Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 12: Those of Differing Worlds(Bonus Scene(Part 2))

High in the endless void, riding along the transparent energy, a small rift revealing. Looking through the rift exposing a woman appearing to be in her twenties, but her age may actually be much more. The woman sitting upon a golden throne seat. Hair flowing long, reflecting that of the sun. Eyes as red as the crimson moon. Wearing an ancient white garb.

The mysterious woman looking on through the rift. Her expression seeming of interest. Looking on, seeing the Tyrant calmly standing there. Revealing no fear, but maybe some slight annoyance if anything. The malevolence from his body intensely radiating. The woman curiously positioning her right index finger to her chin. A devil making it this far is amazing as it is, but one that is keeping their sanity even in such a predicament, he is certainly most interesting.

The woman looking ahead, trailing down the long red carpet. From the polish tiles beneath her feet, to the crystal windows on both sides of the room. The door at the end of the room slowly opening. The woman taking notice, looking on in the direction.

Standing there, clad in azure armour is one of her proud servants. A man seeming a bit on the older side of things. Along his right eye, a clear scar resting upon him. Taking a moment to look upon the room. Embracing the gentle breeze flowing in. It is quite a pleasurable place to be.

Chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, reflecting the proud images along the walls. Looking ahead to his Queen, seeing her gesture her hand for him to enter. Nodding in acknowledgment, the man closing the door behind him. Walking along the red carpet, admiring the one sitting upon the throne. However, the servant knowing better than for such thoughts. Standing before her, their eyes meeting for a moment. Noticing the rift, the man turning his attention towards it. Seeing the Tyrant calmly walking through the endless void.

“How cruel,” he calmly speaks.

Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, the Queen wondering if it really is cruel. Perhaps the punishment is fitting, if not unusual one may say. After all, a devil entering her home without so much as a knock before coming in.

“Cruel you say? How funny. I am simply entertaining myself. It is not often I get a visitor,” she rests her wrists along the side of the chair.

Looking back to the rift, seeing the Tyrant standing in the endless void. The devil managing to take her interest. The demon looking from left to right. Amusing really if anything, and quite impressive that he can last so long.

“Say the word, and I will dispose of him,” the man bowing.

Raising her hand, implying that there is no need for such, her servant merely looking at her in some confusion. Normally his Queen is not so patient with an intruder if anything. Preferring her time to be peaceful rather than barbaric.

“There is something strange about this devil. Let us see how long he lasts,” she softly speaks.

Perhaps a bit compassionate, to allow the Tyrant a chance to reach her. Still, what will happen if he does reach her? Not even she knows of such. After all, no one ever survives her trial. The Queen looking towards her servant, whose attention is in the direction of the window. Seeing the endless sky. To be so high, to be a representation of freedom. No shackles shall bind the Queen, and as such, she shall remain ever so high above.

Her birth countless millenniums ago foretelling that those below her will eternally remain in her shadow. Also speaking of her continuous ascension, making even those high above eventually kneel to her will.

Standing from her throne, the Queen looking towards the rift a bit more attentively. Seeing the Tyrant’s malevolence tearing away at the surrounding energy. To think anyone can manifest so much darkness within them. It is unfathomable in all actuality. Looking on a bit more seriously, watching the malevolence continuously expand, slowly ripping apart the illusion around him.

Her servant turning in her direction, noticing her grim expression. This is most unlike her, to express such at the presence of an enemy. The man looking towards the rift, his eyes slightly widening in surprise. The servant wondering who this mysterious enemy is. To even best the illusion of his Queen, perhaps this person is a much larger threat than he initially thinks.

“My Queen, shall I go to dispose of him now?” he questions.

His Queen does not answer, the woman merely looking on with interest. Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, observing the devil ever so closely. The Queen soon glancing to the door of the throne room. Watching the door slowly opening, the servant turning his attention ahead as well. Tension growing within, wondering how anyone can make it this far. Standing at the door, the Tyrant looking straight ahead to the Queen sitting upon her throne.

The devil looking towards the servant, soon paying him no mind. The demon turning his attention back to the Queen. The eyes of the woman and the enemy locking upon the other. Feeling her immense pressure crushing down on him, tension rising within the Tyrant.

“There is no mistake...the energy belongs to her...”

“Welcome,” she calmly speaks.

Looking on, seeing her servant making his way in front of her. The Tyrant taking caution as he enters the room. The door beginning to close, and the demon glancing back. Hearing a loud slam behind him. It is appearing there is no backing out now, not that he will retreat either way. Turning his attention to the Queen, his eyes much more serious now. It is clear to him that this enemy is no ordinary one.

“What...exactly are you?” he folds his arms.

