Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 13: Those Without Will(Bonus Scene(Part 4))

Lust looking on, seeing the malevolence from the maiden, watching it tearing away at the surrounding area. The darkness she is emitting devouring the energy all around her. Someone who dives deeper and deeper into despair, one will think someone of such will be consumed. Still, the maiden pressing onward, dangling right on the edge. A step away from demonization, yet she is resisting such temptations.

Dark feathery wings extending from the deity, expanding far and wide. The maiden witnessing the being ascending into the air. Wings consuming the surroundings in a black void. The pressure the god is exerting may be grand. However, the maiden continuing looking on, her eyes brimming with such confidence.

“Fool, you could have escaped your torment. Yet you continue to tread within the realm of despair,” Lust calmly speaks.

Calmly closing her eyes, listening to his words. Perhaps what he does speak holds some truth. Indeed she will have been happier. However, such is not reality. It is simply an illusion, one in such her burning resolve can never accept.

“Perhaps so...maybe I would have been happy,” she calmly speaks.

“Then why resist?” he questions.

Her eyes slowly opening, looking upon the being whose wings reflects that of death. What a foolish question she thinks. What she most desire does not exist in such a realm. It is existing elsewhere. Far from this madness.

“Why you ask? Simple really...even if I must walk in eternal despair—” she holds her fist to her chest.

“What I so desire is not in the realm of illusions, but in reality. So, I will keep moving, I will keep fighting, that is who I am,” she confidently explains.

Lust listening to her words. A peculiar one she is. Many victims before will have easily fallen into his grasp, yet she is different. Those desires within her, fueling her to continue pushing on. Resisting the ill hand upon her. The will in which opposes reason.

“An abomination, that is what you are,” Lust broodingly looking upon her.

“Perhaps I am an abomination, that I do accept—” she lowers her hand.

Standing to her side, directing Lævateinn at the deity. Her eyes piercing right down to his core. Say what he may about her. She will not deny of such. An abomination she is, and that is fine. It shall not change her path. The desires deep within her shall reach reality one day.

“Even if I must bathe in malevolence, then so be it. I am tired of this. This pointless conflict, this eternal strife...!” she hangs her head low.

Malevolence slowly spiraling around Lust, clashing against the intensity of the maidens energy. Two mighty beings opposing the other. One in which collects the souls of the damned. The other in which tears down reasoning. Bringing forward a new form of such.

“I want it to end...those times I so desire...! I will make them a reality once more! With my own two hands!” she strongly speaks, glaring at the god.

Turning sorrow into power, opening old wounds to reach ahead. The path onward is never an easy one, Cyra knowing this well. No matter the tiredness she is feeling, the maiden will constantly find a way to keep moving forward. Even if no one can hear her screaming out. Those tears which never shows. She will continue on, to venture far enough to grasp which she so desire ever so deeply.

“Then your decision is final?” Lust questions, raising his scythe to reflect the image of the maiden.

Malevolence brightly burning from the scythe. The deity extending his weapon, the darkness rushing out in many directions. The energy trying to break through the the defenses of the halfbreed.

“I do sympathize with the sorrow you endure. Which is why, I will release you from your torment,” Lust distantly speaks.

Torment, indeed she eternally suffers. Crying out and never being heard. Screams remaining forever in a void. Still, the devil knowing deep within that endless void, there is at least one who will try and reach her. To hear her, to console that sorrow.

“Apologies, but I will continue on. Even if I must trample upon those within my path,” she calmly responds.

“That is something I cannot allow,” Lust speaks a bit more seriously.

“Oh? How funny, now you’re some kind of smiter of corruption?” she aims her blade down to the ground.

“No, I am simply a being that knows when a life should be removed from this world,” Lust rushing towards her.

Analyzing the movements of the deity, the maiden seeing Lust leaving illusions in his movements. In an instant, the god appearing in front of the maiden. His scythe angling for an uppercut. Cyra pulling away, narrowly evading the assault, the impact tearing the surrounding land asunder.

The deity continuing his assault as she catches her footing on the ground. Seeing the being rushing towards her, her blade extending far. The two mighty beings clashing against the other within that moment. Intense shockwaves ripping through the area. Rubbles flying into the air, malevolence intensifying by the moment.

Both pushing against the other. The deity looking into her eyes, seeing that resolve burning even brighter by the moment. Cyra is indeed different from the many souls that becomes his victim. On one hand, reaping such a soul will be quite a catch. Then on the other hand, disposing of such a soul will keep balance within the Nine Worlds.

The deity pulling away, and the maiden continuing her assault. Both clashing throughout the area. Each attack by the maiden becoming heavier, and much more precise. Lust taking notice of her pattern. As she continues to fight, the more she will improve. Truly a terrifying ability to come up against. The devil leaping high into the air. Malevolence wildly spiraling around her. Lust looking on, seeing claws tearing away at the darkness that is consuming her.

