Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 14: What Could Have Been(Part 3)

It is not long until Valor returns holding a blueprint. Cyra and Argent looking at the ground, seeing the many materials laying around. The deity’s expression burning in determination. Now it is something more personal than anything else. Always being one-up by the maiden, but not this time he thinks.

“Val, I do not recommend this,” Cyra speaks in concern, holding her hand to her chest.

“You’re just scared I’ll become the favorite!” he responds.

Naturally there is no stopping him, once his mind is made, the only way for him to learn is through failure. The maiden folding her arms, ensuring the child is standing behind her. When Valor decides to put his mind to something, there is no stopping him. It might even cause more problems than necessary. Argent speechlessly looking on.

“You know what? Do it, but do not say I never warned you,” she looks to him unamused.

Cyra preparing lunch as Valor works on his very complex model. Even though she makes clear for him to do as he pleases, the devil cannot help but to feel some concern for her reckless friend. While the deity works on the complex plan, Argent’s attention is towards the food. The enticing scent reaching his nostrils. After sometime, the child turning his attention towards Valor. Seeing the model coming together. The base layout seeming like a slide. There are curves leading towards a poll as well.

“I really do not recommend this...” Cyra speaks, looking to the boulder hanging from the pole.

The god looking towards her in confusion for a moment. Wondering why she continuously tries to hinder his movement. Noticing her looking in the direction of the boulder, the deity turning his attention towards it. Seeing it hanging from the pole. Considering her concern for a moment, Valor soon brushing it off, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Oh what? That? Do not doubt my artistic integrity woman!” he points to her.

A sigh escaping her lips. At this point, it is better for him to learn the hard way. As much as she dislikes seeing him get hurt, at times it is of necessity. He is indeed like a child, and as such, the halfbreed knowing well how to handle the situation. Allow them to hurt themselves in order to learn.

“Now look, it’s quite simple. Use the slide, it will launch you to the pole, and you slide down,” he proudly smiles.

Cyra and Argent looking at the model. The god appearing very proud of his work. Argent looking on in uncertainty, especially the boulder hanging from the pole. Cyra merely analyzing, clearly seeing the flaws within it. Now it is only a matter of time. Perhaps deep down, she is hoping he will not hurt himself. At this point however, it is better to allow him to learn the hard way.

“Underneath the boulder,” Cyra sarcastically speaks.

No doubt it is clear that there are quite a few holes in his design. At this point, Cyra knowing it is better to let him experience his failure, but some part of her is wishing to stop him before he hurts himself. A child he is by nature, and perhaps that is triggering her protective nature. At other times, he merely deserves what is to come.

“Pfft, it’s simple!” he speaks, pointing to the slide.

“Then by all means, go ahead and demonstrate for us,” she gestures her hand to the model.

Without any further encouragement, Valor heading over to the model, climbing all the way to the top of the slide. Looking towards Argent, gesturing his hand to the child to pay attention. Argent looking on in even more curiosity now, wondering how this will play out. Cyra on the other hand knowing all too well of how it will end.

“Now, Argent, look at how easy this is,” Valor smiles.

The deity pushing off, sliding down. Looping around the curves, soon flying off the edge and towards the pole. The god grabbing on, wildly spinning down the pole. Cyra watching the boulder shake, knowing well that the restraints are coming undone. Valor landing upon the ground, taking a proud stand. Feeling triumphant, the deity walking out a bit. His arms expanding in success, taking a formal bow. Finally, he proves the maiden wrong he thinks, it is feeling great, exhilarating really.

“And that’s how—”

The devil merely looking on, watching the ropes holding the boulder loosening. The restraints ripping away, and the massive object falling. The boulder colliding into the god. Cyra expecting no less from this event.


The deity face flat upon the ground. The massive boulder holding him down. Perhaps the god may find it much easier on himself to listen to her warning. Cyra merely looking at her nails, the sight no less of her prediction. The child blankly looking on.

“Will you listen to me now, Val?” she questions.

“Y—yes...” he struggles in pain.

The maiden glancing back to Argent. The child still uncertain on what to make of the whole event. In all honesty, the boy will be much safer if he stays close to Cyra. Valor can be very excitable, and perhaps a danger to himself as well.

“Remember Argent, listen to me, and you will live longer,” she softly speaks.

“I’m not dead!” Valor stressing.

“Okay...?” Argent propping his head in confusion towards Cyra.

After having lunch, and much to Valor’s displeasure, they continue on with their mission at hand. As they continue on, Argent running ahead, taking in the many wonderful scenes. Cyra faintly smiling, remembering the pleasant times with her daughter.

Valor looking towards her, the malevolence burning from her lightening a bit more. Perhaps the child is doing some good. There is much he does not know, despite being her best friend. There are some pain he knows is there, but does not know exactly why. He will not press onward, finding it better that she comes forward with it herself.

Later that day, they find themselves on the opposite end of the island. Sundown taking to the scene, and the wind becoming colder. Cyra, Valor, and Argent standing in front of a massive lake. The gentle water hitting against the edge, the fresh air circulating all around. It is quite refreshing, seeing the stars slowly spreading across the sky. Watching the night slowly setting in.

