Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 12: Those of Differing Worlds(Bonus Scene(Conclusion))

“In this void, it is without time. As such—” she stands behind him.

“I can freely bend it to my will,” she calmly speaks.

Has this been a foolish choice from the beginning? All he can wonder is how powerful this deity really is. Perhaps from the beginning she has been toying with him. Now that he thinks about it, perhaps she even may have grant him access into her palace. Unable to move, hearing her voice echoing through him. The Tyrant trying to hold his nerve, but it is appearing this time, there is no way to best this adversary. Even Lævateinn is unable to resist the pressure that is continuously binding them in place.

Walking ahead, running her hand through her hair. The Tyrant feeling energy building all around him. Materializing within the void are many ranges of weapons. Those many weapons extending for miles on end. Forms of energy adding to the surrounding pressure.

“Let us try the first level,” she glances back to him.

Those calm eyes resting upon him, the many weapons locking onto the target. Everything appearing slow all around him, the weapons homing in upon the Tyrant. Feeling the many forms approaching him. In an instant, each striking at him within every direction. Feeling intense pain surging through his entire body. Unable to scream out, to be frozen in place.

Pure white energy brightly shining far and wide. Reynas standing from a distance, glancing back, watching the energies compressing, soon violently exploding. The air soon becoming easier to breathe, and the flow of time normally resuming. The dimension all around breaking away, both returning to her throne room. The Tyrant falling to knee, gasping for air, blood streaming down his face.

Reynas walking towards the Tyrant. The servant looking on, expecting an all too deserving punishment. Looking up at her, as it is standing now, there does not seem to be any possible way to combat such an enemy. Her years are much beyond his own. From the moment of entering this palace, there has been a deciding factor.

His expression growing grim, still his will remaining strong. Extending her right hand towards him. Such an action taking him by surprise. The servant as well looking on in complete shock. The Tyrant looking towards her in confusion. Wondering how anyone can show kindness to an enemy. Even that is too irrational for him.

“Perhaps we have differing views Tyrant Alastor, but we do meet on a common ground, correct?” she softly speaks.

Slightly looking down, even though their perspectives are different, they can indeed meet on some level. One may be from the high heavens, and the other from the land ever so far below. However so, there can be common ground between them.

“Do you see now? Reason will always prevail,” she calmly speaks.

The Tyrant lookIng into her eyes, faintly smiling. This taking her by some surprise. Maybe it is in acknowledgement. That there is someone out there that can actually best him. It can also be that he respects her as an opponent as well.

“Then I suppose we will have to see which one of us is right in the end,” he takes hold of her hand.

His response certainly does take her by surprise, but a rather pleasant one at that. The goddess returning a faint smile in kind. Alastor rising to his feet. A competition it is, and one in which will turn out to be quite pleasurable. Both taking a step away from the other.

“Then, it is a promise. We will continue on, seeing whose perspective holds the most weight in the end,” she softly speaks.

Alastor walking past her, the goddess turning in his direction. The Tyrant soon stopping a few feet away from her. Glancing back to her, the devil wondering on why he even does this. Perhaps there is much more to everything around him than what is meeting the eye.

“I still have many places to go. Many worlds to conquer, many things to do. It might be some time until I can return,” he informs her.

Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, the goddess considering his offer. Certainly a strange one this devil is, and perhaps there is much she can learn as well. It can certainly be a while, and a promise of such cannot really be on hold.

“Then I will have to join you,” she softly speaks.

The Tyrant looking ahead, even he figures there is no way around such. It is appearing that there is a long journey ahead of them. An endless future where those from the heavens and earth can explore new possibilities together.

“I may even do some unspeakable things, can you really follow along knowing of such?” he questions.

Certainly it will be a difficult start. However so, the goddess holding strong to her beliefs. Perhaps a bit irrational, but she has also come to learn that there needs to be some form of irrationality for there to be reason.

“I believe you will see reason to change your course,” she softly speaks.

A faint smile coming to his face. Not even he can predict the future. After enduring his first loss, certainly the future has endless possibilities. One in which heaven and those of the earth can finally meet. The servant taking a step forward, protesting to such behaviour.

“My Queen, you possibly cannot be thinking to leave?” he speaks in alarm.

The goddess glancing back to her servant. The servant seeing a smile upon her. It is appearing the situation is making even less sense now. Not too long ago, they have been enemies. Now they are going off on an adventure? It is making little to no sense.

“I have been here for far too long. I need an adventure,” she walks up to the Tyrant’s side.

An adventure, to go out there into the vast worlds, experiencing what it has to offer. Perhaps it has been much too long since she has ever come to such a consideration. The many worlds are continuing to evolve, and as a result, there is much to bear witness towards. The goddess and Tyrant turning in the direction of the other, both finding this situation a bit hard to believe, but rather intriguing.

“This will certainly be interesting,” he holds the back of his head with his right hand.

“Indeed, shall we go?” she pleasantly questions.

“Heh, yeah, but I am not losing this,” he walks onward.

“Hm hm, we will see,” she joyously follows along.

Heaven and earth, two beings from worlds so far apart. Meeting in the state of battle, only to realize they may not be so different after all. Ideals may be different, resolve as well. However, both having what they believe in, this being enough to form a bond that can transcend through time.

That day...I remember it all too well. Alastor and I had set out on an adventure. If he had not been so stubborn, then certainly I would have remained in that palace. Even though our parting had been tragic, we had shared many happy years together, and now...our daughter is heading down his path of irrationality, but she does also behave in reason. Hopefully, she can bring back that Tyrant I knew so well...

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