Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 12: Those of Differing Worlds(Bonus Scene(Part 1))

In those earlier days, where the heavens and earth remain apart, a rift in which has always been known, peace existing as a result. The heavens remaining where they are, and those from far below can only gaze upon them. Some may call it selfish, that a world is remaining out of reach. Others trying in vein to ascend to such a world. Nonetheless, both worlds existing in harmony. Far above the endless clouds, into the deepest depths of space, a rift existing. One in which no ordinary being can reach. Legend telling of riches that only one can dream of existing in this unknown world.

A fateful day eventually coming. A single demon managing to reach the unreachable. Standing there. His eyes resting upon the palace that is seeming to endlessly stretch into the sky. The warmth of the sun shining down on the young devil. His long white hair flowing in the gentle breeze, those calm azure eyes resting upon the amazing view.

Clad in the armor of a dark dragon, the malevolence from it seeming to be at ease. The Tyrant immediately noticing something is peculiar. Turning his attention to the area all around, seeing not a single soul in sight. A wide field of flowers, that is all that is appearing to exist in this world. The air feeling refreshing, and there does not seem to be any form of malevolence.

A truly peaceful place it is appearing to be. Perhaps a slight shame to disrupt this world, but certainly no progress can be made if one has any sort of hesitation. Positioning his arms in a thinking posture, the demon beginning to wonder why. Certainly such a legend must hold some truth to it. Looking up to the endless sky, the devil beginning to feel an immense pressure crushing down on him. It is almost staggering really. There does seem to be at least one powerful being that exist.

“It appears whoever resides here does not welcome my presence,” some unease expressing from his eyes.

Shaking off the unsettling feeling, the demon walking onward. Making his way closer and closer to the palace, the intensity of the pressure intensifying upon him. Perhaps someone realizes his presence, and may not take kind to him being here. No ordinary being can exert such a force. The devil wondering if a deity is residing at the top.

If such a thing is of any truth, then certainly he must meet this being, and bring them down to the earth below. A demon he is, one who has been given the title of ‘Invincible Tyrant.’ Despite the amount of battles this devil fights, there has not been a single one in defeat. Those eyes of his burning in determination.

A god or the average devil, it matters not. So long as there is a being with such power, the Tyrant will do all in his power to spread his influence. Approaching the palace, seeing the massive door slowly opening. The Tyrant looking on in some confusion. Certainly it is strange for this mysterious being to reject access at first, then suddenly open their home to him.

“What exactly is your game...?” he looks up to the endless sky.

Suspicion expressing from the eyes of the Tyrant. Whatever game this mysterious enemy is planning, the demon knowing well to stay on alert. Cautious he is as he enters the palace. Walking deeper into the white, the realm endlessly seeming to extend. The door slowly closing from behind him. The Tyrant looking back, slightly grinning in some unease. Turning his attention ahead, there is seeming to be nothing but an endless void. There is no wind, no sound, only an endless white void. Maybe this is a trap, to punish intruders. That or some sick and twisted game. Either way, the Tyrant is beginning to gauge the level of the threat at hand.

In the olden days, I thrived to be the most powerful. Tackling one power after the next. In those days, all I cared about was expanding my power, my influence. To have the Nine Worlds in the palm of my hand. I never knew loss, I never knew sorrow, a much simpler time it was. That day I remember all too well. Sometimes I wonder...would it have been better if I never stepped foot into that palace?

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