Revealing underneath the blissful moon, fur white as the cold winter. Eyes red as the moon itself. Above the maiden revealing a doppelgänger. A shadowy image of her werewolf state. Malevolence brightly burning from both of them.

The maiden locking onto Lust, descending upon him. The doppelgänger following, descending behind the deity. Cyra extending her claw, and Lust motioning his scythe towards her. In an instant, the claw of the maiden clashing against the scythe of Lust. Shockwaves tearing through the area. The deity glancing back, seeing the approach of the doppelgänger.

Adjusting his grip on the situation, avoiding the strike of the clone. Lust being well aware at this point. That the longer the battle rages on, the slimmer the chances of success will be. Cyra and the doppelgänger clashing against the deity throughout the area. Each strike meeting in kind with the assault of the enemy.

As the doppelgänger approaches, the god rending their scythe against the ground. Malevolence tearing through the land, spikes of negative energy piercing the land. The spikes immediately impaling the doppelgänger. Lust looking above, seeing the halfbreed quickly descending. Hastily flying to right, narrowly evading the assault as the maiden lands upon the ground.

Seeing a moment of opportunity, proceeding to strike down at the devil. Cyra’s senses heightening within that moment. Feeling the intensity of the assault approaching. The attack striking down. Malevolence crushing down at the maiden, binding her in place. Lust looking on, seeing Cyra struggling against the bondage that is holding her.

“Out of the many souls I have reaped. I do regret this, but you must not exist any longer,” Lust calmly speaks as he turns.

The maiden feeling negative energy building for miles. Feeling it concentrating. Endlessly extending within the air are lances of pure malevolence. Weapons taking to physical form. All in which are directing at her.

“May you rest eternally...” he calmly states.

Quickly feeling the malevolence closing in upon her. Her senses heightening, her heart rate rapidly accelerating. The assaults crashing down upon her, the area violently exploding. Darkness spreading far and wide. Lust turning, witnessing the darkness rushing past him. The deity closely looking on, seeing blood red eyes piercing through from the deepest depths of the darkness.

The mysterious figure rushing at him. The malevolence slowly fading away, a massive, demonic claw of dragon extending towards the being. Taken off-guard by such, Lust dashing away. Nine black wings spreading far from the back of the being. Never before has the deity taken witness to such a thing.

Cyra continuing her assault, her body burning away from the darkness that is latching onto her. Lust expanding his wings afar, stopping her movements. A heavy gust of wind tearing through the area. Malevolence spiraling high into air, circling around. Lust looking on, seeing the darkness fueling the abomination ahead of him.

Appearing before the deity, her claw extending afar. Her arm approaching him. Lust narrowly blocking the intensity of the assault. The powerful impact causing his entire body to shake. The surrounding area ripping apart from the attack. Such power Lust thinks. To continuously grow stronger. One who commands the deepest of despair. A truly frightening opponent she is.

Looking ahead into those blood red eyes, seeing nothing but hatred deep within. Lust breaking away, immediately clashing once again. The maiden pressing on, her first strike vertically descending. Lust adjusting his stance, blocking out the severity of the assault. However, the devil will not let up. Continuing on in a berserk state. Repeatedly striking against Lust, each assault stronger than the last. The enemy slowly floating back, Cyra seeing her moment of opportunity. Rushing at the deity, horizontally striking the scythe, shattering it to pieces. Lust looking on, such a thing completely taking him off-guard.

Those eyes of the maiden burning in determination. Lust looking on, seeing the approach of her claw. The maiden grabbing the head of Lust with her claw in an instant, crushing down hard on his skull. Eyes of devastation expressing from the deity, the maiden raising him high. The one hanging high in such a powerless state before her.

“Playing with my emotions. Filling me with lies, deception...slandering my old friend. For the many lives you have shall assist me in my own desires...” she coldly speaks.

Her claw crushing down even harder upon the head of the deity. Lust trying to resist the pain as much as he can, though the intensity continuing even harsher. The god soon loudly screaming out.

“How does it feel? When no one can hear you scream? All those lives in which you wrongfully took. I suppose the saying is true, it takes a monster to kill a monster, and I am fine with this,” she calmly speaks.

The vision of Lust blurring, all he can see is the ravenous crimson eyes before everything goes dark. The maiden completely crushing down on his skull. The body of the deity morphing into a pure dark energy. The malevolence flowing towards her, assimilating into her body.

Lowering her claw, standing there, the darkness attaching itself to her body slowly dissipating. Her complexion returning, her gentle crimson eyes looking on. The maiden taking a moment to look upon the damage.

Seeing the battlefield all around her. A place nothing but ruins. Such is the path she continues to follow, such is the desire burning deep inside of her. Turning away from the sight, the devil calmly walking onward.

These desires I hold deep within. Even if those all around me disagree with this path I have chosen, I will continue onward. This abyss which seems so endless. Even if I must bathe in malevolence, even if the conflict is eternal, I shall continue on. There is always a light within the darkness, and so...I must find it...wherever it is...even if it takes an eternity...

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