Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 13: Those Without Will(Conclusion)

—Internment Camp—

Bodiespiling upon each other far and wide. The stench of blood high in the air. The crimson color painting the ground. Cyra standing, aiming her revolver at the skull of a werewolf. The beast upon their knees trembling in fear, looking into those calm eyes.


Cyra pulling the trigger, negative energy rushing out, piercing through the skull of the beast. The hound falling back, their body burning away, malevolence tearing them apart. From a distance, Valor moving with illusions in his steps. The god appearing in a crouching stance in front of a Minotaur, severing their body in half in an instant. Blood gushing out, the two halves falling to the ground.

Calmly standing, the deity feeling a heavy presence approaching. Cyra turning in the direction, seeing an arch-demon approaching. Their body pulsing a dark crimson color. Fangs extending far, and claws sharp as swords. Their eyes black as the night itself.

“Seriously? You try to run a business, and some dumbass always try and invade,” he sighs.

Turning within the direction of the devil. Valor and Argent looking upon them. There has only been a matter of time until their actions gain traction. The crushing malevolence of their foe pressing down on them. The surrounding oxygen becoming harder to breathe.

“...” Argent quickly hiding behind Cyra.

The child peeking out, seeing the devil looking in his direction. The threatening glare of the demon piercing right down the spine of the child. Glancing back to the child, there is no doubt in the mind of the maiden. Cyra turning her attention back to the devil ahead.

“I suppose I can assume this is your captor,” Cyra calmly speaks.

“Y—yeah...” Argent fearfully verifying.

With those words, the maiden needing no more confirmation. Her eyes shifting, the halfbreed glaring at the demon ahead. There is much she will allow to slide, but this is one in which she will not. Perhaps it is because she has been a mother in the past.

“Valor, stand back,” Cyra glancing to him.

“Huh? Why?” he positions his arms behind his head.

Cyra looking ahead to the arch-demon. Malevolence extending from her body, crushing down on them. The devil feeling the intensity of her pressure, it is staggering really. The fiend wondering exactly what she is. Indeed the maiden is a foe to take caution towards.

“I am going to teach this demon an extremely painful lesson he will never forget, even in death,” she cracks her knuckles.

“This is...strangely exciting...probably not the time for this...” Valor scratching his cheek with his index finger.

“I would think so as well,” she looks to him unamused.

The arch-demon walking ahead a bit, sharpening his claws in anticipation for the battle ahead. There is still a business to run, and whoever this maiden might be, he will ensure to leave a message that will never be forgotten. Looking on, Argent experiencing a crushing fear deep within, unable to move from his position.

“You overestimate your abilities. My power is on level with Demon Lords hm hm,” he devilishly smiles at her.

“I really do not care,” she shrugs.

“You will soon enough!”

The fiend vanishing in an instant. The maiden quickly feeling the approach of the enemy. Their energy seeming to extend in every direction. Cyra locking onto her target, seeing him appearing above her. The fiend extending his mighty claw, his vision upon the maiden. Striking down upon her in an instant. In that moment, revealing her blade as the devil descends, the maiden blocking the impact of the assault. Her unfazed eyes meeting his own. Such a look taking the devil aback, that calm demeanor of hers. Certainly, this is not an ordinary opponent.

Pulling away his claw, the demon striking once again. The maiden holding her position, enduring the assaults of the arch-demon. Cyra glancing back to Argent, seeing that fear has completely overtaken him. His body unable to move from the spot he is in. There is appearing to be nothing that can be done at this moment. For now, she will have to combat this threat without moving.

Cyra immediately revealing her revolver with her offhand. The maiden unleashing the assault upon the chest of the devil. Negative energy heavily striking at the monster. The attack violently exploding, causing the demon to skid back upon his feet. Rubbles flying all around. The surrounding area crushing from the exertion of such force.

“Ugh...!” he takes a moment to adjust.

“Those are no ordinary guns...” he cautiously speaks.

“Of course not, these guns are infused with my own energy. Concentrated to a full force. The perfect weapon for long, and close range battles,” her eyes brimming with confidence.

The devil taking a step back, observing the situation at hand. Long and close range, he can only wonder where this opponent even comes from. There is no doubt in his mind that she poses much more of a threat than those before her. Glancing to Valor, her eyes meeting with his own. Noticing such, it is clear that her actions are of limitation currently. Understanding this, the deity instantly appearing beside the child, lifting him. Everything is happening so fast, such taking Argent by shock.


