Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 3: Those Who Regret(Part 1)

A heart evermore conflicting, memories of uncertainty. One searching for answers of the past, emotions uneasily gripping at her core. Feelings reaching out, desires wishing for an end to this eternal torment. High above the clouds, passing far from the realm below. A world residing parallel to the many, existing in between dimensions. Floating masses of land, chains connecting for countless miles. An ancient gate standing tall, symbols of the past burning upon it. Beyond such unraveling the realm of the gods, and home of the angels, a place of salvation away from the corruption. A massive city flourishing, those many inhabitants joyously carrying on with their lives. Further down, a palace stretching high into the sky. Grassy plains surrounding on all ends, labyrinths leading to two separate lakes.

Inside of those mazes revealing statues of deities, each extending throughout the corners towards the lakes. That breeze evermore unsettling, tension coming from within the palace. Inside of the throne room, a long crimson carpet reaching through. Pillars standing around, windows of crystal. A throne seat at the front, statues of gods lining the corners. Standing before the deities revealing Valor, a deity many revering for his ferocity and intelligence on the battlefield. That armor upon him shining ever so pure, reflecting those beliefs he is holding ever so dear. Anger expressing from his vision, his blood boiling by the moment.

“Explain yourselves! Why have the angels been ordered to commence genocide on the demons?!” Valor raising his voice.

One from ever so high, emotions evermore deep. Memories of the past within that realm, those many lessons of the past. Anger deep inside of him, that deity trying to calm himself. Madness it is, going to such extreme lengths. Those deities resting their vision on Valor, many of them evermore calm. Chronos, the god of time. Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Freya, the goddess of love. Ares, the god of war. Lastly, Odin, the god of wisdom, poetry, war, death, and divination. Each of these gods standing ever high, no matter so, emotions gripping at Freya. That goddess thinking on this decision, her heart paining her so.

“Calm yourself Valor, those demons have proven themselves too much of a risk to keep around,” Odin calmly speaks.

The NetherWorld, a realm of lawlessness. Demons striving ever so high, stepping far above their boundaries. One rising evermore by the moment, chaos reaching further and beyond. Valor well in awareness of the danger devils can pose, no matter so, his heart residing inside of the past. One in days so long ago, a friend dear to him. Even if that realm is filling with corruption, there is still hope for it. Pain gripping at his heart, trying ever so hard. Despite it all, his efforts constantly going down in flames. One from so far below, that god running out of time with each passing minute.

“I warned you lot, to stay away from that world...” Valor hanging his head low, his fists shaking in frustration.

“Valor, why do you keep defending the NetherWorld? You possibly cannot think that woman will return,” Odin folding his arms.

“She may have pulled off miracles in the past, but not even she can manipulate death,” Artemis bracing back against a pillar.

One from days of the past, a demon amongst demons. One capable of ascending heights far above her standing, no matter so, one loathing the field of battle. Conflict following her, a heart crying out. Words never reaching the other, powerlessness the deity experiencing. Two old friends tackling the harshest of challenges together, a dream coming to an end. One clinging to the past, well in awareness of a certain detail. A tower within days of sorrow, someone reaching out for one last miracle. A heart in pain, that deity wishing for those times of joy once more.

“Even if she does not return, that is her home...” Valor slightly looking away.

One holding the memories of his old friend ever so dear, no matter of the turmoil. Times of joy in those days, one thinking back to those horrible events. Freya turning away, her expression evermore grim. Even after so many years, that deity still refusing to let go. That one carrying on each and every day, trying to craft a reality his old friend may have been happy in. Chronos positioning his arms in a thinking posture, a sigh escaping his lips. Valor following the guidance of one ever so long ago, always taking the much more difficult path.

“And what do you believe she would do?” Chronos carefully questions.

Those time so long ago, a smile in days of the past. Much more simpler it has been, heaven and those ever so far below meeting as one. Countless adventures, two facing the harshest of conflicts together. Even if the chances are minuscule at best, that one grabbing hold, turning it into a reality. One continuously falling, standing up even stronger. A heart loathing the field of battle, words never reaching the other. Despite it all, a bond being strong between two. Reprehensible these actions are, that god following the will of his old friend.

“She will keep fighting, no matter how hopeless the situation is appearing...” Valor folding his arms.

No matter the situation, even if it is ever so pointless, that one never giving in. Regret inside of the past, Valor desperately holding onto the faintest of chances. That life fading inside of his arms, powerless he has been. One proceeding with a final gamble, a procedure failing. Countless possibilities running inside of his mind, wondering how things may have gone. Even so, those times so long ago remaining so. A future still being ahead, that deity grasping the smallest of possibilities. A certain one fleeing in times of the past, one uncertain how to confront that person even to the current day.

“Of course she would, but I am afraid, that isn’t an option,” Ares slightly looking away.

Those evermore short in their sight, taking the easiest way out. That deity learning of the importance of difficulty, the changes that can come about. Disgust expressing from his eyes, gods still going forward with their agenda. Freya facing in the direction of Valor, her eyes ever so distant. Even now, that supreme deity is trying to keep the memory of his old friend alive. Even if it is sorrowful, that will to continue on existing. Hearts moving apart, a dreadful farewell of the past. Emotions remaining deep within, regret clawing away at the soul.

“There is always a choice...” he coldly utters, turning from the gods.

“Where are you going?” Odin questions a bit more seriously.

“To clean up this damn mess,” Valor looking ahead, positioning his arms in a thinking posture.

Even if those gods will not put down their arms, Valor refusing to give in. Memories guiding his way, that smile of those distant days. One never relenting, finding the smallest of possibilities, turning it into a reality. Heaven and earth drifting apart, emotions never reaching the other. That sorrowful night still inside of his mind, a bleeding moon shining down ever so brilliantly. One retreating to his shell, unable to act in a time of most need. Those years going by, their bond remaining, yet her smile going away. Those deities witnessing Valor walking onward, Freya’s eyes ever so distant upon him. That door to the throne room opening, loudly slamming upon Valor’s leaving.

“Your plan, Lord Odin?” Freya facing him in some uncertainty.

“For now, we watch Valor’s actions,” Odin slightly looking away.

A heart holding onto those days, wishing for them to become a reality once more. Even if it may be minuscule at best, it is well worth holding onto. That deity desiring to right the wrongs of his past, fulfilling the request of his old friend from afar. Walking out of the palace, that god standing within the grassy field. Disgust deeply expressing from his eyes, his heart agonizing him. One evermore powerless to do anything yet again, frustration gripping at his core. Memories never leaving him, that tower where everything has truly come apart.

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