Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 3: Those Who Regret(Conclusion)

—The Past Revisited—

—1000 Years Ago—

Agony ever so deep within, emotions never reaching. One residing in the deepest of abyss, walking a path evermore alone. Hatred ever so deep inside, feelings remaining in a lock. A soul wishing to be free, a heart chaining down. Days of joy no more, but only a cycle of misfortune. Within the NetherWorld, a field of flowers extending throughout, circling a dark tower. That object stretching high into the sky, negative energy emitting. Malevolence spiraling around it, a place of eternity, one of three containing their own trial. No matter so, this being a release to an end. A heart unable to maintain, despair clawing at the soul. From within, a realm going on, many falling victim to its challenges. A place of torment, souls wandering the vastness of the void. That Tower of Time, Valor along with two others within the depths of it. That deity evermore in concern for his two companions, a dimension going on, floating platforms lining around, several pathways showing. Around each corner, the way forward evermore unclear, uneasiness rising in the depths of the god.

“Cyra, Ardin, you two okay?” Valor’s voice expressing concern.

A mistake it has been, coming inside of the tower. That deity overestimating his abilities, his two companions in danger. No matter so, that old friend of his never relenting. Cyra, a young woman cladding in gold. A noble-like crimson cape extending down the lower half of her back, her crimson eyes upon the situation. Ardin, a man in red armor. Both catching their breaths, Cyra slightly looking away. That time being close at hand, an endless battle, her torment deep within. Those companions venturing further into the void, endless battles coming at them. A nightmare within reality, yet the destination must come into play.

“This place just goes on...” Ardin holding the side of his head a bit in frustration.

Glancing in the direction of Ardin, that young woman’s expression a bit distant. Emotions lingering inside of her, those abilities within her at a limitation. Hatred boiling inside of her, a heart wishing for an end. Slowly inhaling and exhaling, a pure white energy burning from her. That devil trying to calm herself, her goal being in mind. Valor resting his vision upon her, sensing an all too familiar power radiating from deep inside of her. That deity ever so distant, her energy feeling a lot weaker than in the past. Positioning his arms in a thinking posture, Valor analyzing any possible solution, this tower being far too much.

“It was our fault that this monster was released. Valor, you need not concern yourself,” Cyra holding her hand to her chest, looking upon him.

Her words evermore careful, that deity playing an important role. A heart in agony, years upon years of sorrow. A certain time coming at hand, those feelings reaching out once more. Cyra glancing in the direction of Ardin, her expression slightly more serious. Valor looking to Ardin, soon turning his attention to his old friend. That young woman resting her vision on him, Valor slowly nodding in refusal. Everything falling into place, that deity never leaving her. Even if it is for a bit longer, those two embracing in the bliss of the other. Emotions residing deep within, one that she can rely on.

“I could never do that, we’re friends,” Valor smiling at her.

That one going ever so far, some guilt striking the mind of the young woman. Her heart battling against her path, yet her soul wishing to be free. One enduring the harshest of reality, powerlessness over the years. That old friend continuing to be at her side even now, unaware of what is waiting ahead. Ardin resting his vision upon the two, his expression slightly grim. No matter of the passing time, a bond between two remaining strong. An unsettling feeling gripping at the demon, witnessing the friendship between the two. That devil facing his attention to Valor, dreadful emotions clawing away at Ardin.

“Thank you, Valor,” Ardin faintly smiling at him.

“I’m just glad I could help. Plus, you two have a daughter to return to, I rather not be the one to break some ill news to her,” Valor assuring them.

Two having a child, years of marriage between Cyra and Ardin. No matter so, that deity only knowing so much. Agony gripping at the soul, a heart constantly in pain. That young woman saying her farewell, one reaching once more for the sky. Even if it is for a fleeting moment, perhaps there can be some freedom. Ardin slightly grinning in frustration, that devil walking up to the deity. Valor resting his vision on the demon in confusion, Cyra’s expression of annoyance. Ardin wrapping his arm around Valor’s neck, that god in even more confusion.

“Now, I’m gonna make this clear—”


“—My princess means the world to me, so you keep your paws to yourself, got it pal?” Ardin smiling rather angrily.

Everything making a lot more sense now, Valor well in awareness of where this situation is going. Natural it is, feeling protective over one’s own child. At the same time, a completely irrelevant moment. Evermore simple these situations can be, dreadful this tower is. Despite it all, a moment of joy coming about. In the end, that will to hold onto what is valuable, such is the driving force towards a better morrow. Even if the challenges ahead are horrifying, those three finding sometime to settle themselves.