Valor dashing away from the battlefield. The devil looking on, seeing him and the child from afar. The demon turning his attention back to the maiden, seeing her posture shifting yet again. Now with nothing to defend, there is no telling of what she can do.

“She cannot fight at her best if you’re in danger,” Valor warning, setting the child down upon his feet.


“A soft-hearted demon? Hah! How amusing,” the arch-demon mocks.

“Old habits die hard I suppose,” she calmly balances Lævateinn upon her shoulder.

The arch-demon extending his claw, striking the field below him. Ripples forming, repeatedly flowing through the area. Everything around him appearing slow. Valor looking on, knowing well that the devil is falling under the line of ‘Defiler of Souls.’ This fiend is not a foe to be taken lightly for certain. The demon moving onward, leaving illusions in his steps, appearing behind the maiden. The fiend extending his claw towards her, readying to tear away at the enemy before him.

“Is that all?” Cyra calmly questions.

The demon immediately freezing, sweat running down his spine. Feeling a sickening emotion building from the pit of his stomach. Cyra immediately turning, her blade connecting to his arm, severing it. Time normally resuming. The devil stepping back in excruciating pain. Blood gushing out in every direction.

“Remember kid, she has a lot of issues to work out,” Valor whispering.

“Okay...?” he props his head in confusion towards Valor.

The arch demon looking on, seeing her cold eyes upon him. Stepping away from her, fear overtaking him by the moment. The maiden instantly sweeping her blade across the lower half of his body, severing him in half. The eyes of devil widely opening in devastation, falling to the ground.

The field coating in blood, the fiend laying there with life still in his eyes. Looking up at the maiden, fear paralyzing him. Standing above him, her cold eyes glaring down at the monster by her feet. Perhaps this is much too merciful. Indeed a harsher punishment may be of necessity. However, her soft heart still guiding her. Raising her blade, aiming the end of it at the head of the fiend.

“Lower filth, how does it feel to be helpless yourself? I want you to remember this feeling on your way to the next world. Farewell.”

Hearing those words, the fiend looking on in horror. The blade of the maiden descending, piercing through the skull of the arch-demon. Immediately severing his life.

“Note to self...don’t piss her off...”

Valor taking a moment, soon slowly shaking his head from left to right as he laughs, knowing well that such a thing he can never make true to. A sigh escaping his lips, the deity looking towards Argent.

“Alright, let’s go kid,” he gestures his arm, walking towards the maiden.

Argent following behind the god, confusion expressing within his eyes. For sure there is much he has to learn about these two. The maiden removing her blade from the corpse, swinging it to her right. Some of the blood coming off, spilling along the ground. The eyes of the devil slowly calming as she places away her weapon.

Turning her attention towards Valor and Argent, seeing them making their way towards her. Both soon standing before her. The child looking down at the remains of the arch-demon, soon turning his attention towards the maiden.

“You are free now—” she turns from the child.

“—Let us go. We have no reason to remain here any longer,” she calmly walks onward.

A smile coming to Argent’s face, the child running up beside her. The boy does not know where his future will lead now, but certainly it will be an enjoyable experience. Even if it is but a somber morrow, he will follow the maiden. A sigh escaping the lips of Valor, the deity shrugging.

“You can lighten up a bit ya know,” he follows behind her.

Indeed she endures much, but within her words, the god definitely can identify the meaning behind such. It is hard to say exactly when such wonderful times can become a reality once more. However, this is a start towards such. The deity will continue to follow her, even if such may lead the worlds to ruin itself. Selfish this may be, but now and then having these emotions is not a bad thing one may say.

Perhaps I was a bit too naive. It should have been expected that children would be raised for war. Perhaps I was more brutal, because I was a mother. Any mother would show sharp disapproval of such a thing. Still...this is the least of my concern. For now...this life I wrongfully took...I must use it to end the corruption of the Heavenly Realm...

Later that day, the swine gathering the remains of the children, but more specifically, ensuring to gather what is remaining of the arch-demon. Seeing the brutality, some anger coming to his eyes. The one who can do such a thing. Her image eternally within his mind. The feeling of helplessness clawing away at him.

“Fated to be lower than you...I just can’t accept that. If the gods so intend to purge you, then I am on board as well,” he looks slightly away.

The pig walking away from the scene. Yet another phase forward. Though, what can he be planning? Hard to say. For certain though, the conflict he is experiencing with the maiden is appearing to extend much further into the past.

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