Restoration: Cursed Memories(Book 2)

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Chapter 14: What Could Have Been(Part 4)

Indeed it is much too easy, seeing how there is still energy that can alter the room. This causing Valor some unease. Has something awaken again? After so many years, there really should not be any sort of activity. Yet this temple continues to act.

“Yeah, no one guarded this place here for a long time, it is puzzling how it is still operating like this,” Valor folding his arms.

“This place feels really lonely...” Argent distantly speaks.

Looking around the room, Argent’s vision upon the new inscriptions on the walls. Statues revealing the dread of the people. Those who reach out, those who are never heard. Even more so than that, it also shows those who succumb to their desires, slumbering eternally. A sorrowful place it is, the anguish remaining clear.

“You probably get the feeling from those who succumbed to their desires. It’s a dreadful feeling,” Valor slightly looking away.

“Yeah...” Argent agreeing.

Forever grasping at one’s desires. Sorrow eternally filling the void. Dread endlessly continuing on. Such is what the maiden knows. Despite this, she continues on, trying to grasp her own desires.

They make their way ahead, finding a path leading deeper into the temple. Upon entering through the door, Cyra and Valor finding themselves in an all too recognizable field. A night feeling ever so familiar. Seeing those flowers, the petals blowing in the wind, and the dreadful red moon shining down from high above.

This night the maiden recognizes all too well. Her eyes expressing sorrow. Feeling that familiar breeze, breathing in that oxygen that makes her stomach churn. Her heart rate accelerating. The maiden looking towards Valor, the god walking ahead. Cyra looking on, seeing him standing a few feet ahead. His back facing her as he looks up into that crimson moon hanging high in the sky. His eyes distant upon the floating orb.

The god looking away for a moment, soon glancing back to the devil. Those eyes which she remembers all too well. Dreadful emotions clawing its way from deep within her, desperately trying to break free.

Looking towards him, trying to maintain a calm expression. Though, those eyes of hers will not lie. The sorrow within them slowly extending. Holding her hand to her chest, slightly propping her head, much like that night so long ago. Seeing that familiar action, Valor turning his attention to the moon high above once again.

“We have known each other for four hundred years huh,” a faint smile revealing upon his face.

Those words eternally haunting her. Cyra slightly looking down for a moment, wondering if she should really be embracing such. Perhaps deep down, she wishes to relive this night, to see if it can go differently. Such a night continuing to eat away at her.

“My, never really thought you the type to keep track of such things,” she turns from him, folding her arms.

Glancing back to him much like that fateful night. That warm smile coming to her face, feeling the gentle breeze, that familiar wind. The flowery petals moving in the wind. The familiar coldness of the air. However so, it is feeling nice, even though this night is causing dreadful emotions to return to the surface once again. Feeling sorrow from deep within her. Such does not elude her, continuing to make itself known.

“Heh, could I forget? I have had nothing but fun with you. Sure, we may have had our little spats now and then, but it was nothing ever serious,” he shrugs.

Cyra teasingly smiling, positioning her arms in a thinking posture. From deep within, those actions she knows so well, how she always torments her old friend. Perhaps enjoying this night for a bit will not be so bad.

“And you were always in the wrong,” she cleverly states.

The god turning towards her, protesting in that all too familiar stance. That childish side of his, never being able to resist the temptation. Some things will never change about her old friend. His hands are to his chest, the deity taking a step towards her.

“Me?! Jeez! You’re impossible you crazy woman! If I didn’t apologize, you’d just go on as if I didn’t exist!” he stresses.

Even though it is but an illusion, she giggles, remembering such joy. Valor looking on, knowing all too well of her actions only serving to rattle him. Never seeming to fail in the least, still it is nice. Even in the deepest of abyss, there can be some warmth.

“Hehe, you are much too easy, Val,” she turns towards him, brightly smiling.

Slightly blushing, a sigh escaping his lips. No surprise in the least one can say. Always knowing how to progress the situation. Mischievous as usual, but that is just how he remembers her. Within such actions, one can say there is something more. A trait unique to her, differentiating her from the rest.

The maiden gazing upon him with gentle eyes, the deity doing the same towards her. Bonds extending even through time itself. How long has it been? Hard to say really, four hundred years is simply the rough take on things from this night. That joy soon fading, knowing all too well of what is to come. The question in which is to come. Something she knows will not change, but yet she has to hope.

“Now then...tell me what is on your mind,” she softly urges.

Seeing him looking away from her, that familiar hesitation. So many years they have known each other, and still he remains in that shell. The halfbreed perhaps looking on in some hope. The god turning from her, slightly looking down.

“Tell me...what we’s not normal huh...” his voice extending some doubt.

That response she continues to remember, indeed it is not normal. Their bond in which transcends even time itself. One of the world far below, and the other from the high heavens. An abomination many will call it. A fairy tale far from any sort of rational sense. Still, she faintly smiles, slightly looking down, holding her hands behind her back. Perhaps, sometimes it is nice to pursue such fairy tales.

“Far from it, but that has never stopped us before. It has always been our differences that brought us together. Through good times and bad times,” she softly assures him.

As the events continue on, that familiar dread building within her, growing even more. Feeling as if she wants to scream out, knowing that will do no good. Approaching this horror once again. Those indescribable feelings eternally being locked away, but should it? Even if it is but an illusion, perhaps in this one instance, things can go differently.

“’s just...—” he shakes his head from left to right.

Naturally, her expression becoming grim. Knowing all too well that he will back away from the topic at hand. The heart eternally remaining in bondage, such is of expectance. After all, this is but an illusion and nothing more. The grief deep within her slowly rising to the surface.

“—Never-mind, it’s nothing of importance,” he turns from her, looking away.

Of course this is to happen. Her disappointment is clear, yet this is of expectance after all. The maiden looking away for a moment, feeling some anger coming over her. Those dreadful eyes screaming out. Still, her expression lightening a bit, continuing onward. Looking towards the ground, sorrow expressing deep within her eyes.

“Oh...well...I guess I should tell you this...” her voice hesitating a bit.

Hearing the shift in her tone, the god turning in her direction. Looking towards her in concern, wondering what can be eating away at her. Frustration and sorrow expressing from her eyes. Her voice hesitating, knowing well of what is to come.

“Tell me what?” he questions in some unease.

Those familiar tears slowly forming within her eyes. Valor looking on, seeing her hands shaking a bit from behind her. The maiden slowly inhaling and exhaling, proceeding to continue down this nightmare. The heart screaming out, yet never being known. Such is something she must accept. Looking into his eyes, he can see the distress coming from her.

“I have an arranged marriage...” she regrettably speaks.

Valor freezing, hearing those words, trying to process the revelation of such. Feeling his entire world crashing down. The maiden remembering the look in his eyes, yet, for some reason, this night only continuing to bring sorrow. The wind growing colder, the deity taking a step towards her. Everything appearing to slow down, feeling unable to understand the situation at hand.

“An arranged marriage...?” he hesitantly verifies.

The devil slightly looking away, her eyes trembling. Feeling dread building continuously. Sorrow reaching to the surface, her heart rate painfully accelerating. This night in which she loathes, such a night continuing to haunt her.

“As you know, I am no ordinary demon. I am the daughter of the Demon Tyrant Alastor,” she depressingly speaks, turning from him.

The deity slowly stepping away from her, looking left and right. Much like a child trying to find some way to show their approval, but still, it is clear that he does not. The maiden feeling sick to her stomach, saying such a line again.

“I you want to be wedded...?” he holds the back of his head, looking towards her.

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