Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 14: What Could Have Been(Part 2)

—Present Time—

The sound of birds high in the sky, the gentle breeze blowing through. The warm sun shining down far below. The air feeling clean, but also carrying the emotions of dread with it. Deep in the woods, Cyra and Valor standing before the other. The god looking upon her, seeing the malevolence emanating from her body. His eyes are distant upon her, wondering what is becoming of his old friend. To feel so much malevolence, it is staggering really.

Cyra turning from him, slightly looking away. Knowing all too well that he does not approve of the path she chooses, still he will continue to follow. Chasing after her in that endless abyss, to reach her, trying to bring her back. To have such a time once again, those desires seeming forever on hold.

“Cyra...whatever hatred you are feeling, it will consume you. Old friend, why have you chosen this path?” he distantly questions.

Closing her eyes for a moment, remembering those painful times. Those happy events, those emotions crying out forever in agony. An ill fate continuously grabbing at her. Turning towards her old friend, their conflicting eyes upon the other.

“The real question is...why?” she questions.

Valor pausing for a moment, seeing the look deep in her eyes. Disappointment, that is her expression. Looking away from her, his head slightly hanging low. Knowing what she means. Those words that can never reach the light of day so many years ago. That unforgotten night eternally haunting them. The maiden looking away, expecting no less. Perhaps the time is not right, or maybe there is something else. Faintly smiling, she turns from him. The deity looking towards her, Cyra placing her hand upon her waist. Seeing the malevolence thickening. Feeling an immense pressure crushing down on him.

“I will do whatever is necessary to fulfill my own desires. Our desires are one and the same, correct?” she glances back to him.

Thinking for a moment, knowing all too well that they are, but the method of such. Staining her very soul in corruption. Is it really worth it? Seeing that person slowly fading away. The last time he let her go, it has never been the same between them. Deep down, Valor knowing it is his fault. Lying to himself does no good. In those times, feeling such disgust with himself, but now, there is a chance. One in which he will reach out, grabbing hold once more. This time though, he will not let go.

“No matter your decision old friend...I will support it. Though, please...—” he places a hand upon her shoulder.

Hearing the sorrow in his voice, Cyra slightly looking down. It is indeed painful for him to witness such, and perhaps even more for her. The despair deep inside of the devil, clawing away at her day by day. Her soul forever crying out.

“—Do not lose yourself,” he gently speaks.

Even if darkness consumes her, she knows this much. To remain who she is, no matter the path she takes. Through the deepest of darkness she will tread, and her old friend will continue to search, until they can reunite once more. For those times to become a reality once again. Turning towards him, holding her hand to her chest. The malevolence around her lessening a bit. Valor feeling the pressure decreasing. Both warmly smiling towards the other. Nodding towards the other in reassurance.

Cyra turning from him, and Valor lowering his hand to his side. Her heart may eternally be in bondage, but certainly those restraints are slowly coming undone. Even if she dives deeper into despair, she can always rely on him to try and reach out to her. That friend she always admires.

“Come now, we cannot leave Argent any longer,” Cyra glancing back to Valor.

“Heh, right,” he walks up to her side.

Both looking towards the other, those familiar eyes resting upon each other. Perhaps in those earlier times, he may have been unable to console her. Despite how many times she has been there for him. This time though, he is intending to right that wrong. That hand that can never reach in her time of most need, such he will always regret, but it does not mean he cannot make amends.

Cyra gesturing her head onward.

“Let us go,” she walks ahead.

Hearing those all too familiar words. Those words resonating within him. Even from the older days, they have always been a guide for him. No matter how far she goes, he will follow. Even through the deepest of despair, he will continue on behind. Hoping that one day such pleasureful times can become a reality once again.

“Right...” he follows behind her.

Even if I fall into despair, he will always try to reach me. That is simply who he is. No matter how far he must tread, he will continue to move. This malevolence that burns from me, the path I have chosen. This ill hand that continues to try and knock me down, I will not relent. Not this time...this time...our desires will become a reality...


Argent standing by a tree looking up into the vast blue sky high above. Wondering what can be taking Cyra and Valor so long. The child looking down, patiently waiting for their return. Deep down he wonders if relying on them is even a good thing. After all, they have their lives to live. It is strange really, but this simply makes him realize that there are those that will lift him up when he falls down. One day for certain, the child knowing he will repay their kindness.

Looking into that endless sky, wondering if his parents are in a better place. For certain the situation he is in is one they will not want to be in. Perhaps even getting the chance to say farewell may have set his worries to ease. Soon hearing voices from a distance, the child looking in the direction. Seeing Cyra and Valor having quite an engaging conversation. Perhaps he is uncertain of their bond, but they do appear very close in the least.

Cyra and Valor looking over to Argent. Valor raising his hand to the child, smiling at him. Timidly, the boy taking a step back, raising his hand a bit nervously in response. Both walking up to the child. Argent standing there, looking up at them in confusion. Slightly propping his head, wondering what they have in mind. The maiden kneeling to the child, and the boy looking into her eyes.

“Apologies for the wait, was everything okay?” she softly questions.

Argent slightly looking away, nodding in assurance. Valor looking down at the maiden, perhaps it is like a motherly instinct of hers. Be it her own or not, she will treat the boy as if he is her own. A faint smile coming to the god’s face.

