Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 13: Those Without Will(Bonus Scene(Part 1))

Floating in that endless darkness, desires holding deep within. Malevolence wildly spiraling in every direction. Her mind constantly wondering what could have been. Still, deep down, she knows that her desires, and the life she holds are contradicting.

Is it right to use the life of one’s daughter to live one’s own desires? Of course not, no matter how much she is lusting for this, something is holding her back. Perhaps it is because she is a mother. If there is a way, she will gladly forfeit her own life in order to give her child the life they never had. Desires holding deep inside, crying out to be heard. Shouting her very soul where none can hear.

My desires may be selfish...but perhaps it will not hurt to reach out just this once...

What am I thinking? This is not my life...

Maria...I may despise your father, but I can never hate you. If I can trade my own life so that you can live yours, I will do so in a heartbeat...

Valor...I have caused you much pain old friend. Having to put up with my many selfish requests...thank you...

Her eyes slowly opening, witnessing the endless night sky extending far and wide. Looking down, seeing the familiar graveyard far below. Cyra wondering how long she will continue to lie to herself. That this place is her reality. Perhaps it is helping to stem the pain from deep within. At least in this world, her dreams can be a reality.

Descending below, landing in front of the dark gate. Hearing the howling deep in the night, the horror that exists, it is not much to endure. After all, not too far from there, the place she most treasures rests. Her distant eyes looking around, gazing upon the decaying trees. Her nostrils picking up on the sickening scent all around.

The dark gloomy atmosphere doing little good to alleviate the concerns deep inside of her. Never a shoulder to lean on, one must continue onward. That is all she knows. Sorrow deep within, burning resolve rising to the surface. Walking onward, feeling the malevolence shrouding her in a blanket. Her mind plaguing in doubt, the halfbreed focusing on the most pleasant of memories ahead.

Those times in which I could smile. I wonder...when was the last time I really smiled? Perhaps too long really, and I highly doubt such times will come once again...but...I must try...

Once again standing in that familiar intersection. Turning her attention towards the gateway suffering a seal upon it from afar. Remembering that warmth that saved her.

Now that she thinks about it, the same warmth has come to her aid sometime ago as well. Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, the maiden can only wonder. That feeling, that warmth, who does it belong to? Slowly shaking her head from left to right, lowering her arms to her side. For now she will have to push these insecurities out of mind. Walking down the pathway, heading closer and closer towards the gate. Perhaps there can be some answers, solutions in which can provide some ease.

Standing in front of the gate, positioning her arms in a thinking posture. There is appearing to be nothing out of the ordinary. Still, the warmth that saved her, she can only wonder who it is. From afar, Maria standing there, looking at her mother. The child’s resolve holding strong, believing one day her mother will see her again.

Cyra feeling eyes upon her. It does not cause her unease. It is strange, the presence appearing harmless. Familiar one can say. Turning in the direction, looking around the area. There is appearing to be no one in sight. Taking a moment to assess the severity of the presence. The maiden wondering if it is the same being. Looking back to the gateway, the seal upon it emanating a thick malevolence. Her eyes distant upon it. Whatever comes about, she will have to continue onward to see.

Looking ahead, the devil walking onward. Maria looking towards her mother, her sorrowful eyes upon the maiden as she passes by. Knowing well that it will take some time, the child closely following behind. Even though Cyra cannot see her, she knows her mother can feel her presence.

Even if she cannot establish direct contact. The child feeling a sense of ease around her. Perhaps one day she can truly be with her mother once again. The maiden feeling the presence following. There is no harm coming from the presence. Glancing back, knowing well that this mysterious person is the one who has saved her.

“Thank you,” she softly speaks.

Maria’s eyes slightly widening. Hearing the voice of her mother coming in her direction. Wondering if her mother is aware of her. That maybe she can see her. If so, then maybe there is a chance things can return to normal. That those happier times can become a reality once again.

“Mom...?” she calls out.

No reaction meeting her words. The child propping her head slightly in confusion, continuing to follow along with her mother. Looking away, the child realizing that her mother still cannot hear nor see her. This causing dread within Maria. The devil soon finding herself in front of an all too familiar gate. Her eyes distant upon it. Raising her hand, pushing open the gate. A blinding light rushing through.

Looking back to the graveyard, Cyra wondering if the presence within will continue to follow her. Either way, it matters little, she can at least welcome them into her haven. This much she owes them in the least. Looking ahead, the maiden walking onward. Maria following behind, while still holding onto hope. Both slowly fading away into the warmth of the light.

My desires...should I go through with it...? Maria...will you mind? Wherever you safe my child...

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