Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Ch 12: Those of Differing Worlds(Bonus(Part 3))

One of the high heavens, the other from the world far below. Both standing in opposition of the other. Their eyes clashing against the other. Differing ideals, but perhaps a similar resolve one can say. To reach for the heavens the devil will try, and the deity will continue to look on as they struggle to do so.

“Reason? Laughable really,” Alastor glaring at her.

Reynas placing her hand upon her waist, her eyes pitiable upon the Tyrant. To have so much power, yet such power has no purpose. One who possesses such level of power, to wield it without reason means it is simply a weapon that destroys. Nothing more, and nothing less.

“Tyrant Alastor, I presume you are the will that opposes reason,” she calmly states.

Balancing Lævateinn upon his shoulder, his posture calm and strong. Those eyes of his slightly lightening. They may be unable to see eye to eye. However, it does not mean they cannot understand where the other is coming from.

“Correct, this universe is one without reason. As such, power infinitely grows. Reason only dictates, irrationality is what drives success,” he explains.

Listening to those words, maybe he does speak some truth, but that is all. Indeed the universe exists without reason, but irrationality does no more than to cause senseless destruction. This much she wishes for the Tyrant to realize.

“I presume your decision is final?” she questions, lowering her arm to her side.

“Indeed,” Alastor extending his blade afar.

One who opposes reason, and the other that upholds order. The two mighty beings aura intensely clashing against the other. One of malevolence, and the other of divinity. The servant looking on, his eyes trembling, feeling both of the immense pressures crushing down on the entire room. The Tyrant moving a step forward, instantly disappearing. Reynas glancing to her right, revealing the blade of her gauntlet. In that instant, the Tyrant appearing, and their weapons clashing against the other. Both of their eyes are upon the other. Even though their words appear absolute, from deep within those fiery resolves, perhaps they do accept the other’s point of view.

Adjusting her footing, Reynas dashing away. The Tyrant locking onto his target, pursuing the goddess. Leaping high, angling his weapon over his other shoulder, his eyes fixating on the target below him.

“Reason huh...pointless...”

Immediately descending, striking down upon the deity. Within that moment, her body becoming transparent, and the Tyrant hitting the ground. The surrounding area tearing apart. His eyes slightly widening, trailing her movements behind him. Seeing the goddess returning to physical form. The devil standing, turning towards her. His eyes clearly expressing some unease. Something is not right, the demon being positive that his target has been set.

“You can strike at me all you wish, but you will never land a single attack,” she calmly speaks.

Her words sending a chill down his spine. To think the level of their power can be so drastically different. There must certainly be a way to close the gap. The Tyrant glancing away for a moment, the deity paying close attention to his posture.

“Are you so certain that you can remain illusive?” he confidently looks into her eyes.

This taking her by some surprise. Even so, the goddess continuing to maintain a calm demeanor. Immediately lunging at her, his blade closing in from the side. The deity dashing away, leaving illusions in her movements. Alastor rushing at her. Each assault the woman easily evading from left to right. It is feeling as if he is hitting nothing but the surrounding air.

Alastor descending from above, horizontally striking down. Once again her body becoming transparent, the demon hitting the ground below. The area violently shaking. Standing straight, the devil glances back. Reynas standing back to back with him. The goddess glancing back to him, her eyes showing slight signs of sorrow. Looking back to her, Alastor noticing the sorrowful expression in her eyes. This taking him by confusion. Here they are enemies, and she is appearing to have no will to continue to fight.

“Why is it that you believe reasoning is pointless?” she softly questions.

The demon looking away for a moment, soon turning his attention ahead. The servant looking on in confusion. This is hardly seeming like a battle. Through his eyes, it is appearing as if they are simply learning about the other.

“Those with reason tries to continuously put everything in a box. One life or a thousand? The reasonable choice is to choose the thousand. The irrational choice is to save the one,” he calmly explains.

Those words catching her attention. Perhaps he can see reason. His words does speak true. Reason can be twisted, there is no absolute good nor evil. There can be one life or a thousand. At times maybe being irrational can have beneficial effects. For certain the Tyrant is bringing a valid point to her view.

“You choose to be a Tyrant, not only for the power, but to embrace such irrationality,” she calmly speaks.

Both turning to the other, their eyes now much more at ease having some common ground of understanding. They may be so vastly different from the other. Even so, there are some common grounds that even a devil and a deity can meet on. Even if it is a slim one.

“Indeed, there will be no being in any world that can surpass my power. That I will ensure of,” he assures her.

Perhaps his views may have some form of rationality in them, even though his actions are mostly irrational. Still, there is a chance that even he can see within reason, and also fulfill his own desires. Reynas glancing around, seeing malevolence very close to her. Revealing some slight unease upon her. Realizing why he has not given in yet. This devil certainly appearing to have some tricks up his sleeve. In all honesty, it is quite fascinating really.

Looking towards the Tyrant, his blade directing to her neck. His cold eyes are upon her gentle own. Different as they are, this is still a battle nonetheless. Still, she does very much feel as if there is a certain form of hope this devil is carrying within him.

“Your final chance, kneel before me,” he coldly speaks.

Merely running her hand through her hair, looking at him with such calm eyes. Her posture, such causing him to take caution. A deity is no easy feat, this is for certain. No matter how this battle goes, in an instant everything can come to an end.

“Clever, but not clever enough,” she calmly speaks.

His eyes slightly widening. No matter which form of action he takes, it is appearing that this deity is one step ahead. The demon wondering what other tricks she has in her bag. Even Lævateinn is appearing to be experiencing unease in this battle. Looking on, her posture being calm. The goddess raising her right hand into the air.

“The pain will only last an instant,” she calmly speaks, snapping her fingers.

An unknown energy grabbing at the Tyrant all around. Feeling himself unable to move. The demon wondering what is happening, only being able to look on. Witnessing the room all around shifting into an endless void. The realm appearing to go on and on. The air all around becoming hard to breathe. Alastor seeing the goddess moving past him, feeling a crushing force extending far and wide.

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