“I can ask the same of you, demon,” she faintly smiles.

Her comment striking some alarm within the Tyrant. There are not many who can calmly speak to him in such away. Her power continuing to make itself known. That pressure crushing down at him. Definitely she has the necessary power to backup such boldness.

Glancing to his right, then to his left. There is appearing to be some form of energy around the area. There is no denying this. It has been her intention to lead him here, and now there is no chance of escape. A prison if anything. Perhaps a bit too late for regret. However, it matters little. The Tyrant has come too far to back out either way.

“Introduce yourself, devil,” the servant coldly speaks.

“I have not a clue how I can fair against her. Let alone an assistant. For now I best form a plan,” he uneasily thinks.

Standing straight, gesturing his right hand casually to his side. Such an action striking the servant with some annoyance. A devil naturally will have no respect for those above them. This Tyrant on the other hand continuously eating away at the servant. Aside from the disrespect, he is revealing no will to correct his presence.

“Tyrant Alastor, now for your name, woman,” he calmly speaks.

“I advise you show a bit more respect to the supreme ruler,” the servant taking a strong step forward.

The servant glaring at the Tyrant. The tone of the Tyrant, and his behavior striking even more rage within the man. Feeling another immense pressure crushing down. Alastor taking notice to the possible threat this one may be. The Queen extending her hand, blocking the path of her servant. Alastor and the servant looking towards her in confusion.

Lowering her hand, the Queen rising from her seat. The servant finding her actions to be unusual. The Queen walking towards the Tyrant, who is taking careful notice to her movements. An enemy she is, and it will be foolish to lower his guard. Standing in front of the devil, the woman folding her arms, taking a moment to observe him.

“Reynas,” she softly speaks.

Alastor extending his hand, and the servant looking on in unease. Seeing malevolence forming within the palm of the Tyrant’s hand. Reynas calmly standing there, feeling the pressure of such darkness crushing down on the entire room. Looking on, witnessing Lævateinn taking form. The shadows consuming the weapon. The Tyrant grasping the blade firmly by the hilt.

Directing his blade at her neck, Reynas calmly standing there, her expression unfazed by his presence. Her posture taking him by surprise. The servant looking on, wondering why his Queen will allow such insults in her presence. Alastor looking on, wondering why she does not react to his action. There has not been a single being in the entire Nine Worlds that will not tremble before Lævateinn.

“My Queen, please stand back, allow me to remove his presence,” the servant angrily speaks.

The servant walking onward, and Reynas extending her hand once again, blocking his path. Looking towards his Queen in confusion, wondering why she refuses him to take action. Turning his attention to the Tyrant, the man seeing those eyes glaring into his own. Stepping away from the conflict, the servant wondering if his Queen means to battle this devil herself. Alastor and Reynas’ eyes meeting with the other. One of ferocity, and the other of tranquility. Both of their will clashing against the other.

“State your reason for breaching even the world above the gods,” her expression is slightly more serious.

Reason? Why will there need to be a reason? Here he has his blade to her neck, and she is asking for such? This must be a joke he thinks. The devil wondering what game she is playing. Is she trying to make a fool of him? It is hard to say exactly what her aim might be.

“Reason? There is none. With you gone, there will be not a person left in all of the worlds that can surpass my influence,” he calmly states.

Reynas merely shaking her head in disappointment. Here she thinks that she has finally found someone who might at least have a reason. Someone that is simply like the rest, driven on power. Seeing such disapproval in her eyes, this leaving the Tyrant in even more confusion.

“Without reason, then your influence can only go so far. Even if you do manage to fell me,” she looks into his eyes.

Alastor slightly looking away, taking her words into consideration. For years he has gone on without such. Now that he finally reaches the highest level, here he is beginning to think of what can possibly drive him onward. Stepping away from him, the Tyrant turning his attention towards her. Seeing her extending her left hand. White particles spiraling around her hand. Slowly taking form, revealing a pure white gauntlet with an opening for a blade.

The Tyrant taking caution now, seeing the energy spiraling around her body. The light shining brighter and brighter. Alastor and the servant blocking out the light. Feeling the energy settling, both looking towards Reynas. The Queen standing before the Tyrant, clad in golden armor. Along the lower half of her back extending a noble-like cape. Her eyes are now much more serious upon the Tyrant.

“Before I am finished with you, you will learn what reason is,” her voice sending a frightening chill down the Tyrant’s spine.

You were such a proud Tyrant in those days. Power was what drove you. Still, you intrigued me, perhaps that was why I did not send you to death. That decision was the best I made. It would eventually lead to many more wonderful years. One day...I hope things can return to how it was, where heaven and earth can finally meet once more...

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