it harder to breathe, and the stabbing drops of liquid striking down. It truly is a battle in which one may rather be in Hell, than to face such an enemy. Cyra dashing away, the many heads striking down. The ship heavily shaking with each strike. The maiden revealing her revolvers, repeatedly firing at the enemy. Negative energy concentrating, unleashing upon the target in quick succession.

The assault striking at the enemy, the impact holding the mighty serpent at bay. The maiden standing there, looking at the beast, her eyes of uncertainty. None of her attacks appearing to have any effect on this monster. Cyra wondering if it is really hopeless, all she can do is delay it at best. The beast looking at her with those bloodthirsty eyes, soon loudly screeching. Shockwaves rushing through the area, causing the ship to sway even harder.

“You need a Diviner to defeat a beast like this,” a familiar voice speaks.

Hearing that familiar voice, the maiden slowly looking up. The rain hitting hard against her face, it is a bit difficult to see. Her vision soon concentrating, the devil resting her eyes upon that all too familiar friend.

“Valor...” she distantly speaks.

The god descending from above, soon landing beside her. Valor looking to the serpent, the beast taking notice of him. The monster loudly screeching, causing the waves to become even more at an unrest.

“This is one of the gods most fatal weapons, Hydra. It cannot be defeated under normal circumstances. Your weapon will be useless here,” he explains, glancing to the maiden.

The fiend lunging at them, each head eager to tear into them. Cyra and Valor dashing away, the many heads intensely colliding down on the ship. Both landing, narrowly holding their ground, feeling the ship rocking hard from left to right.

“We have to end this quickly! This ship can’t take much more of this!” Valor flinching.

“How though?” she looks on, seeing the serpent rising high.

Cyra hearing the sounds of its hisses, the air becoming harder to breathe by the moment. Malevolence secreting from its body. A truly fearsome foe it is, growing stronger as the battle progresses.

“We have to work together for this one. I can damage the body, but due to how much this thing has grown, it will give me quite a hard time to land any fatal hits,” he informs her.

“So a distraction huh, I always wanted to ride a Hydra,” she positions her arms in a thinking posture.

“You’re insane ya know that?” he looks to her in disbelief.

The serpent letting out a mighty screech, the force of the impact hitting back Cyra and Valor. Both narrowly holding their ground. Without another option, and time growing short, they must make haste. Cyra extending Lævateinn, her eyes glaring at her target. Those eyes shining a light of confidence. The maiden dashing towards the Hydra. The monster responding in kind, lunging down at her.

The first head diving down upon her. Cyra immediately leaping, the head of the beast hitting the deck of the ship. The devil landing upon the head of the fiend. The Hydra immediately raising its head. Cyra sliding down the neck of the serpent. Looking on, seeing the many heads locking onto her. Valor gripping his katana upon his side, gathering energy. Speechlessly looking on, seeing his old friend sliding along one neck to the next. Always the adventurous one she is, but this, this is plain insanity he thinks.

“Valor! Pay attention! I cannot keep this up forever!” Cyra yelling.

“Got it-got it!”

The god locking onto the target ahead, soon unsheathing his katana. The deity striking the area ahead within that instance, unleashing a wave of water. The water piercing through the Hydra. The liquid surrounding the ship far and wide freezing over as well as the rain itself.

In that moment, the assault entirely freezing the Hydra. From the base of the ship, extending far and high into the sky, a glacier of ice revealing itself. The Hydra now nothing more than a sculpture of ice. A sigh escaping Valor’s lips, the maiden landing at his side. The ship being in critical condition, but it is appearing as if it will hold.

“Now...” Cyra reaching out toward Valor with her left hand.


The maiden grabbing him, pulling him close, aiming her revolver right to his head. Valor glancing to the revolver, soon turning his full attention to her, uncertain on what is going on.

“A thank you doesn’t kill anyone ya know...” he sweats in a panic.

Valor seeing the cold glare in her eyes. Now there are a lot of things he has done, but this time he is uncertain of what he has done. Then again, it is him after all. These things naturally happens without his realization.

“We have a few things to discuss,” she speaks.

Without much choice, the deity playing the ground, if anything, perhaps lady-luck will be on his side this dreadful night. However, it can also mean that his hide will gain a new mark, much to his displeasure.

“Is it the way I think this will go?” his voice expressing hope.

“Probably not,” her expression is of annoyance.

Slightly whimpering, the god proceeding to pray from deep within. Perhaps a miracle can happen. Knowing his fortune though, likely such a thing is not possible. The ice entombing Hydra slowly beginning to crack. Cyra and Valor taking notice. The two witnessing parts of the glacier falling apart, hitting down into the water below, and some even crashing onto the ship. Waves of water splashing high above. The Hydra breaking its bondage, menacingly screeching. The presence of this monster unnerving the maiden.

“Oh thank god...” Valor sighing in relief.

Cyra looking towards him in disbelief. The god shrugging at her, uneasily smiling. A miracle indeed, perhaps now he will have some time to think his way out of his dilemma. Probably not much in all honesty.

“’s either that psychopath—” he points to the Hydra.

“—Or that psychopath...” he gestures to the maiden.

Her eyes are of even more annoyance at her old friend. Naturally, some fortune for this god it is. If anything, his punishment is now postponed, whatever he may have done that is. Malevolence burning even brighter from the serpent, the maiden facing the beast. Feeling the immense pressure crushing down on her. Valor looking on, jokes aside, he never will think such a monster can withstand one of his most fatal abilities.

The negative energy spiraling around the monster, flowing towards its many mouths. The serpent generating negative power. Both looking on, feeling fear building from the pit of their stomachs. Cyra glancing towards Valor, he may be the supreme god, but he is terrible when it comes to reacting to situations. The Hydra proceeding to assault them, the maiden grabbing the deity, Valor looking towards her in confusion.

“You will have to forgive my selfishness...” she softly speaks.

Seeing those gentle eyes of hers, his own widening in shock. Cyra turning him around, rendering her foot across his back, hitting him afar as the fiend unleashes the massive wave of negative energy.

“Cyra!” he calls out as it strikes down upon her.

The area violently exploding, waves of water rising high, twisters rushing from every direction. Valor appearing high in the air, his eyes trembling as he looks on. The ship being no more, the fiend still standing strong, and to make things worse, Cyra is nowhere to be seen.

“Cyra...!” his voice of devastation.

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