Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 13: Those Without Will(Bonus Scene(End))

The moon hanging high above. Red as the eyes far below. Ageless it is, continuing to float high in the endless realm. The further she delves into the abyss, the deeper her corruption is becoming. Embracing those imperfections, those desires that eternally scream out, slowly reaching reality.

In those all too familiar fields, where the tree eternally stands. The warmth of the sun pressing down to the land below. Reynas standing there, underneath that tree. Concern deep in her eyes. Knowing well that such a path is of necessity. The ill hand her daughter has been dealt, only action can possibly even create a new path forward. This she is well aware of, but she concerns herself with the type of person Cyra is becoming.

Perhaps deep down she does wish for success. After all, Cyra continues to suffer. Though, at the same time, others will suffer for only one to succeed. Reason is indeed powerful, but this time, it is not so simple. Irrationality and reasoning endlessly clashing, slowly forming together. Irrational in which one will go so far as to be consumed by the depths of oblivion, reasonable, in which such a path can very well lead to success. Perhaps this is questionable really, but none can really say for certain.

“ really are going to become the Bringer of Demise. Though, is it really worth it? That soft heart of yours, it clashes against who you are yourself...” she distantly speaks.

Glancing back, Reynas seeing the child not too far behind. The child looking into her eyes, those eyes reflecting the confidence of her mother. Reynas turning to the child who is unwilling to believe her mother will lose herself. Desperately wishing deep within that the mother she has known is still the same.

“Mom will be okay, she won’t change. She always comes back,” the child speaks with confidence.

Hearing those words, Reynas faintly smiling. Here she is slowly losing hope, when Maria continues holding strong. To continue to resist, to keep on fighting. Much like someone else she knows all too well.

“Right...your mother will come out of this in success, and she will still be the same,” Reynas brightly smiling.

Maria returning a similar smile in kind. No matter what happens, they will believe in Cyra. The path may be a sorrowful one. Actions in which one can never take back. Desires burning deep within. Everyone has a path to lead, and Cyra is walking down her own way.

Reynas looking past the child, seeing Cyra walking in their direction. The eyes of the maiden are calm. Malevolence secreting from her body itself. It is strange really, almost as if she has come to accept such about herself.

Maria following the eyes of Reynas, turning in the direction to face her mother. Unknowingly, Cyra walking past the girl, standing before her mother. Even though Cyra cannot see her, Maria continuing to stand beside her mother. One day for certain, she will see her, that much the child is clinging onto. That hope in which may seem like a pipe dream.

“Welcome back, Cyra. All went well with some complications I presume,” Reynas softly speaks.

“More so than you think,” Cyra sighing.

Looking to Lævateinn standing within the background. The massive sword radiating malevolence. The maiden looking towards her right hand, seeing the darkness burning from her body. Her eyes are distantly looking on.

“Are you certain of this path?” Reynas slightly looking away.

It is much too late to turn away now. Folding her hand into a fist, her expression becoming more serious. There is much that is unacceptable. This much she has come to realize. However, she must keep pushing. To eventually emerge out of the sea of sorrow.

“Perhaps the methods are not one I would have initially thought to go through with. Though, there is no going back now. I am tired of this cycle. The time for action is now,” she speaks in determination.

It hardly comes as a surprise to her mother. When Cyra makes up her mind, there is no stopping her. That resolve she expresses, one in reflection to that of her father. As dangerous as a path this may be. Reynas can only support her daughter’s decision.

“Very well, though Cyra, never forget who you are,” Reynas looking towards her.

Looking into the eyes of her mother, seeing such a serious expression. The maiden nodding in reassurance. A faint smile coming to Reynas’ face. No matter the trials ahead, no matter the sorrows. The devil will be fine, so long as she holds onto who she is deep within.

“I will never lose who I am. Even if I become corruption itself,” Cyra softly speaks.


Hearing those words, Maria feeling at ease. So long as she keeps walking, certainly one day she will reach her mother. No matter how hopeless something is appearing. One must keep pushing in order for their desires to become a reality. The maiden walking past her mother, standing before that all too familiar tree. Her eyes are gentle upon it. Those pleasant memories will one day become a reality once again, such is her will.

Taking hold of Lævateinn, extending it afar. Cyra glancing to the weapon burning in malevolence. The maiden staking the sword down into the ground in front of her. The malevolence reacting to her own, and the negative energy leaving her body. The blade transferring the malice towards its true body.

From deep within, Cyra feeling a sickening power clawing away deep inside of her. The negative energy wildly spiraling around her. Reynas and Maria looking on, seeing Cyra drawing the sword from the ground, raising it high.

“Lævateinn, we are almost there my friend. Continue to lend me your aid,” she confidently speaks.

The weapon crying out in assurance. A faint smile coming to her face. Turning to her mother, the devil lowering the weapon. The area all around her slowly becoming brighter, and the wind becoming heavier by the moment.

“It appears it is time for you to go now,” Reynas calmly speaks.

“For certain, next time, I will spend a bit more time here,” Cyra assuring her.

That will be nice Reynas thinks, to spend some time with her daughter. Nodding in agreement towards her daughter, seeing the maiden turning once again. Maria walking towards her mother, and Reynas looking on, seeing the child approaching Cyra. The devil sitting down with her back against the tree. Lævateinn resting at her side within the ground.

The wind growing harsher, and the lighting all around her becoming brighter. The maiden feeling sleepy, her eyes slowly closing. Seeing a small figure ahead of her. This time though, it is a bit more clear. Seeing familiar red eyes looking towards her.

“See you later—”

Cyra can no longer hear the child, her eyes closing. The halfbreed feeling the familiar presence, desperately wishing to hear. The child sounding familiar, but she can hear no more. The wind intensifying, and the light growing brighter. The maiden drifting off into a deep slumber.

That sounded familiar. I wonder who it was...a child for certain. I wonder...heh...good. This path of corruption, this malevolence overtaking my body. I must keep pushing, that which I desire most is within reach. That life...fate is a fools word. That I shall prove. Bringer of Demise huh...I can accept that...after all, my selfish desires will become reason...

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