“It is getting quite late. Argent is still young, and this place is underwater, stay here with him Valor,” Cyra glancing back.

“No! It’s fine! I want to help!” Argent protesting, taking a step towards her.

Cyra knowing well that the boy merely wishes to do all he can. Grateful for the many pleasant experiences up until then, for having another chance at life. However, this is no place for a child. There is no telling of what can happen. More likely than not, she cannot afford to have distractions if a battle breaks out.

“Argent, this is no game,” Cyra calmly speaks.

“I know, but this seems really important. I want to help...” he responds, looking down.

The god looking to the child, he is a young one, but there is a burning resolve deep within him. Perhaps this is a foolish gamble, but Valor can see potential in this boy. If anything, this experience will be very valuable to him. It might even teach the child a thing or two.

“It’s fine, I’ll keep the kid safe,” Valor assuring Cyra.

Positioning her arms in a thinking posture, the maiden slightly looking down. Carefully thinking for a moment, determining if this is also a solution. While it does unnerves her to have a child following into such danger, she trusts her old friend. So long as he keeps the child close, everything may be well.

“Hmmm...very well then,” she looks to the lake, lowering her arms to her side.

Cyra raising her right hand, a pure white energy radiating from her once more. Valor and Argent looking on, feeling the warmth of it. The pure white aura beginning to taint, and a negative energy surrounding the party.

“It will be fine. You will be able to breathe underwater now,” Cyra glancing back to Argent.

“Really? That’s cool!” he jumps in excitement.

“Oh sure, and my extreme playground idea wasn’t?” Valor folding his arms, looking away.

The devil turning towards the deity, looking towards him in disbelief. That playground of his has been a backfire. Ever so the child he is, never letting anything go. Perhaps it is rather pleasureful really, remembering those older days.

“Your idea can kill the average person,” Cyra placing her hand upon her waist.

Argent merely looking back and forth between them. It is appearing they are at it once again. Quite a close bond really, that much is for certain. At this point, the boy is expecting this behavior between them.

“Sure, it has some bugs in it, but I woulda worked it out...” he shrugs at her.

Letting out a sigh of agony, the maiden turning towards the lake. Cyra walking onward without any further words for the time being. Valor following behind, still unwilling to admit defeat. Argent as well continuing on behind them. At first there has been nervousness stepping into the water, but as soon as his head sinks below the surface, the child finding himself able to breathe. This amazing Argent, the boy moving onward in much pleasure.

They soon find themselves in front of the Sunken Temple of Nirva. On both ends of the temple are statues of Odin. The proud god raising his legendary spear high. Argent taking a moment to observe his surroundings. Seeing some fishes, and rubbles all around. This is turning into quite an adventure, and much to his excitement as well.

“That guy seriously loves himself,” Valor folding his arms, looking to the statues.

“You are one to talk,” Cyra playfully hitting her shoulder against him, soon walking onward.

“I resent that fact,” Valor smiling, following behind her.

Argent laughing, the child trailing behind them. Perhaps his family is gone, but these two people, they have become like a family to him. Sharing laughs, and enjoying the pleasures life can bring. They enter the temple, and there is a path leading to an altar. All around the room rubbles can be seen. Broken statues scattering around. Ancient scriptures upon the walls. A place of worship no doubt, but also a place holding much sorrow. Messages hiding away deep in the scriptures. The party looking towards the altar, seeing it standing at the center of the room. An azure gem radiating a gentle light.

“Careful, this temple was known to give people what they most desire. Basically trapping them in a dreamlike state,” Valor warning.

“What they most desire...” Argent distantly looking to the altar ahead.

Cyra glancing back to the child, knowing all too well what is residing most deep within him. The desire he most wishes for. No matter how nice it may be, it is nothing but an illusion. An endless nightmare, to lie to oneself all for a moments pleasure.

“Argent, I know what you are thinking. Your family is dead, and they will never return. I am certain they will not want you to live in a dreamlike state,” Cyra softly speaks.

“Yeah, you’re right...” he looks away, sadness coming over him.

The party approaching the altar. All the while, Cyra moving closer towards it, feeling as if something is reaching out to her, trying to grab hold of her. Those emotions remaining deep inside, slowly coming to the surface. The halfbreed standing in front of the altar, distantly looking at the floating gem. Valor looking towards her, seeing the malevolence extending a bit brighter from her body. Argent noticing as well, confusion coming over him. Feeling unease by such an occurrence, feeling dread, and many unspeakable emotions.

“Cyra?” Valor calling out in concern.

The maiden glancing back to him for a moment, soon turning her attention back to the gem. Desires deep within her, something she wants more than anything. Even though it will be an illusion. At least knowing will be nice. Still, she tries and pushes those emotions out of mind. The malevolence extending from her slowly calming, Cyra taking hold of the gem. The room intensely vibrating. Argent looking around in much alarm, seeing the room shifting, witnessing new connecting paths. However, Cyra and Valor paying attention to a path opening ahead.

“This is much too easy,” Cyra positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

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