“Well, okay. We will be stopping here for a short rest. I will ready something to consume,” she places a gentle hand upon his head.

The child shyly looking towards her, nodding in agreement. Cyra looking back to Valor, and the deity shrugging at her. Both smiling at the other, and a laugh soon escaping them. Argent propping his head in confusion, wondering what can be so hilarious. Soon enough, Argent is standing next to Cyra looking at the pot of boiling water. The fire is warm, and perhaps a bit more uncomfortable due to the sun shining down. Turning his attention to Cyra, who is preparing some rice on a makeshift counter.

The child turning once again, looking afar to see Valor traveling with fruits, peppers, and other ingredients stacking up to his neck. Cyra looking back, seeing the deity coming within view. Always going a bit overboard. A kind soul she thinks. The devil watching her old friend struggling to hold his balance.


The god swaying left and right, hopping from one direction to the next. Argent holding his hand a bit forward in concern, wondering if Valor needs any assistance. Cyra covering her mouth a bit, giggling at the sight. Valor soon standing before her, trying to balance the many ingredients.

“Hehe, you clown,” she pleasantly speaks.

“Haha, told ya I got it,” he joyously responds.

Holding her hand to her cheek, a sigh escaping her lips. Relief coming from her. The god always going an extra mile. More often than not, he will end up causing the maiden concern. A kind heart he has. If only he can learn to ask for assistance, it will make her worry a bit less if anything.

“Perhaps I concern myself too much. It seems in the years I was gone, you have grown even more responsible,” she brightly smiles.

Valor slightly looking away in some embarrassment. Time will do that for certain. It never remains still. He may be a child at heart, but even he has to grow up a bit. Placing the ingredients on the makeshift counter, the maiden turning towards it. Argent looking at them, taking a moment to observe the devil and the deity. Certainly something does not feel right, as if there is more to the situation at hand. Cyra glancing back to Valor.

“Why don’t you take Argent out for a bit? I am certain boys around his age likes bugs or something. Lunch will not be ready for a while,” Cyra softly speaks.

Valor looking to the child, holding his hand to his chin in a thinking posture. The boy curiously looking up at the peculiar man. The god looking in the direction of his old friend. Knowing how this situation is appearing, never agreeing to any of this. There are a lot of fine prints with the maiden, much of which he has come to learn.

“And suddenly I’m some random kid’s father...I never signed up for this,” he looks to her rather unamused.

Naturally expecting such from the deity. Childish he is if anything. The devil turning towards him, her eyes of dissatisfaction extending in his direction. The god knowing that look in her eyes anywhere. The only problem here is that there is nowhere he can run to hide.

“Just do it,” she firmly speaks, giving him a slight glare.

Cold sweat running down the side of his face. The deity taking a step back. Having a moment to adjust to everything that is happening. Now possibly the father of some random kid. In all honesty, maybe it is something of expectance. Though right now, that glare of his old friend is of the most concern.

“O—okay! But...because I wanna do it, not because you sorta...threatened me...” he turns away, scratching his cheek with his index finger.

A sigh of frustration escaping the lips of the halfbreed. Argent looking towards Valor, then towards Cyra, certainly there are some messages he is missing in-between such actions. On the most part, he is uncertain on what to make of it. These two are constantly back and forth, that it is hard to tell in all actuality.

“Yo kid, you wanna go explore?” Valor questions, turning towards Argent.

Argent looking towards Valor, taking a step back in some alarm. Valor is quite a frontal one he can gather. The god waving at the child, but all that does is cause Argent to immediately hide behind Cyra. The boy looking towards the deity as if he is a complete stranger.

“Come on kid! I saved ya you know...” he gestures his hands towards Argent in disbelief.

Cyra positioning her index finger to her cheek. The god taking notice of her posture. That smile upon her face. Knowing this all too well. Even from the earlier days, she has always been ahead of the game. The poor deity cannot even see half the things she plans, because it usually hits him first.

“Face it, Val. I am the favorite here,” Cyra teasing.

A slight blush expressing from Valor. Facing the maiden, pointing at her in determination. This time he at least have a chance. One in which he will try to beat her at her own game. Even though deep down he knows the chance of winning is slim at best.

“O—oh no! You are not gonna one-up me this time!” he yells.

An excitable one he is, ever so the childish one she knows. The man that refuses to grow up. A charm in itself really. That happy-go-lucky nature, someone always pushing the extra mile. Perhaps in those earlier days, where heaven and earth meets, there may have been a chance, but such a probability will have to remain a desire.

“Yo kid, come on, we can find all sorts of things in this place. Even a dog! Well...more specifically a barks...that’s the important part,” he gestures his hands to Argent.

The child propping his head in confusion, wondering what he is even going on about. Argent looking towards Cyra who merely laughs. A pleasant experience as usual, and never a dull day with the god around. Perhaps reminding her a bit of the earlier days, where she can laugh and smile.

“Gimme five minutes...” Valor speaks, walking away in frustration.

Cyra and Argent looking towards the other. The boy expressing such confusion. Cyra merely smiling, shrugging at him. Ever so the child at heart. Much of which she does miss. Argent looking towards Valor, seeing him moving further and further away. A strange one the god is.

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