“She’s a child you dumb-ass...” Valor looking at him unamused.

“So long as we are clear on this, then we are good,” Ardin releasing Valor.

“Please ignore him,” Cyra sighing, assuring Valor.

“Haha, his heart is in the right place I suppose,” Valor laughing.

A moment of joy it is between two, that young woman keeping her vision on the ending goal. Valor resting his eyes on the gate, a swirling white vortex revealing ahead. Those venturing further and further into the Tower of Time, battles never ceasing. These pathways having a connection, Cyra leading their path onward. Each and every step of the way, a calculating move. Her heart wishing for an end to her torment, one she can trust with the care of another. Those ignorant around her, an opportunity presenting itself.

“It’s good to have laughs now and then...” Valor’s tone being a bit of unease.

“ much longer do we have to go? We cleared over a thousand floors already,” Ardin folding his arms in frustration.

“Hmm...” Cyra positioning her arms in a thinking posture.

“What’s it Cyra?” Valor turning his attention to her.

Energy slowly depleting, that young woman gauging the situation onward. Everything riding on her play going forward, a heart ever so close. Her power of limitation, this tower providing her means going onward. Time being of importance, to finally deal with one. A life where her child will not have to know of a similar sorrow, one that she cannot provide herself. That young woman resting her vision on the void, analyzing each direction. Cyra carefully thinking on the many floors, that time being at hand. Those trio going in circles for many hours, stamina ever so low. One final play to make, an old friend that cannot interfere.

“The Tower of Time is as it is endless. If we wish to reach our destination, we have to solve its puzzle,” Cyra explaining.

“A puzzle huh...that makes sense...” Valor positioning his arms in a thinking posture.

“For now we should try to think about everything we came across until this point. Anything of relevance,” Ardin walking ahead, stopping a few feet away from Valor.

So much time going by, that young woman analyzing each and every path, keeping track of the pattern. Many hours passing by, her desire being in sight. Even if her deepest wish can never reach into reality, this being her way of release. That mother leaving behind her child, entering into the Tower of Time. One releasing a monster evermore sinister, all leading towards an end. A heart in pain, a soul wishing to fly once more. Power of limitation, yet her vision on the battlefield never fading. Sorrow gripping at her core, freedom being in sight. black...five...I see...” Cyra calmly speaks.

“What is it?” Valor looking upon her with interest.

Her words evermore careful, her heart racing within her chest. Selfish she is down to the core, placing another weight upon the shoulder of her old friend. No matter so, this being her last. One seeking release, agony incomparable. Those many hours inside of the Tower of Time, morale fading by the moment. A solution being in place, that time finally coming, to bring her nightmare to an end. Ardin folding his arms, glancing back to his wife. Those eyes fixating on her, that young woman raising her right index finger, two old friends connecting once more.

“The color of the gates. Each time we enter through a color, there are certain amounts of enemies to fight. This is the Tower of Time, it is endless...but time is nonetheless in order. If we follow the numbers in order of the color, we will reach our destination,” Cyra explaining.

“Simple but one would ever think of that, since they would be more focused on the enemies. They would continue wandering, fighting endlessly until they die,” Valor folding his arms, slightly looking down.

“Precisely,” Cyra confirming.

A heart seizing on the opportunity, everything falling into play. Agony gripping at the heart for countless years, wounds never healing. A mother unable to provide anymore for her daughter, no matter so, there is one gift she can give. Even in the deepest of abyss, there is a light. That old friend capable of turning even the most sorrowful of situations into joy, Cyra leaving everything in his care. That young woman releasing a monster ever so fearsome, carefully planning her movements. Years upon years of hatred, a moment to finally spread her wings once again.

“Hmm...such a sadistic trap...well, at least now we know,” Ardin looking back at them.

—Present Time—

“What happened there...if only...” Valor depressingly thinking.

The warmth of the sun shining down, bathing the grassy field. Emotions ever so deep inside of him, those memories never leaving his mind. Blood painting those grounds, his old friend within his arms. Agony gripping at his heart, an action of a mother for her child. Words never meeting the other, questions lingering deep within the deity. Distantly looking into the vast blue sky, sorrow resting deep inside of him, a fateful event eternally haunting him. Valor closing his eyes for a moment, slowly inhaling and exhaling. That god shaking his head from left to right, soon looking ahead.

“Cyra...wait for me...just a bit longer...” Valor walking onward. friends...a thousand years passed. Everyday...I wonder if things could have gone differently that night. The Tower of seemed happy again...I wonder why...

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