Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 13: Those Without Will(Bonus Scene(Part 2))

The gentle familiar breeze blowing through those fields. The endless blue sky stretching ever so endlessly. Lævateinn impaling in the background. A massive sword linking together her dream. The tree in which those pleasant memories exist ever so long ago. Standing tall, ageless, exactly how she remembers it.

Reynas standing underneath the tree, looking upon it. A faint smile coming to her face. The woman feeling such pleasant emotions coming from it. It may be an illusion, but those feelings do hold true. Everyone will have somewhere of comfort, and this place will remain as such for her daughter.

“Keep resisting, Cyra,” she softly speaks.

Feeling a presence approaching, Reynas knowing all too well that her daughter is approaching. The goddess also feeling Maria nearby. Even though the child knowing well that her mother will not see her, at least not until she is ready to. Turning towards Cyra and Maria. Watching as they make their way towards her. Something is different this time however. The goddess feeling calmness within her daughter.

“Welcome, Cyra,” she softly speaks, holding her hands down.

Standing before her mother, Cyra taking a moment to look around the area. Even though it is a dream, the feeling of it is ever so real. Perhaps the dream may be better if Valor is here to experience such with her once again. Reynas turning her attention to Maria, the child looking up to her mother, still clinging onto whatever little hope is still remaining.

“Cyra...are you really happy here?” Reynas questions with some sorrow in her eyes.

Cyra looking away for a moment. The bliss she is experiencing here, where her conflicts simply dissipates, it is an incredible emotion. Such in which she experiences. Those pleasant memories. Where her soul can finally be at ease. The shackles binding her loosening ever so slightly. Unwilling to leave such a paradise. Maria awaiting her mother’s response. There is much she does not understand. The mother in which she knew, and the one now being two completely different people. The child beginning to wonder simply how much she really does not know.

Cyra looking towards her mother, her eyes expressing some sorrow. Slightly looking down, uncertain on how to answer this. Knowing well that it is not real, but at the same time. The dreadful pain within her being at a minimum. Emotions clashing deep inside.

“I know...this place is not real...but...” Cyra stopping herself.

“But where you can escape to. Away from your troubles...” Reynas faintly smiling.

Cyra slowly nodding in assurance. Those conflicts eternally haunting her, the dread she is constantly feeling. The maiden continuously wondering when she will finally crash, and sink away into the depths of nothingness.

How long can I keep fighting? How long can I resist? How long will I accept this? I am tired of this...despair is all I know now, and this...this path I walk upon endlessly continues on...

Maria reaching for her mother’s hand. Perhaps she has taken much for granted, everyone requiring some kind of reason to continue on. Yet, her mother keeps pushing. Remaining lost in the depths of despair. There is only so long anyone can go on before they finally give in.

Cyra feeling a hand wrapping around her own. Looking towards her right, there is no one within her vision of sight. Yet, certainly she can feel a touch. One of comfort towards her. Maria looking up to her mother. Even if it is but a somber morrow, she can at least do this much.

Reynas looking to the child. There is some hope, even when the darkness is so black that none can see. There is always a light in which can guide one. No matter how long they have to swim within such a sorrowful sea. Eventually they will be able to find their way. Looking towards her daughter, Reynas faintly smiling.

“Always remember Cyra, you are never alone,” Reynas softly speaks.

Looking towards her mother for a moment, those words resonating within her. Looking away, thinking about those words. No matter how far she must tread, no matter the deepest despair. She will never truly be alone. Those words seeming ever so hard to believe. For the longest time, she has been alone. Fighting the shackles eternally having her soul in bondage.

“I am always here, someone else is looking over you. That family you formed at that bar, and most of all, your old friend that will do anything for you, no matter how selfish the request,” Reynas assures her.

That old friend that will do anything, no matter what she asks of him. The many bonds she has formed at the bar. They are her new family. Her mother who is always within her paradise to console her, and an unknown force guiding her. Indeed, she is never truly alone. All around, there are those who are willing to extend a hand towards her. Cyra looking towards her mother, faintly smiling, nodding in agreement.

“You are correct mother...I believe I am ready now, for the next trial,” Cyra softly speaks.

No matter the dread deep within, she will always find a way back. That is simply who she is, her mother knowing this well. Even in the blackest of abyss, continuously fighting against the harsh tides. The maiden will push onward. Grasping at even the smallest of chances.

“There is always a light in the deepest of darkness, remember this,” Reynas softly responds.

The maiden turning, feeling the grip around her hand loosening. Reynas and Maria looking towards Cyra. Slowly inhaling and exhaling, gathering her nerves. The maiden glancing back to Reynas, faintly smiling in her direction.

“I am off now, mother...”

Reynas nodding in reassurance. Watching as her daughter continue down her path. Battling the despair deep inside of her. Maria looking on as well. Holding onto hope that her mother will continuously return. Both Reynas and Maria watching the devil moving further into the depths of darkness.

Even in the deepest of darkness, there is a light...I am never alone. Old friend...I hope you can forgive me for being so selfish. You really are my closest friend...

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